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March 7, 2015

Marie Antoinette Always Loved A Good Party

I can't even tell you how many "things" I have, found "treasures" to turn into something.... one day... when the purpose hits me. Way too many. But at least I got to one of them, right? I have had this clock for years, up in a closet with other things to alter. I knew I wanted to make a clock with this months "Marie in Wonderland" kit from Alpha Stamps, but this was just too easy of a find.

 First, I am going to show you pictures of my clock. Then, I am going to show you how I made it! 

There are several images of Marie on the collage sheet, Marie Takes Tea, which fit perfectly onto the new  Die-Cut Chipboard Panniers Dress.

These tiny Ceramic Cupcake Beads (above) are too precious! The nice thing is that if the color doesn't match what you are using them with, a tad of acrylic paint will do the trick.

Always look "outside the box" when you have something to use in your artwork. These Flower Stamen are precious and come in so many colors.  After gluing a few together in the middle, I was able to cut them in half to use as decorations for both my cupcake (above) and for Marie's hair (below) and waist.

The Sweet Tooth Resin Embellishments are also easy to match with a touch of acrylic paint.

After using the Tiny Paper Mache Box Set as the interior of Marie's dress, I still had the lids left over. I cut each lid in half (that had already been painted) and than added different colors of 1mm Micro Beads (which come in several colors) and details using the Acrylic Flower & Leaf Mix.

Here is the grey blue clock that sat in my closet for years. I put a coat of Gesso on first, then after painting it cream, butter, golden orange yellow and pink, I finally decided yes to pink. One of my favorite color combinations is pink, brown and cream. I should have just gone with pink to begin with but I had to explore my options.

I love these new Lace Triangular Pennant Banner Flags from Alpha Stamps. They remind me of a vintage, European treat, perfect for a tea party. Also perfect for a Coo Coo type clock made into a yummy chocolate. I use Tim Holtz Distress Stains quite a bit as well as his paints. Easy to use, easy clean up and nice, rich color. Then I used a brush with some good ole Elmer's glue to make sure every last bit was attached. I also like the protection the glue gives the paper as well.

After placing on my chocolate delicacies, I used White Opal Liquid Pearl Paint on a paper clock-face to give it a porcelain look.  Then added a hole so I would know where to adhere it to the clock.You can purchase clock mechanisms that run with a battery that come with clock hands at most craft shops. Alpha Stamps also has a great selection of clock faces, hands and more.

A little more Elmer's and DONE! 

In both above and below photos, you can see how I made all of my Metallic Dresden pieces match, I am a bit of an "aged paper" fan, so I am used to making things look older then they are. Same is true with Dresden. Rubbing a brown ink pad over the Dresden gives it a nice, aged, matte appearance. How many brown ink pads do I currently own? The world may never know, lol! 

More Liquid Pearl to make my clock look like it had icing. Yummy! 

This next part was super fun and easy! Using some FIMO and this yummy 3D Tea Party Silicone Mold, I was able to make my own tea party treats. I stuffed FIMO into each spot (trying to be neat and perfect but then realized I didn't need to be), let it dry for just a little bit and then popped them out. Then, taking an exacto blade, I trimmed all of the messy excess off so easily, like a hot knife going through butter. I used simple acrylic paints to add some color, a little drop of Elmer's and a shove of some bead mix and stamens, and I have the cutest cupcakes and treats EVER!

Die-Cut Chipboard Pannier Dress, I first painted the dress with some similar colored acrylic paint. Then, covered with some glue and sprinkled on these neat 1mm micro beads. They remind me of candy sprinkles!

Thanks for visiting and I hope I have inspired you to try something new. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. Now, does anyone have a cupcake? I've got a craving!

 To see a complete list of Alpha Stamps products used, click here - Supply List

February 11, 2015

Cute As A Button

This months Alpha Stamps theme, Cute As A Button, really inspired me. I love the colors that I chose for this project and the new sewing and cat images were purrrrrfect to create this wonderful box of treasures for my mom. She has Dementia and it is really difficult at times. But if I can give her a gift to look at during her day that adds a smile to her face and makes her feel loved, then it is a successful day.

Using Distressed Paints in Peeled Paint, I was able to quickly add some color to my Configuration Box. I thought this color went well with the Grey Blue seam binding I was using. I simply ran a thread through the center of the binding and pulled it to make this ruffled trim for my box and added some of these adorable Doll Buttons with a dab of glue to pull it all together.

It was easy to collect images for each little compartment and I had to really pick and choose because I had so many that I liked. Tiny scissors and other treasures just added character to what was already a great display.

The bird house above and the three painted kitties are actually buttons. I knew I had to have those cats ASAP! There are also new owl, heart, butterflies, other cat buttons and more that are now available and as you can see, they don't have to be used just for sewing!

You will notice below that I actually used the lid of my configuration box on the back to create a frame. This way there are actually two scenes to look at when it's displayed. I think this image from the collage sheet Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice is one of my very favorites from this months kit. It reminds me of my mother's doll collection and the colors are soothing to me. Alpha Stamps carries a few different sizes and configurations of these boxes so be sure to check them out!

Creating art is my therapy. It is that thing that is for me, and we should all be blessed with that. Passing it along to someone and making their day better is priceless. I hope you can add some creativity to your day and also brighten the day of those around you. Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

January 7, 2015

Love Her, Love Her Not

A new year means a new fortune. So, I created a set of my very own Fortune Telling Cards using supplies from Alpha Stamps first kit of 2015 "Star Crossed Lovers".

It was actually a very easy project. Having Blank Playing Cards to cover as I please made it more personal and the rich colors screamed my name from both the Yesterday Papillion Scrapbook Paper and the Yesterday Beautiful Past Collection.

For my deck design, I used the collage sheet called Red Roses and Yesterday Beautiful Past Scrapbook Paper. After aging my edges with brown ink, I added some beautiful Flower and Leaves Dresden Borders in Antique Gold.

For the "face" of my card, I used beautiful images from collage sheets included in the kit like Vaguely Valentine and Juliet. I also rubbed some gold ink along my edges to make them look like a real deck of old cards and added some Gold Zig Zag Dresden Borders.

How will the man make the woman's heart feel today? Will he be passionate, absent, loving, needy, missing, or short?  Leave her wondering what the heck is going on or make her feel high on a cloud? Well, my cards can't tell her that but they sure do look beautiful. 

It was simple to make my elaborate card holder. I simply cut a square in the top of a painted box, but did so at an angle to give it more character. Add some pretty trims, Dresden, jewels and paper flowers and it makes it that much more ornate. I used Garnet Metal Patinas to make my Gardenias match in color and attached each  with some simple glue. 

I used several layers of old paper and cardboard to add some height to the inside of my box. That way my fortune telling cards were more visible and accessible.

Adding color to my cardboard scraps helped it to blend in more so as not to be as noticeable.

So what does your future hold for 2015? I hope it is many wonderful moments with lots of creativity! My goal is to post more on my blog and share more of all that I create! Stay warm and thanks for stopping by!

Detailed supply list can be found here: Love Her, Love Her Not Supply List

Supply List:
Red Roses CS
Vaguely Valentine CS
Juliet CS
Queen of Hearts #3 CS
Spanish Crowns CS
Vintage French Ads CS
Star-Crossed 12x12 Pad
Star-Crossed 6x6 Pad
Yesterday 12x12 Pad
Yesterday 6x6 Pad
Teal Heart Charms
Blank Playing Cards
Red Dresden Hearts
Thin Fleur Dresden Borders - Turquoise
Gold Zig Zag Dresden Borders
Flower and Leaves Dresden Borders - Antique Gold
Narrow Gold Fleur Dresden Borders
Gardenias - Cream-Pink-Brown
Foundations (Box Feet)
Metal Patinas - Painted Barn
Black Sweeper Fringe