January 7, 2011

Caz's Private Beach Blog Party II

It's that time again folks!  Time for another one of Caz's FABULOUS parties and this year she has gone tropical!  Happy Birthday to my BBFF!  May this new year bring you every wish from your many birthday cakes!

Now Caz has always been a big fan to men of all size, shapes and colors.  And Caz always gets the man she wants, except for my Brandon, of course. And now, my dear friend is OBSESSED with Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries. Or some of you may know him as Damon Salvatore.  I think she likes his "bad boy" image from the show.  She's always liked to role play as well so I guess this gives her a new avenue of excitement, lol.

And I can't say that I blame her.  I mean, look at him!  He's gorgeous!  Not that I would ever try to touch her man.  I have my own.  They are a cute couple and he is beyond obsessed with her.  Caz just has a way of doing that to a guy.

I love the picture of Caz above with the boys. That Ian is just so silly, and she looks so cute!  You could just eat them all up!

So, Ian took Caz out for a wonderful birthday bash, with just the two of them.  I know it started with a fabulous massage, then to drinks and dinner.  I know he had purchased some one of a kind jewels for her, as well as a new black Jag, some costumes (for his eyes only) and access to all of the watercolors and art supplies she could ever need.  She is a fabulous artist you know! And then, he took her to some surprise spot, but would not elaborate  because he told me it was "private" and some things are just between he and Caz. Little does he know.  BBFFs share everything!

So even though Caz is having a Beach Party this year, she still had to arrive red carpet style.  She's such a DIVA! She let Paul tag along (that other dude from the show) out of pity.  He's just so sweet, it's nauziating, ugh! 

Ian and Caz got right to the party.  As if we can't tell!  I don't know what the hell Ian was thinking, trying to pull this Borat crap off.  Hey, as long as he keeps Caz smiling, then I'm ok with it.

And you know I ALWAYS have to make a grand entrance.  So this year, Brandon dressed up like Ronald McDonald, I held on tight, and we parachuted down to the party.  It was a hoot!  I didn't think I could ever get my legs wrapped that tightly around Brandon, bahahaha!

Don't I look fab for 42 and two kids? Of course I do!

I know, I know. Can you believe it?  Most of the time Caz and I both have several men with us, but we are both hooked.  Brandon and I have been together for a few years now and couldn't be more in love.  Don't we look fabulous!  I just love to touch him and have him sing to me.  He is just heavenly and takes my breath away.  Good thing he forgave me for scaring the crap out of him that first day we met, when I snuck back stage.  He told me he was kinda freaked out, but as soon as our eyes met, he instantly fell in love with me.  I know, so sweet! You can read more about that amazing day here: 

A Dream Come True From Last Year On This Day

And look what he drew in the sand.  I love how my zaniness has rubbed off on him and he can be goofy with me now. 

So, I promised myself that this year I was NOT going to get drunk and crazy.  But that Caz just eggs me on and is such a bad influence.  Below we were just a tad "pissed" as her British self would say, and we cracked up about our words that have totally different meanings, like rubber and spanner and fanny.  Bahahaha!

And Ian, that boy is a match for us.  He is just CRAZY and had us hanging on these swings, acting like monkeys.  Caz told me he loved swings, but this is just silly! 

Then I ended up with these people that I didn't even know.  Caz and Ian ventured off somewhere and left me all alone.  I only remember slipping over that railing back there and slamming my ribs onto one of those teal poles.  Ouch!  You should see the bruise, and I left a dent as well.  Not good, but that's what I get for consuming so much vodka!

So, I don't really remember this part, but apparently, Caz and Ian found me laying on the ground after they were done with their business. Poor Brandon got stuck with a mob of fans and is just so sweet and caring to us.  Especially me, lol.  They all loaded me in the golf cart and stuck me under an umbrella on the beach to "sleep it off" a bit.  I don't know why they felt the need to take this picture of me all green and sick looking. They were probably falling over themselves drunk, laughing at my expense.  But that's okay because I would probably do the same thing.  No, not probably, I WOULD do the same thing but would probably go the next step further and make them look stupid in the picture as well.  Thanks for not doing that to me guys!

Ian wanted Caz to have something new, and different this year.  I don't remember helping with the presentation of this, but I'm sure I had a lot of fun.  This group of dudes were the life of the party!

Ian finally had to pass out for a bit, but not before giving Caz her last present.......

Not one, but TWO HUGE Canary & White Diamond rings!

And they lived happily ever after........

Happy Birthday to my dear, dear friend.  We've heard each other's voices, have never met in person (not yet) but have become so close. Caz wrote the sweetest poem for me, about our friendship and it just touched me so and brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you for that Caz, and for being such a good friend and for all of the laughter over the years.  I hope our paths cross soon and look forward to many more parties and laughs with you.  Have a fabulous weekend and know how much you are loved!



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jasmoonbutterfly said...

What a great post!!
I am sure Caz will love it :0)
hugs Trace x

Pam @ Frippery said...

Laughing my a#% off. You are too funny. Hope all is well with your surgery. Take care, Pam

Carolyn said...

Bonjour Rhonda !! lol
well i just had to come on over , Ian couldn`t keep his hands off me getting frisky with all those coconut drinks ! Haa haa seems you too had too much to drink as well girl !! LMFAO - at all of it , i totally ♥ it all R..
Mark wanted to know what i was laughing at and came n had alook at it !!
Don`t give too much away about what we do / say will you ! lol
The ones with the pans on our heads is a classic one !! I`m pinching that one ;o)
As for the borat pic .. hhmm , he may look even better with nothing on rather than that green thing ! rofl .. well i wouldn`t complain .. would you ! ??
What a face you have when we got married ! pmsl . you look as if you`re saying , it should be me n Brandon !!
I`m glad you loved the poem , i too was emotional writing it , and i do hope so that we get to meet up in person soon , and tyanks for making it again this year .. it wouldn`t be the same if you didnt !
What a laugh i`ve had too on others who joined in as well , i`m going to have to think of something really good again next year .. not a clue what though !!
Thanks for being there for me too , the moans / giggles and potty mouths , it goes without saying ..
You have a good weekend as well Rhonda ,
much love to you all
your friend Caz

Meggie said...

Wow, Rhonda! A grand entrance, indeed! Wasn't the party a blast? It was so nice to meet you at Carolyn's annual bash! I'm already excited about next year. My Kenny was busy singing, I hope you got to hear him. Until next year.....

Rhonda said...

Rhonda, you are hilarious! That was the funniest post ever! It must have taken you a lot of time to put it together, I love it!

xoxoxoxoxo Rhonda

Happy Birthday Caz