January 6, 2010

Carolyn's Red Carpet Event

I can't believe it is already that time of year for Carolyn's Red Carpet Event. My dear friend from Magpie-Pixie is having her annual event tomorrow. Can you believe it? Carolyn is my oldest and dearest blog friend. She has become a very dear friend and is a perfect example of the wonderful types of spirits one can meet through the world of blogging. I've even heard her voice, lol. I just know one of these days one of us will make it to the other side of the pond and be able to give one another a huge hug and share some quality time together.

Over the past couple of years, Carolyn and I have both hosted some fun parties on our birthdays. Here is a little info from her blog:

Do you want to come to a party !! ?
Then next Thursday is the day !!
It is my birthday - and once more i am
celebrating in style on here -
The past couple of years have been Oscar`s style -
Last year you chose your dream date - a toy boy ;o)
This year i am leaving it open ..
All you have to do is a post on Thursday 7th
January - with your dream date -
along with what dress / accessories and present
you would gift me with . That`s it !!
Be prepared to be whisked away - so don`t
forget an overnight bag !!

I have to tell you, I have learned so much these past years about editing my pics and love the laughs I am blessed with when viewing other participants blogs. You can check out past events on both Carolyn's blog (Caz had SO MANY dates last year and you can see them here) and mine (80's Birthday Bash). My post from Carolyn's party last year can be seen here: Click Me! Be sure to check us both out tomorrow as well as other attendees. It will be loads of fun!



Carolyn said...

Thanks so much - you`re the best friend that i have !!
Rob and I are already partying here early LOL !! ( with his sparkly balls !! )

I`m soo excited about this - hope you found your dreamy date - Jacob is a tad young - you cradle snatcher !! ;o)

See ya tomorrow - bright and early !!
Love ya !!

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

LOL, those cracked me up!!! Did your babies arrive???

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

LOL, those cracked me up!!! Did your babies arrive???