July 1, 2020

Godzilla, Bewitched And A Western

I remember back in the third grade, rushing home from school to watch Felix the Cat and Bewitched every afternoon. I had my own little black and white television with four channels and I had to actually turn the dial on the TV to change the channel. And I still, to this day, have my Godzilla magazines and my heart always went out to him. Naturally, this latest kit from Alpha Stamps, Retro TV Kit, has brought back many, many memories. 

This adorable Medium Size Retro TV is so easy to put together! I painted this one with red paint, and then chose a simple patterned paper to give it a little snazzing up.

I wanted the red of the paper I chose (Banner Year 6x6 Pad) to be a little bit brighter, so I used the same red paint and using a diaper wipe as my "brush" just rubbed a little bit of paint directly to the paper. 

I used the same painting method with this pink designed paper from the Spring Bloom Scrapbook Paper Set, using the pink paint of the television to darken the paper a bit more. 

I did an on line search for the "Bewitched" screen, and simply drew out the letters with a white pencil, then traced over that with a white gel pen. The background paper from the Banner Year 6x6 Pad was perfect, with a moon image already in place and I accented the stars with the gel pen so they would pop out even more.

Alpha Stamps carries a huge and excellent selection of miniature items.  Godzilla (actually a T-Rex), Popcorn, Beer, Cactus, Hat, Cat and so many more. 

This potted cactus and cowboy hat are actually beads. 

I love this mini TVs and plan on making a few more of some of my other childhood favorites. What shows would you recreate?


June 6, 2020

Secrets of India

Sometimes you only need a handful of items to create something wonderful. That's how it was with this little project called Secrets of India.

I used some beautiful papers from the 26 Secrets of India 8x8 Paper Pad, a Vintage Triptych Florentine, and images from the collage sheet Large Victorian Corsets

I love that Alpha Stamps offers collage sheets in digital form as an option for purchase. This collage sheet is in black and white and after downloading, I printed it onto a transparency sheet. 

I adhered the printed images onto a selected paper from the collection, and then trimmed. It just brought the project together so beautifully.

The pattern is so delicate behind this young lady's face. But it also brings all three women together within the triptych. Maybe it's three sisters or three generations. 

I took the areas of color that I wanted from different 8x8 sheets, and then layered them together. A few black accents gave the piece more of a vintage feel, in my opinion.

A piece of black trim, some old black buttons, and a black and rhinestone brooch were the finishing touches.

A perfect little time piece with mystery and memories to share. 


May 23, 2020

A Secret English Garden

Welcome to my "Secret English Garden". Before I even knew where I was going to go with this project, I fell in love with these gorgeous papers from the English Garden 6x6 Paper Pad. The soft colors just swept me away and I knew I needed to create something with them.

I was happy to have some wonderful vintage pieces to use in this project including a deep pink floral pin, and an off white floral pin. 

It's hard to believe that the flowers came from two separate pins, because they are so similar. 

I used wire cutters to cut each individual flower off and placed it within the ferns as if they were huge blooms on a fresh stem.

Do you notice all of the pretty ferns growing happily in the Secret Garden? I have always loved ferns so this Rock Fern Punch is perfect for me.

When I was sharpening my Rock Fern Punch using aluminum foil, I noticed how pretty the shiny pieces looked, so of course I wasn't going to just throw them away. Sure enough, they came in handy for my mini water fountain. It's like shimmering water sparkling in the sun.

I made different sizes of ferns with the same punch. All I did was trim from one fern to add to another. I made some that were two sections and others that were three.

Having the different fern lengths helped me to add more height to my backgrounds, and who doesn't love being surrounded by ferns and nature?

A vintage button and flower were the perfect finishing touches. 

I also snuck in a small mushroom, also made from a paper punch.

I wonder what that women is smiling about and what the story is with these two? Hopefully they lived happily ever after.


April 25, 2020

Moroccan Beauty

Today I am sharing a project with you that looks as if I spent hours of detailed work to complete it. But it didn't take long at all. With a few chipboard designs (some of which are included in the April Moroccan Doorways Kit at Alpha Stamps) and a few little extras, I made this "Moroccan Beauty" in a single afternoon. 

I started with the House Shaped ATC Frame Set which only needed a single paper choice from the Spice Market 12x12 Collection Kit. I fell in love with these papers immediately.

I then added two of the Onion Dome Frame Toppers (comes as a set of three) which I painted with acrylic paints. I also used the included Moroccan Frame  (also painted) and this beauty from the Odalisque ATCs Collage Sheet.

I love the combination of the deep navy blue and Terra Cotta colors. I used the same blue on half of a Chipboard Mandala. The design is so ornate, but I didn't have to do anything difficult to have such detail.

I used the remainder of the mandala to top of this additional item I had, a six inch tall Decorative Screen. Another gorgeous piece with amazing detail, that I didn't have to put any effort into. All I did was add the same design paper onto the back to blend all three sections together. 

This rich golden diamond was cut from one of the papers included in the Spice Market 12x12 Collection Kit

I used torn pieces of washi tape to attach all three pieces together on the back. This makes my "Beauty" stand with no difficulty at all.

Click the link below to see the complete list of supplies that I used from Alpha Stamps