August 17, 2008

Pinkalicious Swap Goodies

I recently received my package of Pinkalicious swap goodies from Shanan at All My Kids 123. She had sent one package that never arrived, and then was nice enough to send a new package out to me. It came at a perfect time as well because I was kind of down in the dumps that day.

I LOVE this giraffe pink and brown bag. It is my favorite color combination and is just too cute! There were lots of other great goodies to pamper myself with and also for my girls to enjoy. They couldn't keep their hands off of all of the goodies and I am sorry to say that they are not all pictured.

I especially loved this bracelet because, as many of you know, my mom is currently fighting breast cancer. Just a nice little reminder to have "hope, strength and courage". I will wear it for mom and I both when I take her to get her radiation treatments which she starts next week.

We still don't know if she will need chemo. Seems the doctor "forgot" to send her tests out, as she found out the day of her appointment to get the results. At least she didn't drive all the way to the doctor's office to find out that bit of info. She is hanging in there and I have a lot of new pictures of cards and gifts that she has received for "A Card A Day For Lynn" coming soon! It is really giving her strength so thank you so much to all of you who have participated thus far.

Any who, thank you so much to Shanan for her thoughtfulness and the wonderful swap package. I loved it all! Be sure to give her blog a visit. She is adorable and her kids are absolutely gorgeous!


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