June 15, 2018

The Abandoned Mansion

It amazes me how many beautiful, old, abandoned homes there are. My dream would be to find one, preferably haunted, with lots of land, and make it my own. Until then, I can imagine with this larger version of the Conservatory Accordion Book from Alpha Stamps. I incorporated many of the included images from the Stained Glass Windows Collage Sheet which is included in this months Mini Conservatory Kit

Below is the Large Conservatory Accordion Book. Exact design of the mini version but larger! There is even a NEW Large Conservatory Parts Collage Sheet!

Imagine being an "urban explorer" and coming upon this Abandoned Mansion, with it's gorgeous stained class and statues. The creeping ivy, the gorgeous flowers, and the unknown behind a door that once welcomed so many. 

Knock, knock. Anyone home?

It was easy to create the look of stone walls and concrete with the gorgeous papers in the Wandering Ivy 12x12 Paper Pad. It is one of my favorite paper collections.

Don't forget, you can purchase this collage sheet on a transparency as well, which is an option on all of Alpha Stamps Collage Sheets. 

Let's see what is around the back of the house.

I used the solid 12x12 Ivy Paper to create the back, overgrown, wall. I attached the paper with just a touch of glue, knowing which elements I wanted to include, so that I could cut some of the leaves out to layer on top of the ornate elements like the fountains and copper roof. 

I divided up this Miniature Creeping Vine Garland, so a little bit of it went a long way. 

If only I could explore an old, abandoned mansion.

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April 28, 2018

Her Own Little Dress Shop

I think now is a good time to get lost again in another miniature project. The newest kit over at Alpha Stamps gives you a chance to make a "Dress Shop in an Altoids Tin".  But with the goodies that are included, you could make all sorts of miniature scenes to get lost in.

There is a lot of detail in my little shop, but it was actually not super time consuming or difficult at all to make.

This 3D peaked roof is easy to assemble and with all of the adorable papers in the new Moments in Time 6x6 Paper Pad, the only hard part will be choosing which one to use.  My favorite is the one above, covered in song birds.

Many of the details came from Miss Betty Vintage Thread and Sewing 12x12 paper. 

Lots of goodies can be found on the Half Scale Books & Things Collage Sheet, including this cute little rug.

There are four different facades to choose from. I chose the one with the largest opening because this little shop was going to have a lot going on. 

Three wood mini spools and a stick pin were used to make a nice lamp for the shop. 

How about the beautiful dress the shop owner created. It is Prom Season. Imagine recreating that dream dress in miniature form. A few snips of gorgeous paper and a little glue are all you need. 

One measuring tape chimney coming up, courtesy again of Miss Betty.  

She looked in the mirror, and was proud of the woman she had become.

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April 18, 2018

Spring Flower Offering

It snowed here two days ago, but it's April. What on earth? So my hopes are that this little spring beauty will act as an offering to Mother Nature, and bless my many hydrangeas with warm spring weather! I bet you could use one in your part of the world as well. Well look no further for some inspiration then the newest Spring Flowers Kit over at Alpha Stamps!

I added this ATC Tote Box to create a place to put my ATC Ticket Journal (which is included in this months kit). Then I added some "faux" seed packets from the Seed Catalog ATCs Collage Sheet along with some vintage french seed packets from my collection. It all blends together so nicely.

I love this ATC Ticket Journal that came with the April Kit. It has a unique character just begging for details. 

Below, you can see even more items from this months kit, which could surely convince Mother Nature to keep Spring here permanently! 

"So many options in this kit! From vintage ladies with flowers in their hair to FOUR different scrapbook papers, an accordion-fold (ATC size) ticket journal with a mini folder to slip it into, and 4 pretty (and colorful) acrylic floral embellishments". 
(Alpha Stamps Kit Announcement)

After adding some golden seam binding along the width of my ATC Ticket Journal, I attached my images that I had already placed on a background paper and trimmed. This allowed me to tie the journal shut.

I used the same seam binding to add a trim to my ATC Tote Box which tied both pieces together. Next, I applied some Stitched Leaf Ribbon - in Moss Green and paper flowers (see supply list below).

Do you think this will convince Mother Nature to stop with the cold and snow already? I hope so! 

What are you going to make with your kit? I hope I inspired you. 

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