October 18, 2017

Little Ghouls ATC Swap with Alpha Stamps

Time for a fun Halloween ATC Swap with Alpha Stamps! Personally, I wish it were Halloween all year long so I could keep making spooky art work.

Every time I catch a glance of one of these Halloween Darlings or Little Demons I giggle and snort because they just look too perfect and their expressions are to "die" for!

These fun ATC Cards are great because they come as a set with both the ATC Card and a shaped overlay. I used three different designs.

So even though my cards look complicated, they were super easy to make with these fancy overlays. I can't wait to see the ATCs I receive from other artists. I already know they will be spook-tacular, creepy-ative and fright-abulous! 

Below you will find a complete list of supplies that I used from Alpha Stamps. Thanks so much for visiting!


Alpha Stamps Supplies Used:

September 30, 2017

Halloween House Party

Guess what tomorrow is? YES! It's the countdown to HaLLowEEn and I've got not one, but two house parties going on!

I love the month of October, all of the creepy goodies, black cats, ghosts, and a month of the best scary movies on TV. Not to mention all of the cool projects, my favorite to create during the entire year. My goal is to one day have a room dedicated to Halloween.

So welcome to the first of many parties! You will not believe the many spooky projects you will witness at Alpha Stamps along with the coolest new supplies to create with! There are endless possibilities with this Large Haunted House Frame Set and Large Haunted House Trims.

I created a detailed house on the front, and another house with all of the cool Haunted House Kraft Paper Set designs on the back side. We'll call that "the neighbor's" house.

There are plenty of fun activities for all of the kiddos, because this party is a family friendly party. You can find a ton of characters if you browse through the many Halloween themed Collage Sheets. And if you have a printer, just purchase the digital download and you'll have instant gratification. 

I think the attic is haunted, so if you scare easily, I would suggest you don't wander up there.

But if you really can't do the "family" party and need a good stiff drink, go around the back to the neighbor's house, but if the cops come, don't blame me. I'm being good this year. 

That creepy pumpkin looks a little too happy to me.

I like my extra little skelly friend. I saw the empty spot where the solid skelly lived before I popped it out of it's Skeleton Chipboard Set sheet and realized I had a cool little stencil to use. 

I hope you enjoyed whichever party it is you attended. Be sure to visit Alpha Stamps again because every few days a new Halloween treat will be shared! Enjoy!


September 20, 2017

Positively Do Not Open

There are physical items in this world, that aren't just matter, but hold the energy of long ago. You can find them in antique shops or advertised on eBay, but BEWARE! Even the nonbelievers will become believers, if they can get past the horror. Such is the case with this display at Rhonda's Haunted Artifacts. You couldn't even pay me to go near it, let alone let the spirits out. 

This display, Medium Frame Shadowbox is haunted by tiny poltergeists that once inhabited the dolls around them, but are now tiny beings causing mischief and destruction. 

If children shouldn't play with candles, I sure don't think poltergeists should be. 

I have no idea what was in that disgusting looking test tube, but it can't be good that that little creeper ate it. 

They spilled that bowl of Halloween candy all over the place!

Oh goodness! Do I actually see two REAL Charlottes that have been used? Amazing! 

As crazy and detailed as this shadowbox looks, it was actually really easy to create. After getting a rough idea of where I wanted to put everything, I used a simple drop of glue here and there to set everything into place. For the drawers, a dab on the bottom to hold into place, and a drop to hold each item in place. No poltergeist will be moving anything in reality. 

The truly terrifying thing is that the lights, Mini String of Fairy Lights,  within the box have no power, and every night at 10:55, the lights turn on and at times you can hear faint giggles. I try to ignore them but sometimes I just have to get the hell out of there. 

And on some mornings, when I return, I notice there is something in a different spot or a new thing that has been damaged, like the antique book torn apart in the floor, or the poor pumpkin that has been stabbed with a screw driver. Set of Miniature Books

To add the Mini String of Fairy Lights to my shadowbox, I punched a hole carefully into the back of the box and strung the lights through. Next, I positioned them behind the "dresser" and attached them to the wall with some tape. I used some decorative washi tape to attached the switch to the back of the box and make it secure. 

I would hate to experience what would happen if that tiny case somehow opened. 

But on a serious note, most of you know how much I love doll heads. It's very odd, because I hated all of my mother's beautiful dolls growing up. They scared the crap out of me. And now I have a studio full of heads, some worn down with no eyes, some with tiny teeth and tongues, and I hoard them, even though I want to use them in my art. And I do at times, but I'm so attached to them all.

See anyone you recognize?

And yes, three of the dolls on that long shelf above, were purchased on eBay, and advertised as haunted. What was I thinking? After a few nights of my TV turning on and off by itself in the middle of the night, I said a little prayer and sent those spirits into the light!

New to Alpha Stamps, a collage sheet that you too can own with several of my doll heads in different sizes. It's AWESOME and makes me giddy. Now, I can put my lovely doll heads on EVERYTHING and so can YOU! 

What creepy things will you make? Just remember, all of those "creepy" dolls were once owned by children that loved them. Thanks for stopping by!


August 5, 2017

It's In The Cards

My mother loved tarot cards. She had over 100 decks and even designed a dragon themed deck of her own. Each drawing was so detailed and she even sold them. For her birthday, Mother's Day, and even Christmas, I would often give her a gift certificate, good for the deck of her choice. She would run into the store with such excitement. I let out a chuckle with the newest kit from Alpha Stamps titled, "Cards & Constellations" and knew it would be no problem whatsoever, for me to design a few cards of my own. After all, I've had so much experience thanks to Mom.

This months kit is "decked out" with so many possibilities. I really loved these new 12x12 papers, Small Blue Mosaic Scrapbook Paper  and Large Blue Mosaic Scrapbook Paper

Above I used the Spider Web Wrought Iron Playing Card. I didn't want it to have a web, so I trimmed a bit of the design off to make it my own. Below is the Stars Playing Card  design which amazed me because there are so many tiny details. 

I wrapped each card on one side with gold wire threaded with tiny seed beads and topped off with a charm. The charm and the direction of the card when dealt could have separate meanings.

I used mini cards on both ends of the Spider Web Wrought Iron Playing Cards to also give more meaning to the card. Not that I am actually doing a "reading". I just like lots of unique touches within my work.

For both of the "Stars Playing Card", I made sure that a star was shown shining on both ends of the card. I used Night Sky Watercolor Scrapbook Paper  and Seize the Night Scrapbook Paper to achieve this effect.

To give each of my cards an antique look, I first covered them with metallic paints and sprays, along with a dab of thick gold paint.

Next, I heated the entire card with an embosser until the inks and paints bubbled. It's one of my favorite odd techniques. 

I wonder what is "In the Cards" for me? Hopefully many more cool art projects to create. I hope I've added some creativity to your future. 

Thanks for visiting!

For Mom - I love you so much, always and forever. Thank you for being mine and for giving me such a creative life. I miss you so much. R...

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