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August 15, 2014

Little Red & The Armoire

Once there was a sweet little girl who was skipping through the woods to visit her grandmother....

That is what this months theme is at Alpha Stamps, Little Red Riding Hood. And as you can see, I had to give it a bit of a weird Rhonda twist.

I used my Big Shot Cutting Machine and the "Treat Bag Cover, Armoire" Die Cut from Sizzix to make a place for Little Red to hide. Question, does Little Red Riding Hood have a name? I ran this XL die through several times with different patterns of paper, then combined these two to make it come to three-dimentional life.

Mean old wolf! I'm gonna laugh when you fall off of that armoire onto your tail. And who do you think you are, scratching up Grandma's walls like that?

I used an old cigar box to create this scene, and placed the lid underneath to make a floor to hold it steady. Gave me a larger area to play on even though I fear that other wolf is going to try and eat that poor bird.

OK, that is not a normal tree from the woods. That tree is PoSseSsEd or something. I hope Red never tries to climb up it. She might loose her hood.

Supplies Used:

August 5, 2014

The Freak Show Has Made It To Town

Well, I guess it is no surprise that I would turn this Alpha Stamps Circus Theme into a Freak Show. I guess I am preoccupied with the upcoming season of American Horror Story, lol. 

The 4 Legged Beauty is such a talented gal! She can actually dance with 2 left feet!

Dragon Girl looks so kind, but don't let her sweet face fool you. She can swoop down on you while flying with her dragon wings, and can also rip your hair out with her hands if you upset her or mess with her Clown family. But give her a marshmallow to toast and she will be your best friend forever, even though she can't breath fire.

And finally, there's the World's Smallest Drama Queen! She loves to dance and sing for her Freak Show family. She might be small, but she has got some strong little lungs on her. If she doesn't get her way she can scream louder then the biggest screech owl and will chew at your legs like a baby alligator. She's kind of in charge for that very reason.

The most important thing to remember.... just because they are in a Freak Show, doesn't mean they are any less then you. The true judgment of a person is what comes from their heart, and these unique wonders have the biggest and most loving hearts for they are the true norm and we are the freaks. 

Supplies Used:
Small Paper Theatre Boxes
Chipboard Boxes - Small Rectangle
Small Square Chipboard Shadow Boxes
Paper Theatre Cirque Collage Sheet
Tall Paper Theatre and Curtain Collage Sheet
Circus Performers #1 Collage Sheet
Circus Performers #2 Collage Sheet
Clowns #1 Collage Sheet
Clowns #2 Collage Sheet
Circus Parade Collage Sheet
Tiny Circus Collage Sheet
Wood Theatre Frame Collage Sheet
Gold Sweeper Fringe
Gold Metallic Gimp
Narrow Gold Metallic Braid
Tiny Gold Fringe
1/8 Inch Red Railroad Stripe Ribbon
White Crushed Silky Ribbon
Tiny Star Sequins
Tim Holtz Letterpress Wood Letters
VersaCraft Chalk Pigment Pad - Poppy Red
Anthem Capital 12x12 Paper
Anthem Nation 12x12 Paper
Cirque Paper Theatre Kit

July 12, 2014

So Many Collections - Maybe Too Many Collections

Some might think that I have too many collections, like my husband. But I don't think there is such a thing as too many collections. Granted, I have some morbid collections like my Victorian Mourning Jewelry and casket plaques. But I also have "normal" collections like my Parisian treasures and Rosaries. When I see an old Rosary, it is like pushing a pause button. Everything stops for a moment and I notice the little details and wonder who used it to pray and what their life was like at that time. When you put several Rosaries together, it is like a piece of art work. And I know from experience just how powerful it can be to pray the Rosary.

What are some things that you like to collect?


July 5, 2014

Character Constructions Santos Doll

I love this gal that I received in the mail as a gift from Character Constructions! I was able to decorate my Santos Doll however I wanted and decided to give her a French theme. I know, shocker!!!

Here is a little more detail from Catherine Moore, the amazing lady behind Character Constructions

"Kit: Includes 8.75" x 2.5" Santos Doll, Arms, Doll Stand, Heart, Crown, and brads, constructed of a wood material, natural in color, which can be paintined, stained and collaged". 

Also available separately is a stamp to create the base, and custom dies for cutting out stamped images. "You can make the wood version or a paper version, or combine elements of each". 

If you haven't visited Character Constructions before, I highly suggest you do. Catherine makes the most unique characters that are just beautiful and full of wonderful details. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a fabulously creative day! 


July 1, 2014

Welcome To My Palace

I hope you enjoy your visit to my shadow box palace! Alpha Stamps now carries these wonderful small paper theatre boxes that come flat and then can be easily folded into a box. That way, you can store several without taking up too much space and can create a wonderful palace of your own. You can also purchase clear acetate windows and there are several great collage sheets that are sized just for these boxes.

I love the fact that you can purchase Alpha Stamps Collage Sheets as a digital download. That way you can print up as many as you need to make a 3D look by attaching layers of the same image. I did this in several of the rooms for curtains, chairs, tables and more.

As you can see below, I attached all of the boxes to a trimmed piece of cardboard with glue. Middle boxes were added first with glue placed on back and one side to attach them together. I repeated this with the other boxes and attached all edges that came together to make it one large palace. Because it is joined into one piece, I can attach a ribbon and hang it on a wall.

Thank you for visiting my palace and if you make one of your own, I would love an invitation to visit.
Supplies Used:

Small Nouveau Theatre Collage Sheet
Square Shrine Opera House Collage Sheet
Small Theatre Curtains Collage Sheet
Paper Theatre Opera Houses Collage Sheet
Floral Marie Antoinette Collage Sheet
Go Away, I’m Reading - Madame de Pompadour Collage Sheet
Jeanne Antoinette Poisson Collage Sheet
Paris Postcards - Color Collage Sheet
She Could Be Marie Collage Sheet
Hot Air Balloons Collage Sheet
Circular Dresden Borders - Antique Gold
Flower and Leaves Dresden Borders - Antique Gold
Gold Dresden Myrtle Leaves
Petite Windows Die-Cut Chipboard
Die-Cut Chipboard Chairs Set
1 Inch Fancy Gold Filigree Base
3/4 Inch Gold Star Filigree Base
Large Gold Star Filigree Bead Caps
Mixed Gold Filigrees
Yellow Flower Garland

June 11, 2014

Go ask Alice..... I think she'll know.......

I think a lot of people/artists are obsessed with Alice. What do you think? I was in an Alice tag swap some years ago, but I find her making frequent appearances just like Marie Antoinette. Imagine the tea party they would have together. I have two wonderful stamp sets from Alpha Stamps, (Alice Tea Party & Alice's Adventures) that I thought would be great for a personal project. I did some more stamping on ribbon and added lots of yummy, rich details. For a complete supply list, scroll to the bottom of this blog post.

This was an old, square bottle I have had for some time now. It became the perfect "canvas" to create on.

Yes, that is an old flashbulb for a bottle topper and after wrapping it with some trims and beaded wire, it looks  like it came with the bottle.

The bottle had lots of raised images so I took some plain paper, a good ole pencil, and scribbled to get a pattern of the design. Then I was able to make a stencil and trim my paper to fit each area of the bottle, making it look as if it came that way from long ago. 

This was a fun and easy project to make and I especially like how the light shines through the bottle, bottle top and the beads. Another successful project where all of the pieces fell into place. I love it when that happens. Thanks for stopping by! 


Supplies Used:
Glass Window Beads - Large Aqua
Glass Window Beads - Small Aqua

May 13, 2014

Springtime in Paris Fabric Book

This months kit theme at Alpha Stamps is Springtime in Paris. So guess who was extremely happy to hear the news? That's right, me!  I knew I was going to be stamping images onto the new satin ribbons that Alpha Stamps would be carrying,  and I got to have a free for all project as well. I was amazed how easy it really was.

Before starting my project, I had to make sure I had a hard surface to do my stamping on and have my rollers as well. It seems the only time I can get a good impression from a stamp is when I use a roller all over the area, vertically and horizontally, several times.

After practicing a few times, I was ready to go. The VersaCraft Chalk Pigment Pad works so well on both satin ribbon and fabric. The image comes out very clean and not chunky. I used this pad in both Real Black and Poppy Red.

When applying the ink to the stamp, I usually coat it back and forth a few good times. I also check for ink lines that sometimes occur when applying. This happens when a line is left in the texture of the ink which is no good if you want a clean print of your image.

A few good rolls, being careful not to move the stamp, and there you have it. The above stamp is the Boho Paisley Clear Stamp. As you can see it is really long so I used an extra large acrylic mount that I had to mount it.

Now to do it again using the Poppy Red ink pad.

Fabulous! Don't stress about getting a perfect image. I like the old worn look. Below I used a smaller stamp from the set Fleur De Lis Bird & Arrow. The VersaCraft Chalk Pigment Pads are so easy to use and the inks consistency gives a nice, smooth image.

One item that I always have handy are diaper wipes. They are perfect for cleaning off stamps, messy fingers, and whatever else might need some cleaning up.

Now I will do the same thing on the new satin ribbons from Alpha Stamps. This ribbon is tan and I am using the same stamp as above.  I love repeating images on ribbon. You can use it in so many projects and also personalize things as well.

Now usually, I would look at the picture below and think, "No way, not trying that" but I was again surprised at how easy it was. After shaking the Lumiere Metallic Acrylic Paint in Metallic Gold, I used a makeup sponge to apply the ink. Place your sponge on top of the open bottle and give it a quick tip over like you would nail polish remover. Then dab it all over your stamp. Do this two or three times to get a good even coat and also to spread the ink out so there are no puddles. Then flip, roll, and Voila! When using the acrylic paint on your fabric, directions do say to let it dry for 24 hours and if you want to set the ink just iron over both sides.

This stamp is called Damask Study and it is another loooooong one.

Once I had my images stamped I was ready to play with them. 

I used a vintage table cloth to create my book which was all lightly glued and sewn by hand. I tore strips off to give it that frayed, shabby look. In between pages I added a layer of an old, pieced quilt to thicken my pages, but you could also use some batting.

This pocket was added using a vintage red ticked tea towel. So french, don't you think?

Now this is a stamp I am extra excited about and is new to Alpha Stamps. It is called French Bees Collage Rubber Stamp and was created using the new French Floral Overlays Collage Sheet. The sheet can be purchased as a digital download or on Cardstock, Transparency or on a Sticker Sheet. I love all of these options that Alpha Stamps now offers. 

Using ripped pieces of fabric, I was able to make a "stamped ribbon" of sorts using the French Bees Collage Rubber Stamp and Lumiere Metallic Acrylic Paint in Old Brass. I love how it turned out! Again, heat-set by ironing both sides 24 hours after stamping.

Here is another sample using both the new French Bees Collage Rubber Stamp and
French Floral Collage Rubber Stamp.

Below are more samples of stamped satin ribbon using the Fleur De Lis Bird & Arrow Clear Stamp Set, Nest Amour Clear Stamp Set, and the Scroll/Leaf Border Rubber Stamp from Alpha Stamps. Be sure to check out all of the new satin ribbons at Alpha Stamps (Ivory, Lt. Pink, Tan, Antique Blue, and Moss..

A sample using the VersaCraft Chalk Pigment Pad in Poppy Red.

OK, last project, I promise. I was just having too much fun. I made the below card using some of the beautiful supplies from this months "Springtime in France" kit. Click on the link for more info.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and were inspired to create. It is my "me time" and my therapy. If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to contact me. Thanks for visiting!


Supplies Used:

French Bees Collage Rubber Stamp
French Floral Collage Rubber Stamp
Satin 7/8 inch Ribbon - Tan
VersaCraft Chalk Pigment Pad - Poppy Red
VersaCraft Chalk Pigment Pad - Real Black
Lumiere Metallic Acrylic Paint - Metallic Gold
Damask Study Clear Stamp
Boho Paisley Clear Stamp
Fleur De Lis Bird & Arrow Clear Stamp Set
Nest Amour Clear Stamp Set