August 29, 2015

Welcome To My Laboratory

This months Alpha Stamps Cemetery Kit is just too fun, especially if you like to create dark art at times like me! My father always asks me how I come up with these things in my head, but I don't know the answer. It's like this outpouring of ideas that flows out of my imagination and the pieces just all fall into place. I received a mini brain as a funny gift, and from there it all fell into place. I had the perfect doll, missing the top of her head and the brain fit in perfectly as if it were once a part of her making.

The Evil Doctor is wanting to bring his lady friend to life. With a few zombie corpses and the help of his 
Mini- Mes, he might just be successful. 

Some zombie parts are saved for later use and secret concoctions are always being developed for the purposes of the Evil Doctor. 

For the doctor's table, I used the wood drawer from the collage sheet Secret Spell Book Parts Two along with some matchsticks that I colored using Distress Stain. Very simple to make and some wonderful work space for the laboratory.

I used the same match sticks to mount a shelf onto the laboratory wall. It can make it difficult to get those spider webs out of the corners, but they too could prove to be of use in future experiments. 

After lots of my own experimenting, I finally found a way to attach my lights to make Mrs. Evil's eyes glow just right. I had to place them just so on the bottom of the glass eye and attached with my daughter's colorful duct tape.

The Evil Doctor is doing something right. She is almost good as new and then some.

It's time to add some ElEcTrIcItY. bzzzz bzzzzz bzzzzzz ZAP!  I have had these old porcelin parts for some time now and have used them in lots of projects. I find something, feel like it should be an addition to my own laboratory, and keep it for it's artful purpose when the time comes. 

Using these matchboxes was a great idea for helping to have the Dr. stand up. He kept passing out because of his passion for the Mrs' beauty. 

Adhering the Dr. to some card stock to make him extra sturdy, and leaving an inch or so of extra beneath his feet helps in creating his match box stand. 

All my childhood and teenage years were spent HATING my mother's dolls like the one above. I swear it was haunted, her eyes would follow you around the room and she creeped my friends and I out bad! Now I'm making my own with red glowing eyes. What is wrong with me????

Using these instant Tiny Little Coffin Boxes along with some red Clump Foliage for the coffin lining added a bold pop of color, don't you think? Unfortunatly the coffin was destroyed with an axe

I had an ATC Gothic Arch and after attaching some grave stones to it using the Churchyard Cemetery Collage Sheet, I attached this wonderful "iron" fence to create a creepy, barred window. 

The experiment is complete!

And they lived happily ever-after. The End

August 8, 2015

What On Earth Is A Pocket Letter?

Have you heard about the new craze, Pocket Letters? It's all new to me and I can't believe I missed out on this form of creative play. There are people out there with binders stuffed full of pocket letters. I found out about them through an art group and joined in on a swap.They are super easy to create and are a great way to bring some cheer to a friend. Below is a Christmas themed one I created for Alpha Stamps

And of course I had to add a few vintage goodies like the old tickets, watch parts and skeleton key. Many include some supplies to use in a future project so I included some cute brads, trims, and handmade ribbons I created.

There are TONS of ideas and how to videos on both Pinterest and Youtube. Pack it up in an envelope and send it to a friend to put a smile on their face and a little inspiration. 

And here's some awesome news, Alpha Stamps is offering a Retro Christmas ATC Pocket Page Kit! It contains collage sheets, some of my favorite seam bindings, wonderful charms and more. What a wonderful way to get inspired!Enjoy and be sure to share pics of what you create! 

Supplies Used:

August 5, 2015

Stencil Lust

Over the past few months I have become the "journaler" that I always wanted to be. I love to get lost on the pages of a spread and let my creativity take over. Stencils are a great way to add so much to a page. I lucked out getting these new stencils from Alpha Stamps

I guess I am fond of items containing skulls and skeletons. Most of the items on this journal spread are from Alpha Stamps. I added some vintage goodies like the old prescription and skeleton images from a french dictionary. 

Maybe it is because of my day to day battles with migraines and cervical dystonia. It tends to come out in my work at times as a way to cope. Which is another great reason to do journaling. 

I also did a couple of really simple projects with my new stencils. 

Black and white paint, some paper bags and a little trim made for a Halloween mantle. I also used some Grungeboard to create a cool banner. I love working with this stuff, the texture feels like leather and as you can see, is easily embossed. I used my good old Big Shot and Noble Rook Embossing Folder from Spellbinders.  

I placed some faux candles into the white bags which looks amazing. I will be placing these in my windows for Halloween, muahaha · muahahahaha · mwah ha ha

The detail on this bat stencil is fabulous! I have some other ideas for this little guy!

When using the stencils, I experimented with different inks and paint. While journaling, I used a Color Box small white ink pad. The spray inks (some from Lindys Starburst Sprays) I used were fresh, still a little damp, so they bled through the white ink beautifully. For the banner I used a make up sponge lightly dabbed into the paint. I didn't want the paint to bleed under the stencil and make blobs, so this method worked perfectly. 

To make the embossed area pop, I gently rubbed over the embossed page with a Real Black Versa Craft Pigment Ink Pad. To blend this banner piece in with the others, I used a white gelly pen to outline most of the embossed areas. I used some black sweeper fringe and black and gold cord to decorate and hang my banner. I think I will keep it there year round though. That's just the kind of gal I am. And check out the cool skull cameo. There are several to choose from including the Siamese Twins from my journal page. Be sure to check them out as well as all the other cool goodies at Alpha Stamps and happy creating! 

Supplies Used
Dark Words Collage Sheet
Grungeboard - Basics Plain 

July 14, 2015

The Great Harry Houdini Museum

I have really become obsessed with the incredible Harry Houdini. Especially since the History channels movie "Houdini" with Adrien Brody playing the part of Houdini. Knowing more about the man himself was very interesting. I am fascinated with items from the past, like the old radio I used for this project. I would love to gain access to some of Houdini's cool treasures. Could you imagine?

I was thrilled when I was able to create this tribute to Houdini using lots of theme appropriate items from Alpha Stamps including the new Houdini collage sheet as well as Vintage Magician Posters. I want to share several pictures from my museum, and then I have several photos to show you how I put some of these items together.

Obviously we need Houdini's straight jacket, several locks and lots and LOTS of chains to secure him with.

Houdini had a special pair of handcuffs that I acquired for my museum. They were specially designed with skulls to add some variety to all the pairs that he had.  These were made using Antique Bronze Skull Connectors and Chain.

"Houdini would escape from a straight jacket while hanging as much as 400 feet off the ground. To remove the jacket, he had to dislocate one of his shoulders".  *

Check out Houdini's legs! Nice!

"Houdini would  climb into the can, which was filled with buckets of water, the lid was locked on top with 6 padlocks, a cabinet was drawn around the can and a giant timer began ticking down the seconds".*

"The Water Torture Cell was created by myself. It took two full years. Another year was required to give me sufficient courage to attempt same". *

For both the trunk and Houdini's Water Torture Cell (tank), I used my Big Shot along with some metallic foil by A Gilded Life and their Wrought Iron Long Texture Plate. It was super easy to measure, fold, cut and glue onto both the trunk and the tank. You can find the tutorial for building the Steamer Trunk here

Using the Collage Sheet Houdini, I sized one of the images to fit into my tank perfectly. After cutting Houdini out with an exacto blade, it was essential to wrap him with some real chains and attach tiny handcuffs. 

It was very simple to attach the metallic foil I embossed to my double sided tank. After I glued two Small Paper Theatre Boxes together (holding them with rubber bands to dry) I attached the side panels to my tank using Tacky Glue and held it with rubber bands until dry.

I needed an extra piece for the top of my tank, so I just glued some extra metallic foil on to the top and covered it with my side layers.

All I needed to do for the top was fold it over, trim off the excess, and glue glue glue!

 I LOVE how the finished tank looks and I think even Houdini himself would be proud! Thank goodness it didn't take me two years to make my version like it did Houdini to make his.

I've said it again and again, it is great to have digital downloads of collage sheets. I can print them as many times as I like to make things like souvenir posters or add dimension to a project.

All of my standing Houdinis were simple to create. I edited the image to make it the height I wanted. Then I attached it to black card stock to make it sturdier and cut the figures out, leaving about two inches extra card stock on the bottom to use for part of the stand.

As you can see below, I added another piece of black card stock folded like the letter "C" almost. Using glue, I adhered one fold to the image and the bottom fold to the extra card stock attached to the bottom of my image. Now it stands! It's magic!

For Houdini's Straight Jacket, I cut a layer of black card stock after tracing my image with pencil. I attached the image to the card stock only on the top. That way I was able to have a "pocket" to place it onto the 3 Inch Tall Candlestick Holder. Next, I glued on some chain, said the magic words and PRESTO! A standing Houdini mannequin! The most important item in my museum besides his tank . 

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to The Great Harry Houdini Museum. If you have any Houdini items you would like to donate we will happily accept. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my establishment. Now, I will disappear..... POOF

Full Alpha Stamps Supply List 

*For more information about Houdini, click on the link below. There are some wonderful pictures included as well.