June 30, 2021

The Dance of The 17 Year Cicada

This was the year of the 17 year cicadas. Living in the south with my treasured woods behind my house, my family was witness to this odd occurrence. The last time this occurred, my oldest was just a baby and my youngest wasn't even born yet. And now, it was time for these creatures to emerge that were the same age and older then my children. Just a really weird thought. 

I am the spirit of a seven year old, trapped in a grown up body. I love nature and exploring in the woods and taking photos of tiny things is a passion for me. The sound of the newly morphed cicadas was painful to the ears at times, and my dogs were eating them non stop as they would fly around us, into us, and plopping down beside of us. Thankfully they are harmless and their life cycle is so interesting. But for now, I will hush about that and share with you my dedication to the 17 year cicada.

 Yes, I used some of the thousands of left over shells, painted gold of course, so that these gorgeous dancing cicada fairies could spread their wings and perform. 

For more info about the 17 year "Brood X" Cicadas, there is a wonderful article at the link below.

Just as I watched this cicada emerging and spreading it's wings, I decided to be extremely odd and make this project.

I instantly fell in love with this Art Nouveau Matchbox Theatre Facades Collage Sheet, which is included in this months Matchbook Theater Kit over at Alpha Stamps. The Matchbook Theater Box is also included, along with other items I used. You can find all of my supplies by clicking on the link below.

One of my favorite parts of this little display is the way I distressed the already textured Aqua Tones Canvas Texture Cardstock Paper and then used a copper (Pearlescent Rust) ink to "age" it. The two colors look so wonderful together. The ink adhered to the scored surface and edges as well which adds so much character. 

I used several shades of the "aqua tones" paper and different sizes of circle paper punches to make "scallops" of rolled paper as a decoration for the top of my cicada theatre. I rolled each circle tightly on a small paintbrush, then dabbed the edges with the same copper ink. 

And finally, I dabbed the ink over all of the metal items I used, to make them all blend together more, since each one had it's own patina. 

Sadly, the cicadas have finished their business and are all gone. But I will always have this little shrine of sorts to remember the memories my family, dogs and I made during their 2021 visit. Next time they come out, I will be 69 years old. Now that is a crazy thought! 

Until we meet again! 


May 19, 2021

Enchanted Dreams

Time for a little escape to my back woods. I noticed a little girl there the other day, having a wonderful enchanted dream with some robins in a Mini Bird House Shrine. The moss has grown up all around it, making it very cozy. Warm on a rainy day and cool on a hot day. That is why I love my woods so much. A quiet escape, despite the thousands of 17 year cicadas that are taking over soon. 

Anyone who loves the woods, birds, nests and eggs is in for a surprise with this treat from Alpha Stamps this month, a nature filled Bird Watcher Kit. Below is a picture of all the goodies that come along with the kit. 

The new Bird Watcher Prints & Solids 12x12 Paper Pad is one of my new favorites. It's enchanting, how the birds look like a vintage toile of sorts. 

Using the Spring Green Lichen Mix made it super easy to cover all of the bird house edges and also helped to make an extra cozy nest. It can be found on the Alpha Stamps web site as well as other "ground" coverings like the Green Turf Grass I used and more. The extra bonus is that the moss growing at the bottom of my tree is almost a perfect match with the others that I used. 

There are so many details to this little wonder, but using my favorite paper to cover the house, some glue and greenery made this an easy project. The Mini Rose Buds are red and yellow variegated and add just the right pop of color. I like to wind the wire stem around a toothpick to make them into a corkscrew accent. 

Even if you don't have your own back woods to venture to, you can still create a little retreat for yourself with this kit. And once the sky is covered with cicadas, I can stay inside and pretend that I am in my own enchanted dream. 


April 28, 2021

We're All Mad

Here's an over the top project I did using many of the new goodies from the April Alpha Stamps 
Kit titled, "The Mad Hatter's Tea Party". Loving Alice like I do, I took advantage of many of the other like themed items that are available for this oh so cute book.

One of my current obsessions is creating my own books. I dye vintage and new papers, gather cool items from long ago, and sew them all into a book. So of course, I had to give this a go using all of these fab chipboard "pages" of characters known to Alice. 

There are lots of great artist that share tutorials on different stitching techniques on line. I liked this one by Sea Lemon, DIY Kettle Stitch Bookbinding Tutorial. It was very easy to follow along and seeing the task being done up close really helps me to absorb and learn. It looks complicated when you see an example like the one above, but trust me. Once you get the jest of it, it is VERY easy to complete.

One of my favorite things about this kit is the Alice's Tea Party 6x6 Paper Pad. I'm used to seeing more bold colors in Alice in Wonderland themed items, but the soft colors and designs really inspired me.

The kit includes two sheets each of 5 double-sided designs. But you can also purchase the set of sheets on it's own. To see more of the items I used, check out the link below to all of my supplies.

Here's a flip through of the entire book in order. 

There are so many awesome Alice collage sheets available. After I covered each chipboard shape with the Alice's Tea Party 6x6 Paper Pad, I went along one "page" at a time and picked out the image I liked that went well with the papers and fit perfectly to the "page".

Thank you so much for paying me a visit. I hope this finds you all healthy and happy. 


March 24, 2021

Shall We Dance

I love this latest "Ephemera Queen Kit" from Alpha Stamps. I am, and always will be, a sucker for anything inspired by Marie Antoinette. Not only does the kit include some gorgeous papers but it also contains one of my favorite collage sheets, Mini French Ballet Costumes and lots more!

I decided that I wanted to view many of these beautiful dancers together and layered them within a 6x6 Inch Tunnel Book

I placed each dancer onto a piece of the Ephemera Queen Papers and cut each one out with a sharp blade. 

When I was ready to attach them to each layer of the 6x6 Arch Tunnel Book, I placed the tinniest dot of adhesive from an adhesive tape runner onto the back. This way, I was able to place each dancer and move them around until I liked the placement. Next, I placed a small amount of liquid glue onto the back of the dancer and set it permanently on the tunnel page.

After attaching the foam to the back of each page, I applied a touch of liquid glue on top of each section of foam. That way, I can still move each layer into place easily. Once the layers were in place, I left it laying flat on a table to dry. 

Each layer is a page, so you are able to create a book, or you can create more of a 3d project like I did, a shadow box of sorts. 

Then came the fun part, adding all of the elaborate details.

And of course, you just have to make the back beautiful as well.

So now, it is time to dance and enjoy the day.

Alpha Stamps Supplies Used

I hope this finds you dancing and enjoying your day as well. Thanks for stopping by!