January 20, 2016

Paris Love & Other Theaters of Joy

Oh the joys of Paris, dreaming of the day that one can go back and experience such an old and wondrous city again. Until then, I will just have to get lost while creating my own mini versions.

This is just one example of the new shadowboxes and facades offered from Alpha Stamps. The best part is that the new collage sheets fit the facades perfectly so it is easy to assemble and create your own.

This theater was created using the Cirque Facade Theatre Add-On Kit"This kit includes a chipboard facade (laser cut to match the shape of the color theatre image on the Cirque Shadowbox Facades Collage Sheet), that same collage sheet, and a matching shadowbox".

Supplies Used:

Using the same facade image from Cirque Shadowbox Facades Collage Sheet I created another theater using the  Square Shrine - Gatefold. This is the featured theater in this months Amour Kit.

Supplies Used:

Here is another theater I created using the Theatre Francais Facade Add-On Kit Sheet

When putting my Theatre Francais Shadowbox Facade  together, I only cut out the image itself without trimming. French Fairies Shadowbox Facade Collage Sheet

With a little Elmer's glue, I just barely covered the chipboard section. Then, using the ceiling light, I lined up the collage sheet facade to the chipboard facade.

It was super easy to line up perfectly. Next it's time for a trim.

Having attached the collage sheet image to the facade makes it more durable and easier to trim, getting into even the tiniest of areas.

I'm a sucker for Emory boards. They work perfectly to remove the most difficult areas of excess paper.

To get into tight areas, I use an actual tool designed for the purpose. Don't be nervous to file the paper down. With practice you will learn exactly how hard to push and it will become more natural.

And to make edges look more uniform, I like to use a little brown ink to "age" my edges and it also makes the many paper layers pop for that extra 3D effect.

I usually use about three copies of the collage sheet and lots of foam tape to create layers and dimension. And again, use brown ink to emphasize the edges and really make them pop.

Supplies Used:

Finding love in Paris can lead to a "Jungle Love" of passion. 

To create this "theater" I used the Square Shrine Shadowbox along with the Square Shadowbox - Opera Comique Collage Sheet

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So what will you be creating? Hopefully I have inspired you. Thanks for stopping by!