November 8, 2008

Like, that was like, the best party EVER - fer sure!

Like, Ohmagawd! I had so much fun at our party! Carolyn was like, the best friend ever and made my birthday so awesome, like fer sure! And the best part, was that I even got to talk to her, for real, on the phone. That was a fantastic gift! Even, like, my husband was excited for me.

Sorry to be posting so late. Jake, John, and Brandon (who was all of a sudden a man, and not a little boy from the 80's) got, in like, the hugest fight over me and I had to break John and Ryan's hearts, like so bad because my heart really belongs to like, Brandon. And Ryan just left me in his daddy's Rolls with him, and like, didn't really like care that I had moved on. Only problem was that some of Brandon's friends, like, took pictures of us and I don't even remember any of it. And, like, Brandon doesn't even have his licence.

Again, Carolyn is amazing. She made this like, ohmagawd, this banner for those of you that came to the party. It was just too hard to pick one winner for our categories. I mean, like, Carolyn had the most beautiful dress, but like, Pea's was so cool. And Carolyn and Sherry both had, these like, totally tubular shoes, but so did Pea cause she had some like, really cool jellies. And, well, we all have rockin' hair because we survived, like, gag me with a spoon, those horrible, like, perm fumes. So, just be sure to visit everyone that came by, and like, give them a big 80's shout, like okay!

Caz also made, this like, amazing collage sheet for everyone. So, like, make sure we have your like, email address, so we can like, send a copy to you. Like, fer sure! And a huge, huge thanks to Caz for making this party, like, totally awesome. Like, ohmagawd!

So like, I just loved this cake that Caz gave me. It's like, so cute except that it has that big old 4 0 on it. Like, gag me with a fork!

And like, this gift is so awesome too. John even, like, kissed the glass for me because he like, loves me so much.

Brandon and I took our balloon ride this morning, and it was like, so romantic. He sang "Let me show you, how much I care" and I like, just melted. Not to mention the other fun we had, but like, I'm a lady so I won't, like, kiss and tell. He even asked me to go with him, so we're official now. Like, Ohmagawd!!!!!

These flowers from Caz just smelled so beautiful and Brandon put one, like, in my hair and then, like, kissed me ever so gently on my cheek. Oh, baby!

So like, Nancy made this like, totally awesome banner for me and it is just so perfect. I like, love the colors!

And Pea, she like, gave us all these, like, cute buttons and like, she like, accidental poked herself with one, but like, Simon LeBon kissed it and made it like, all better.

Pea also gave me this great box of like, great 80's candy. Like, Ohmagawd! I love candy, especially Pop Roks!

Okay, so like, Sherry also brought me this like, so cute cake. But then she gave me an even better, like, present.

Like, Ohmagawd! Like, I LOVE the kILLERS and this shirt is like, Ohmagawd, so thoughtful. Now, if I only had my body from the 80's to like, fit into it.

And like, the amazing Abbie made this like, totally awesome 'flair' and I just thought that was like, so sweet.

And like, Caz always, like cracks me up with all of her like, funny pics with comments on them. There were just so many that I can't post them all. And not only did she have them on her post yesterday, but they got, like, Ohmagawd, even better today cause they had, like, Brandon Flowers, like all over the place! Oh, baby!

Yea, that's what I'm talkin' about. Oh, I just love Brandon Flowers. He is like, so awesome! But, like, all of the kILLERS are, even if they are, like, a lot younger then me.

So, enough "likes". I am finding myself speaking and saying it too much like I am living in the 80's again. Like, like, like. What was I thinking? Carolyn had made a beautiful bird collage and I told her I wanted to buy it if she put it in her shop. And then, tear to the eye, she made me my own with a British robin. They are my favorite, and I will treasure this forever Carolyn. Thank you so much.

But there was more. She also gave me this beautiful scarf, with my favorite Eiffel tower on it. I love the colors and I am going to hang it on my wall. I also love the birthday card and these adorable little robin holiday cards. Just so, so thoughtful all wrapped up so beautifully.

I really had a wonderful birthday. I will admit, the whole 40 thing is getting me down a little. As I told my mom, I just feel, kind of deflated. But, I am also the happiest I have ever been.
So, guess what my family got me.... drum roll please......

That's right baby! I'm going to my third Killers concert! My husband and I are so excited! Mom and dad will be watching the girls that night so we can drive down and act like we are in our 20s again.
We, my parents, the girls, Chuck, my real true love, (sorry Brandon) and I went out to dinner last night for our (Mom & I) birthdays. Mom's was on Monday, and how neat to have a baby just a few days after. I sat at the table, with great food, my girls, kind of, out of control (they were really excited) and I thought to myself, how, this is what it's all about. I am so blessed. I have parents who are dear friends, a beautiful family, girls that warm my heart when I look at them, an amazing husband who supports all of my quirky habits and such wonderful people in my life. It was a great birthday, and I thank you all who were a part of it and made it that much better.
I am proud to say I grew up in the 80's. I don't think there will ever be a time when there was such great music and style. As crazy as it all was, I loved it and if I wasn't 40 I would still wear a lot of it today and dance the same Molly Ringwald dance from The Breakfast Club. However, I would NOT have a perm!
Like, Gag me with a spoon!


miss magpie-pixie said...

You deserve all those presents my friend !
I am proud to celebrate your birthday with you - it`s been a time i will never forget .
And a huge OMG - for your tickets to see the Killers !!
Won`t that be another day to remember - and so look forward to !! It`ll be here before you know it !

Have a drink or three - and celebrate just with Brandon - Johns here with me - for now ..

Cheers to you Rhonda !!


Lynn said...

OMG!!! What an amazing birthday party Rhonda, I am so happy I remembered to pop over. Happy, Happy Birthday sweetie. The 40's are the BEST!!!!!!

sherry smyth said...

I don't think I could do the 80s again...for "real"...I just couldn't do the hair!!! It was bad enough that my mother did that to me with those Toni home perms when I wasn't old enough to say "no way" but then to do it to myself and PAY for it?!?! lol!! Some styles (like that hair!) don't deserve to come back!!! Glad you had a wonderful birthday, the dinner and of course, the concert to look forward to!

PEA said...

It truly was so much fun to make a birthday post for you...any friend of Carolyn's is a friend of mine:-) I'm just so glad that you had such amazing birthday...turning 40 doesn't have to hurt one bit. I turned 50 last that hurt a bit more! lol How exciting to get tickets to go to the Killers concert!!! Enjoy being'll find it's the best time of your life:-) xoxo

Abbie said...

I'm so happy that your day was perfect! :) You enjoy that concert!! It was definitely fun running down memory lane with you!