November 28, 2020

Cozy Ornaments and Tradition

It's time for the Holidays, and that means I have something fun to make from Alpha Stamps. It feels like tradition now, after being on the Design Team for all of these years and putting out all of the decorations from Holidays past. Each one brings back a memory from the year it was made, and with my girls growing so fast (now 18 and 16), it is nice to have flashes from when they were younger.

Each ornament started with a Wood Christmas Ornament Back and was covered with a holiday paper. The first two ornaments were made using the Snowflake Doily Set. 

I didn't have to add anything to the doily, with it having so much wonderful detail. They really make the German Fir Tree and precious deer from the Holiday Ornament Figures Collage Sheet pop.

The next ornament I am actually kind of proud of. The idea popped into my head to use small rolls of paper from the Hello Christmas 6x6 Paper Pad. I love the cozy "feel" of the designs. I used a square paper punch and then rolled each paper cut around a pencil to form the curve. Just a pin drop of glue helped to hold each curve together. After gluing the curves to the ornament, I added a vintage earring to the center and love how the ornament turned out.

It's been a crazy year for us all, but it was still filled with happy memories and many blessings. I hope it has been the same for you. Thanks for visiting and may you be filled with cozy warmth and much love this Holiday Season!



October 17, 2020

Welcome To My Carnival

Welcome to my Carnival of precious black cats, a talented and beautiful fortune teller, treat bags and games galore and some festive d├ęcor. I feel like I should become Beetlejuice, and shrink down into my little created world. Oh how fun that would be!

I started out with some fun items from this months Halloween Market Kit over at Alpha Stamps. As you can see below, there are a lot of Spooktacular items to choose from.

This Market Stall Pop Up Card actually folds down into a card with a fabulous black envelope to pop it into. Unless you make it super chunky, like I did. But mine will remain up throughout the year with all of my other handmade treasures in my studio.


It's hard to believe that so many of these items started out as a flat piece of paper. But the designs are so fabulous and easy to just cut and fold together in no time at all. AND two are included in this months Halloween Market Kit.

Look into my crystal ball, I dare you.

I also made this cute Mini Resin Wheelbarrow and a Mini Creepy Sign Post, to help my visitors to know where they are going, lol. I highly recommend a visit to the Black Cat Bog.

Feel free to get your fortune told, and please remember, only ONE goody bag per person. Other wise, those tiny rats are going to "rat" on you and nibble at your toes.

Alpha Stamps Supplies Used

Thanks for stopping by and please be sure to leave my carnival a raving review for other families to find and enjoy! A great place for kids and cats of all ages!


September 30, 2020

Vanity Through The Years

I so enjoy making miniature scenes full of mini, detailed items. When I got the urge to make a double sided vanity, it was simple to fill it up with some of my favorite collage sheets and cool items from Alpha Stamps

On one side of the vanity, we see a young woman, flawless skin and beauty abound. It looks like she has some beautiful heirlooms and is also getting that desire to care for her skin and maintain her youth. 

On the opposite side, we see the same beauty, but now older, wiser and hopefully not giving a (choose your word) what anyone thinks about her. But with all of the potions and bottles she has, I doubt that is the case. But I for one can relate and am hoping to one day not give a (choose your word) what anyone thinks. Unfortunately, I am my hardest critic. 

So, back to the vanity. Be sure to check out my Alpha Stamps supply list to find the exact items I used. 

There are many plain resin bottles to choose from, and collage sheets full of labels to apply and useful items as well, like tarot cards to help and tell your future.

When I use a collage sheet image that is an item that is curved in real life, I will often bend it around a pencil to give it more depth. Just a little way to trick the eye.

I love this Mini Beakers Chemistry Set. Believe it or not, I used various colors of permanent markers to add some colorful potions. 

My vanity was created by using two of these Large Spider Web Mirror Frames which I attached to  the center of a Gothic Trestle Table

For the table boarder, I used the opposite piece of this Stained Glass Chipboard Border. I always save the extra bits from an item because they can come in handy as well.

Did you notice that on both sides of the vanity, the woman always has her beloved cats. I told my husband that I will ALWAYS have cats. They sooth my soul. I added black glass glitter to two Die-Cut Black Cats as well as some details on the vanity trim. 

I hope I have inspired you to create a little something for yourself. I so appreciate your visit. Stay happy, healthy and safe. 


August 26, 2020

The Mushroom Village In My Back Woods

I've had a lot of time for exploring in the woods behind my house. You will never believe what I found! Just past the hill, beyond a huge bolder, is a Mushroom Village full of hard working Gnomes. 

I couldn't believe my eyes and exclaimed, "Oh my, is this even real?" And the gnome in the middle mushroom replied, "Dude, what are you on?" And then they all laughed at me. It was very strange, but then they went on to tell me that since I have learned to slow down more, and appreciate the little things, I can somehow now "see" them. 

Apparently they have been there for years, which explains why my dog, Antoinette, is always yapping in their direction. 

I am a huge ornithologist and out of the hundreds of birds I have seen, the British Robin is my favorite. They have the boldest personalities. 

I never knew a tiny gnome could be so intimidating, but Toggle Squirrel Kin McMuller is still making me wonder if I am imagining things or not. He loves to mess with me, but his skill as a squirrel whisperer has me green with envy.  

Using this 12x4 Platform Base made adding small details so much easier. 

To insert animals cut from the S is for Squirrel Collage Sheet and Nature's Creatures Collage Sheet, I simply inserted a blade to make a small slice into the platform. 

Make sure to include an extra strip of paper as you are cutting the image out, to insert into the slit in the platform.

And that is all. I did not use any glue or adhesive of any kind.

I used a bookbinding awl tool to make a small hole to insert the mushroom stem into the platform. You can add a drop of glue if you want, but the mushroom stays securely in place. 

After attaching the arches to a brown sheet of paper, I added a drop of glue and a pinch of Miniature Brown Path Pebbles to give the arch the appearance of stone. 

One minute all of the gnome villagers are quietly working in their mushroom homes, the next they are out and about working like busy beavers out to save the land. 

The entire time they are out working, they sing cute songs in union, and it always causes all of the animals in ear shot to come skipping up, ready to help. That precious chipmunk has shown up every day that I have been there, to haul big loads for them. 

I sometimes wish I could shrink myself down and have a mushroom home of my own. But I know I am lucky to just be an accepted part of their day, and we have all become very close.

I often see this tiny fairy in Toggle Squirrel Kin McMuller's window, but I don't know what she is doing there. I am still too intimidated by Toggle Squirrel Kin McMuller (and yes, he wants his full name to always be used) to ask. I've noticed that none of the other gnomes seem to notice her, so I am wondering if I am just relaxing even more and able to see fairies now too. I will let you know as soon as I figure it out.

I am in love with the papers in this Great Escape 12x12 Paper Collection, (and three are included in this months Mushroom House Kit over at Alpha Stamps). I cut small slits to adhere the paper over the top of the mushroom, so that I could arch the paper out like a shade to protect the gnomes from the elements. 

There are a lot of fun treasures in this months kit to create loads of details, so be sure to go and check it out. Especially if you love mushrooms and gnomes like I do.

I'm having a feast for my gnome friends, so I am off to finish setting up. I have some excellent ale for our gathering and even treats for our furry friends. Thanks for visiting and remember to keep an open mind and take time for yourself.