April 27, 2016

Paris Flea - Visits the Shore

One beautiful day along the shore.....

A lonely man set out to meet the woman of his dreams. 

He hid behind a large sponge (lol) and saw a beautiful, knowledgeable woman walking along a pen-shell path. He feared he would have nothing interesting enough to say to her and knew the lumps on his head would be thoroughly examined. (Get it? Phrenology, lol)

Next, he saw a long legged beauty with a talent for juggling the most beautiful scallop shells. Maybe a bit too playful for him.

Then there was a pageant beauty on a throne of scallop shells, but he feared WAY out of his league. 

But then he saw them with another friend. A fair maiden with the purest of faces and his heart began to pitter-patter.

It took a while, but he finally gained some courage and approached her with the gift of a perfectly in-tacked Bay Scallop shell. And this gift from his heart brought her such joy and millions of butterflies. She knew immediately that he was the man of her dreams.

And so it was, and they lived happily ever after enjoying walks along the beautiful shore every morning, collecting shells and enjoying one another.

That sounds like my friend Catherine Moore and her husband. She has always had a passion for shells and after a visit to Treasure Island (St. Petersburg) Florida, I understand why. So many shells, so much variety, something new every day. So as a tribute to them and her new stamp collection, Paris Flea, I gathered many and brought them home to Tennessee to use in a story. What do you think?

Image courtesy Character Constructions and yes, it IS copyrighted

We all know what an obsession I have with all things French! So this set is perfect for me. But then again, I love all of her stamps! So be sure to come back soon to see more of my adventures with Paris Flea and be sure to have some adventures of your own. 

Find the happiness in today!

April 23, 2016

Blue Bird - Blue Bird

I used to create these hanging spoons all of the time years ago. I don't know why I stopped as they are super easy to create!

All of the goodies from the new  Birds & Cages Kit - April 2016  from Alpha Stamps just made that little light-bulb above my head not only light up, but make a racket in tweeting sounds. Bird cages hang, so I needed an idea to make them do so.

I know, I know, the thought of drilling into a spoon is intimidating. I was there once myself. Never in a million years did I think it would be something that I would accomplish. But you have to try to succeed. And the end result is beautiful! 

After your holes are drilled, the hard part is done. Next you just need to play around with the items you would like to use and decide where to place them. I love these 3 Inch Cage with Solid Back and 2 Inch Cage with Solid Back. It was easy to just cover them with the paper of my choice. The cage also comes in a 4 Inch Cage with Solid Back

As you can see from behind, I used a few methods to attach my items. 

The easiest was to just take some wire, loop around a couple of times, twist the ends and place to the side to hide.

For the center Ornate Filigree I used wire and some glue since I attached a piece of vintage jewelry to it.

Another vintage favorite are old shoe clips. These are easily found at most antique shops and online shops as well. If you look around enough you can find some beautiful ones at a good price.

The top jewel is yet another shoe clip.

I attached some Iridescent Ribbons with Edge-Stitching on the bottom of my cage and placed some rhinestone chain on top of that. I love how the turquoise peeks out. I braided this same ribbon through the metal chain I used to hang my spoon. Super simple to do with a classy end result.

The chipboard Mini Birds & Nests Shape Set was a great addition. Easy to personalize for a great embellishment.

I hope you are inspired to try something new. You won't know unless you do try and I have come so far as an artist by doing just that! You can too! 

Thanks for stopping by!

April 16, 2016

Une place dans mes rêves (A place in my dreams)

For the past few months, I've had this reoccurring dream that I lived in a little cottage in the woods by Petit Trianon. I was the lead cook for Marie Antoinette and she treated me with such respect and care. 

What a welcoming door with so many details and such sturdy hinges and door latch. Looks intimidating to create, but far from it. I used this Rustic Door, Black Strap Hinge, and an Old Fashioned Door Latch. Just add glue and the color of your choice! 

It was so peaceful there in the woods with all of my animals and birds around. I loved the smell of the air and the way moss grew all around. 

This window with shutters looks difficult, but it was far from it. Everything you need is included Dollhouse Windows with Shutters

House created using Deep Open Front Room Box

And I always felt so wonderfully alive in my kitchen that was stocked with the best quality of foods and every type of pot, pan and tool I could ever need to create a delicious dish with.

I spent many hours in comfort in front of my large fire place, baking breads and making stews and more.

My cats were always near and gave me so much companionship. I guess I was the original "Cat Lady".

I had the best red ticking fabrics to make my table clothes and towels with. I even embroidered my own initials on them.

I even had indoor plumbing and a massive stone sink. 

Often, I would look out the window and see Marie out with her friends enjoying the day. 

I often prepared for huge feasts for the other servants and myself. Marie encouraged it and was always appreciative of our hard work.

Those who know me, know that I have to have things written in French. Thank you Google Translate, lol.

Many happy memories were made at my little home, my beautiful kitchen, at "Une place dans mes rêves".

I am sad that my project is complete, but if just one of you see it and become inspired, then it is worth it! Lots of research and ideas were thrown back and forth between myself and the Queen of Alpha Stamps (aka Leslie). If you visit the link below, you can see some of the pictures that inspired me and how I used them in my own work. 

Now I'd like to show you some details about a few items, but feel free to send me a message or leave a comment with any questions you might have. I just have so much to share with you about the process and how everything fell into place. Now if I could only find Alice's "Drink Me" bottle. 

First I would like to show you how I created my brick and stone walls. It was a trial and error, but after trying a difficult method, I found a much easier way.

The fireplace was a very important element that I wanted to get just right. After playing around with some ideas, I decided that I needed to make a fireplace alcove, a spot for a fire, mantle, shelf, etc. 

I had recently gotten a new TV that came with some awesome packaging. Not that I hold onto all of the packaging that comes my way, but this had potential and sure enough had another purpose. The cardboard was lined with the perfect thickness of Styrofoam which aloud me to have wall support and an area for a fire and pot.

I carved out a spot, added some more Provincial Cobblestone Scrapbook Paper (rubbed down with black ink to make it appear burned), some Paperclay bricks, and loved the end result.

A second piece of plane black paper created the spot that leads up to the "chimney" and some sticks from my front yard made a nice fire. 

The Styrofoam also gave me an area to securely run my "post" through so that my pot could be raised and lowered when hot.

For my fire I used the fire from the Retching Toad Eatery Collage Sheet, then drizzled on some Liquid Pearls in RougeCantaloupe, and Pumpkin. Gently heat with a heat gun and the colors will bubble and blend together. 

Another easy project was my dry sink. Everything you need is ready to go, all you need is a little glue. 

I was then able to make my dry sink look like actual wood by attaching sections of paper from My Minds Eye 6x6 Paper Pad - Wood Necessities

For the stone sink I used good ole Creative Paperclay*. I simply sculpted it into a rectangular sink and once dry, sanded to make smooth. 

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to Une place dans mes rêves and I am so happy that you stopped by. 

Come visit again soon! 

Supplies Used: