March 14, 2020

Bunny Love

Oh but to gain the love of the beautiful bunny that lives on the hill. She just captivates all living creatures.

Two brother gnomes competed for her love. But neither understood her like the brown bunny did.

He knew her hearts desire and won her over immediately as he brought her fresh cauliflower and carrots from the farmer's garden. He promised to forever grow crops if she would take his paw in marriage. 

Ok, I admit it's a very silly story. But I'm certain it made you grin, so I have done something good today. I just love this Little Niche Shrine that is one of the items in this months Egg House Kit over at Alpha Stamps. I'm a sucker for any type of Niche Shrine.

I really enjoyed placing all of the extra little details around like the mulberry blossoms, shamrocks, grass, and tiny gold bunnies

So cute!

I had two Chipboard Egg Blanks that I decided to use to extend Miss Bunny's little house. She got a ton of money from her first bunny husband's life insurance policy. That farmer's damn rake took him way too soon. The blanks are the exact same size as the niche.

To help the "eggs" stand, I simply cut a one inch wide slice of thin cardboard, about 8 inches long. Next, I folded it in half, and glued it together to make it stronger. Then, I covered the whole lot in scraps from the matching Cottontail 6x6 Paper Pad and folded the slice in half again. Finally, I attached the stands with some liquid glue. I also added a bit of glue to the egg blanks on either side of the niche, to keep them securely together. Those eggs aren't wobbling nowhere! 

I am obsessed with gnomes at the moment, so this is a nice piece of eye candy for my studio. It also makes an automatic "Spring" statement, and I am so ready for the warmth and for everything to bloom.

Hope this finds you healthy and happy and that you will stop by again soon!


February 19, 2020

A Gift For Natasha

I am a sucker for rich, deep colors and vintage, embellished fabrics. I have found that it is easy to find pieces of Indian Sari fabrics on line, that are not expensive at all. At times, you do have to wait for the lengthy shipment from abroad, but it is so worth it.

Using a combination of vintage jeweled bits and new yet classic Dresden pieces, I created this heart shadow box that looks like it once belonged to a wealthy Queen from long ago. Maybe even the woman in the heart. I will call her Natasha. A token, from her lover, full of precious stones.

These gorgeous wings intimidated me at first. I was being too obsessive about every part of the design showing and wanting them to have lots of texture.  I added just a little color with acrylic paint and the dab of an ink pad. Some vintage trim worked perfectly for the top of the wing, and then I used a stencil and added a bit of coarse molding paste. After drying the paste carefully with a heat gun, I ran a gold ink pad over the raised texture and was very satisfied with the results. 

Here is another look of combining the old with the new. Each stone and bead is from a vintage piece, but using the Antique Gold Dresden Starburst Rosettes brought all of the items together as a whole.

You can't deny the beauty of some of these vintage trims. I even used some for Natasha's necklace and crown.

Ok, so this is a first. I didn't actually decorate the back of this piece. But I had to show you this handy little hanger that came with the shrine. Such a great idea!

Thanks for visiting!


February 8, 2020

Vintage Words From The Heart

Have you seen the latest LOVEly kit over at Alpha Stamps? Sorry, I couldn't resist! This months My Retro Valentine Kit is stuffed with so many goodies. I used several of them to create a 4 inch accordion book with a Victorian feel and many simple details. 

I knew I wanted to make a pop up card, but it had to include my accordion book. So I flipped through a batch of vintage cards that I have collected over the years and found one that got the wheels turning. You can see it below, along with a few pics of how I created my own.

Inside are two pockets of sorts, but really I just cut a slit in the paper with an blade and added some red Thin Looped Dresden Border.  I inserted two Tiny Square Cream Envelopes that hold hearts with vintage words from the heart.


Each Folding Heart Card contains a matching, perfectly fitted heart that was made using the Large Heart Punch and some more of the background My Valentine Polka Dot 12x12 Paper Set.

I have always loved this quote, "There are days when one can fix one's gaze upon the sun itself without being blinded: thus it is with me now. I see you, I am dazzled, entranced, and I grasp your beauty in all its splendor". Juliette Drouet's Love-Letters to Victor Hugo

The passion that once was transferred to paper with a stroke of the hand, so deep and meaningful. It takes my breath away.

To close the accordion book, all I did was use a hole punch and an Antique Gold Dresden Starburst Rosette on the very front of the accordion. Using a piece of vintage lace, I wrapped the book and tied it closed.

The back of a project needs to be gorgeous, just like the front. I used more paper from the My Valentine 6x8 Paper Pad and more punched suede paper and hearts from the Valentine Hearts Collage Sheet.

So, back to that pop up heart I created.

I used this vintage card as a template of sorts. All I needed to do was make the area with the bear (above) into a heart.

I used this larger Victorian style heart to trace out an area, just a tad larger then the heart itself, traced a straight line to the end of the paper and then trimmed the top area off. 

It seemed like it would be a bit complicated, but it wasn't. I used a straight edge to score the lower part of the heart. Then folded the heart forward, folding it into the center crease of the paper.

I'm so pleased with myself for figuring out how to make this pop up work. Sometimes I over think things, which is not good for a creative person, lol.

I hope this finds you heart feeling wonderful! Thanks for stopping by!


December 29, 2019

Elukkig Nieuwjaar

My main focus for 2020 is to learn French and to focus more on my vintage Parisian treasures. I keep many of them safe in boxes, but for this new decade, I plan on using those treasures in my work. And if all goes as planned, I will be visiting France in the months to come and finding even more to bring back home. 

Even though "Elukkig Nieuwjaar" is Dutch, it is still a wonderful image that you too can use, along with several other vintage images from the Alpha Stamps Collage Sheet titled Bonne Annee. I think it looks fabulous! All I did was layer the image onto some paper, added some vintage silver glass glitter, Twinklets Diamond Dust and an embellished piece from this Small Chipboard Victorian Wall Shelf, and this gorgeous little welcome to the New Year was complete.

Oh, and I can't forget the vintage rhinestone pin. One stone was missing, but I just added a little glitter and Diamond Dust to it and you can't even tell. My many vintage pieces of bling are another item I need to quit hoarding, and start enjoying.

I hope you enjoy it as well. 
Elukkig Nieuwjaar, Bonne Annee, and Happy New Year


December 28, 2019

A Little Place Called Gnomeville

If you ever find yourself deep in the forest, you might be lucky enough to come along to a little place known as Gnomeville.

There is a wonderful cabin there, with a foundation of beautiful stone where all are welcome.

On any given night, you can peek in the back window and see gnomes gathered around a warm fire, sipping on warm cider with smiles and laughter on all. 

One of my favorite things to see there are the grand toadstools that pop up all over, which I've heard is a sign of good luck. What a fabulous way to bring in a New Year!

I am happy to say that the newest kit from Alpha Stamps has already given me a great, creative start to the New Year. Why? Because I adore toadstools/mushrooms and gnomes.

The wooded scene here was easy to create with the help of this new 12x12 Scandinavian Woodland - Birch Wood Scrapbook Paper.

There are so many beautiful animals that can be added from the Into The Woods Collage Sheet. I have a fondness for squirrels so I knew that little guy would be my first choice.

I so enjoy creating with bits of fabric from vintage, beat up quilts. When I realized I had this 4.5x5.5 Inch Mini Folio, I decided to create a large toadstool for these happy gnomes to celebrate the New Year. I think they like it, what do you think?

Can you guess the theme for the next kit from Alpha Stamps

 Alpha Stamps January 2020 New Year Gnomes Kit

The above little guy is included in the kit along with some other precious wood cuts, my new favorite 12x12 papers and more. 

Below you can find a link to all of the Alpha Stamps supplies that I used, including the names of other collage sheets that I used to add even more life to the Gnomeville woods.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and I wish to you a very Joyous New Year and Decade! May it bring you every happiness, much love, and lots of creative me time!