November 7, 2008

Totally Awesome 80's Birthday Bash

Like, Ohmagawd! It's like, totally time, for like, Carolyn and I to have, like, our totally awesome 80's Birthday Bash! And of course, like, Carolyn and I are like so talented, that we are going to perform a Madonna song, like, just for you, our like friends. We are going to, like, "Dress you up in our love"!

And like, Caz and I, are like, such BBFFs that we even dress up together in like, whatever theme it is, that like, we're like, going for. Here we are as Madonna and that, like, other chick, "Desperately Seeking Susan". That movie was like, so tubular! But I think, that like, Caz and I look so much better in our outfits. I mean, if you compare them, like, to us, it's like, Gag me with a spoon!

Here's, like, this like, totally huge dress, that I tried on one day when my friend and I laid out of, like, school. But I really think that I should wear, like, a tea-length dress.

And like, here are some, like, pictures of me, with like, different 80's hair styles.

You, like, really need to go to this site and make yourself in to like, all of these different pictures from like, all sorts of years. It's like, so funny!

So, like, I do, like Ohmagawd, a totally awesome job, on like, my makeup. Like, you should really click on my cap and gown picture, and look at my like, beautiful blue eyeliner and mascara. It is just, like, so pretty!

So, like, of course Duran Duran are going to perform, at like, our party. Like, John and I are like, so close and he is so in love with me. But then sometimes he is, like, with Caz, and it used to make me mad. But, like, she is like, my BBFF, so it's okay, ya know. Like, we can share.

So, I told John, that like, they totally have to perform Planet Earth for me, cause, like, I love that song. Like, ohmagawd!

So, like, if you look at like, this picture of John and I, you can see what, totally awesome taste that I, like, have. My tea-length dress, looks, like, so awesome and my lace shoes are dyed to match it, like, exactly. Like, ohmagawd! Isn't that just like, so tubular! I even have pink rhinestone jewelry like Madonna, and pink fingerless lace gloves. But, like, Madonna got those ideas, from like me, life fer sure!

John and I are so cute, that we, will like, still be like, beautiful 20 years from now. Like, you know it's true.

So now, let's like, move on to like, the food we will be eating, at our awesome 80's bash!

I, like, love Mc. DLTs from McDonald's. I think that the like, Styrofoam container it's in, is like, so cute and I think it such a like, ohmagawd, an awesome idea to have like, all of the cold stuff on like, one side, and the hot stuff on like, the other. It's just so, like, awesome! And like, you can't have, like, a McDLT without fries and a coke. Like gag me with a spoon!

And my sister, like, she's older, and she's like, gonna sneak in a bunch of, Seagram's Wine Coolers. Like, ohmagawd! It's going to be, like, so much fun!

So, like, after Duran Duran performs, like, Ohmagawd! It's, like, Kajagoogoo. Like, Limahl, is like, so cute. I love, like his hair, like, how it's like, all spiked up on top and, like, long in the back. Like, Ohmagawd, I just love him! So, like, go and check out their video for Too Shy. It's like, one of my favorites! And you can check out more great 80's videos here.

So, like, after they sing, like a few songs, like, Caz and I are going to bring out desert. Like, I know it's like, my birthday and everything, but like, I love you guys, and like, so does Caz, so we like, made everyone these, like, totally awesome cakes a lightning bolt on top. Like, we make them, like, ourselves and like, you will like, love them.

So like, here I am with my Mom in like, New York City. Like, ohmagawd, it is like, so cool there and like, check out my jacket with all of my, like cool buttons on it. Like, I even have a new, like Walkman. Like, ohmagawd! My parent's are like, so awesome! And like, I even have a Michael Jackson button and like, I like, love to roller skate at the roller rink to his song Wanna Be Startin' Somethin. Like, I am like, such a good skater. Like, I even have pom poms and skate covers, in like, all sorts of colors.

Okay, so like, something else that we decided, to like do, is to like give all of you gifts. Like, you will, like, love what we got you!

Okay, so like, everyone, like, loves my add a bead necklace we got, like, each of you one. Like, ohmagawd!

So like, here's what they look like. Aren't they, like totally awesome, like ohmagawd!

And like, we also got you some twist-a-beads, cause their like, so cute and look so pretty with pink lipstick and blue eyeliner.

And like, I love, like Keith Hering, especially those, like, little barking wolves. But like, he has these totally awesome Swatch watches, so like, we got one of those for you too.

And like, it can't be the 80's without, like, a Rubik's cube. Like, I just can't figure mine out. Like, gag me with a spoon. I always take mine, like apart and click it all back together, cause, like, I just can't do it.

I have these shoes in like, every color. Like, a pair to match, like any outfit I wear. And I love my Aigner purse, like, so much!

Like, here I am on, like my first car. It was like, a Plymouth Champ and like, I had so much fun in that car. And like, check out my cool white boots. Like, I got them in New York City, and wore them, like all the time.

So, like, my final date of the evening, is with Jake Ryan. Like, ohmagawd, he is like, so awesome and cute and I just love his like, body. Like, it would be Brandon Flowers from, like, The Killers, but he's just a little boy and that would be like, so gross.

And Jake, like, he just loves me, like so much. He comes over to my house, in his red Porsche, and like, we like have so much fun together. And like, I love it when his parents are like, out of town, and we can pretend we're like, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Ryan and like everyone just envies us.
So like, you guys, like stay and like eat and dance as long as you want. Like, okay. Like, Caz will be here for a while, and like, you can just make yourselves at home, and like, just don't put any freshman, like, in the coffee table, like, okay. And if someone, like, gets their hair slammed in the door, like, just get some scissors and like, cut it off, cause, like, they'll still love you and they won't get mad. Like, I promise!

So like, thanks for celebrating my 40Th birthday with Caz and I. Like, be sure to check out her site and all of the others, that like, joined in. And like, ohmagawd, like, if you want to join in just fill in Mr. Linky HERE and like we can like, come and visit you too. Like, Ohmagawd! And like, we'll like, catch up tomorrow and compare stories and stuff, like, okay. And Caz and I might have some like, prizes too, so check it out. Like, I'm going to go to Jake's house now. He has, like, a special cake for me.

Like, ohmagawd! See what I mean. He is, like, so totally awesome!

Ohmagawd, like, I can't believe, I am like, 40!



Kathy said...

You are a hoot!

miss magpie-pixie said...

Hey I`m back birthday girl !

i`m still singing away - and i have ripped my tights ! OOpps !

John and i are sharing a piece of cake - see you there !! ;o)

Love ya !

Jenny S said...

Ohhh I still, like have dreams, like of Jake Ryan. And then like, he finds the note I, like passed to my girlfriend......after getting felt up by, like my GRANDMA.....hehehe! To fun!!

misspvc said...

Happy birthday and congratulations! you won my birthday giveaway! Random generator picked your pop me off an email will you please and I'll put the MA journal in the mail to you. Hope you have your best year yet!
Patti V

Abbie said...

Ha!! lol!! I love it! :) You are so clever! Hey, you were wearing 'flair' even then! Who knew it would still be so popular??? And the hair, LOVE the hair! ooohh.. and the dresses, yes the dresses.. I am a few years younger, (haha!) :) but I think, you, are like, the most, like wicked thing I have, like ever seen!
Happy Birthday!

mary ann mck said...

happy belated 40th rhonda! that was hilarious...going down memory lane, what a trip...i so remember those times! welcome to the 40 & fabulous club!!!

xo mary ann

Labour of Love said...

oh my i totally missed your 80's b-day bash...i'm sooo totally bummed out fersureeeeee!!! oh Rhonda, i'm soo sorry for missing your very special day (and also your blogaversary...) i wanted to bring in your special day with such an 80's bang...i also grew up in the 80's and i know that some of my pics would've scared the living daylights out of everyone's eyes. i'm sooo happy that you had a blast...please when you have another bash, would love to come and share such sweet memories. your family, your darling hubby and your bff surely made your day absolutely divine!!! Happiest b-day my Sweet French Sis of mine...totally agree with my sis, mary ann...welcome to our 40 fit & fab truly don't even look 40...'member, the 40's are the new 20's...right?!!! yes, right on! xoxoxoxoxo jo ;)