January 11, 2017

Snow White the Warrior

Did you know that Snow White was actually a bad ass warrior? True, we all love the traditional story of her gentle ways and her little dwarf friends, but let's really think about this. Why did the Evil Queen envy her so much? It wasn't just because she was the "fairest of them all". 

Yes, she had a natural beauty that all noticed, and was dearly loved by the seven dwarfs and all her woodland friends, but she was also extremely strong both mentally and physically. So she was a huge threat to the Evil Queen. 

You can see it in her eyes and stance. Don't mess with Snow White!

But the Queen just HAD to try and bring her down, like she would be that special if there were no Snow White.

And we all know what happens after the "Evil Witch Outside" gets her way and poisons Snow White. In my version it occurs right at the end of winter during a snowy day. 

For this project, I used the Double Layer Window - Ornate, so that I could add a layer of 12x12 Clear Plastic for Windows along with some Golden - Mica Flakes - Pearl  and Dimensional Snow.  This gave my window an extra cold appearance. 

When you open the tin and look inside, you can see that spring has officially arrived and soon Snow White's Prince will come and take her away to live happily ever after. 

Below you can see how I gave depth to the sleeping Snow White by cutting around the back of her pillow and inserting some paper flowers. Don't be nervous to cut within an actual image. It can really add so much to a project. 

So there you have some ideas for using a Blank Altoids Tin. Be sure to check out all of the different Altoid frames and inserts that Alpha Stamps carries. You might even come up with a fairy tale of your own!


Complete Alpha Stamps Supply List

   Product Name 
 5mm Thin Silver Snowflakes  5mm Thin Silver Snowflakes
 7mm Round Red Cabochons  7mm Round Red Cabochons
 Bella Rosa Scrapbook Paper  Bella Rosa Scrapbook Paper
 Blank Altoids Tins  Blank Altoids Tins
 Dimensional Snow Writer  Dimensional Snow Writer
 Distress Paints - Picket Fence  Distress Paints - Picket Fence
 Evil Queens Collage Sheet  Evil Queens Collage Sheet
 Fairy Tale Frames Altoid Inserts Set  Fairy Tale Frames Altoid Inserts Set
 Fairy Tale Titles Collage Sheet  Fairy Tale Titles Collage Sheet
 Fern Garland*  Fern Garland*
 Golden - Mica Flakes - Pearl  Golden - Mica Flakes - Pearl
 Light Blue Birds - Set of 2  Light Blue Birds - Set of 2
 Polymer Clay Cane - 10mm Lacy Snowflakes  Polymer Clay Cane - 10mm Lacy Snowflakes
 Round Frame with Dragons  Round Frame with Dragons
 Sheet Moss*  Sheet Moss*
 Small Pine Cones  Small Pine Cones
 Small White Mulberry Blossoms*  Small White Mulberry Blossoms*
 Snow White Kit - January 2017  Snow White Kit - January 2017
 Tiny Mixed Size Flat-Back Pearls  Tiny Mixed Size Flat-Back Pearls
 Tiny Paper Roses - Pink Cream Variegated*  Tiny Paper Roses - Pink Cream Variegated*
 Winter Wishes 6x6 Paper Pad  Winter Wishes 6x6 Paper Pad

January 1, 2017

Happy New Year and A Dream Announcement

I have a wonderful way of starting 2017! It has 12 sections, a place to jot down important dates and 13 beautiful pieces of art work. Do you know what it is?  It's the new calendar from Catherine Moore's Character Constructions! And I am so proud to announce that my work was featured in this beauty for the month of June! 

It was really a dream come true to be asked to be a part of this amazing collaboration and to know that many will be viewing something I created for an entire month. I am so very honored!

I have always been a huge fan of the Character Constructions line of stamps. They were one of my very first inspirations when I began creating over eight years ago. I'd always been artistic, but had no real experience using stamps. I would see ads for them in all of the magazines, and I really flipped out over the many Marie Antoinette characters in the Queen of Tarts Set. 

One day, while creating in my new studio, I decided to submit a piece I had created to Stampington & Company, creator of so many amazing art magazines. I knew the piece was gorgeous, anything that contains an image from Character Constructions is. But would it be published? 

One day while visiting a favorite shop, I picked up an issue of Stampers' Sampler. While flipping through the pages, I came across this page. I was looking, thinking to myself, "This looks so familiar, where have I seen this before". Then I realized, "OMG that is MY piece of artwork! OMG I'm in a magazine and am going to be in the next issue". I was blown away and tears filled my eyes. 

And sure enough, the day came that my free issue arrived in my mailbox. And there I was, published with a full page showing my art. I was so very proud! 

Little did I know that one day I would be a Design Team Member for Character Constructions. One day, Catherine Moore would be a friend of mine and would continue to inspire me for years to come. What an incredible and special woman! Her heart is so genuine. Knowing her as an artist and friend has been such a blessing and I could never thank her enough for all of the joy and friendship she has given to me. And here I am, eight years later, doing a month in her wonderful calendar. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much Catherine, for believing in me and all your inspiration! 

I hope my story will inspire you to take a chance, create from your heart, and follow your passions. May 2017 be a year of growth, creativity, joy, love, good heath and many, many blessings! 


December 24, 2016

Christmas From the North Pole

I just received this wonderful family Christmas card from my Reindeer friends up at the North Pole.

I'm hoping that next years card will have a third little Reindeer. They are such a sweet and good looking couple. Imagine what their baby would look like!

Created using the latest magical stamps from Character Constructions. Be sure to stop by and check out all of the Vintage Christmas (I used #8 & #9) stamps and others. They will no doubt inspire you and take you to new amazing places. Also used Adventures in Tea  #5, Cirque #10, French Laundry #10. 

The Merriest of Christmases to you and yours full of many blessings and much love! 


Alpha Stamps Products Used
Victorian Furniture Chipboard Set 2 - Grandfather Clock 
3/8 Inch Velvet Ribbons 
Stone Through The Lens 6x6 Paper Pad 
Christmastime Peppermint Scrapbook Paper**
Classic Christmas Dots & Stripes Scrapbook Paper 
Oval Cameo & Mirror Frames Collage Sheet 
Christmas Titles Collage Sheet

December 10, 2016

Christmas Traditions - Making Ornaments

I absolutely adore the new Round Layered Ornaments Kit - December 2016 from Alpha Stamps! Especially since I can give them some extra magic by using these silhouette layers inside. They look so beautiful with the glowing Christmas lights.

The set comes with 2 heavy chipboard outer rings, 2 clear plastic domes, and a die-cut (lighter weight chipboard) silhouetted insert to sandwich in the middle of your ornament. You can also use seasonal papers for a two sided ornament, images from collage sheets (like I did using Snowy Winter Day Ornaments Collage Sheet) or even family photos. Imagine all the possibilities! 

The ornaments can also be little shakers full of snow and reindeer food, candies and magical gems. 

"You'll shoot your eye out kid"!

Look how the lace and seam binding have a warm glow from the lights. 

The Glass Christmas Seed Bead Garland is perfect for adding more magical glow to the tree along with this Acrylic Christmas Bead Mix

One side of this Deer in Woods Ornament Layers was painted to look like a daytime scene, while the other side was made dark for the night with "snow" glowing in the moonlight.

Super easy to glue together (just be patient and let the glue dry overnight or your glitter may get stuck around the edges of the dome. This was the perfect project for using clothes pins, to hold the layers tight while they dried.

A little vintage bling is great for the holidays!

I'd love to hear about your holiday traditions and decorating ideas! Feel free to leave a comment to share and thanks for stopping by. 


Supplies Used: