August 21, 2008

Kathy's Tin And An Update On Mom

Hello to you all! Gosh I am so behind on my blog and my posting of pictures. I just took several more of the beautiful cards and goodies sent to mom, and to me as well. I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful people from this community who have become true friends and have been so very supportive. I could never thank you all enough! God Bless You!

One of my favorite and dearest blogger friends, Kathy, from Vintage Snaps & Scraps sent mom this beautiful tin that I had mentioned in an earlier post. I had to pry it from her hands to take pics of it, and understandably so. It is a beautiful piece that emanates such positive love and energy. Thank you again Kathy, mom loves this tin! Kathy makes such beautiful work, and is a great person too.

Mom had her first blast of radiation this week, and all she could do was giggle that it reminded her of the movie "Solent Green". She is a big Sci Fi buff. She will begin her daily treatments next week and we still don't know about the chemo.

And I'll tell you what... that woman is wearing my butt out! She wants to get in as much as possible before her daily treatments and we have been doing so much together, and I have loved every second.

In the past week, we have had an amazing lunch with drinks, then off to the second hand book store where I found some great Parisian delights. Another day, my dad dropped her off and we sat in my studio for a few hours and chatted and discussed our plans for all of our Itty Bitty books (she is addicted and way ahead of me on them all). Then yesterday we did some antiquing with my oldest in tow and then lunch. It was great. And the school calling me right as we were leaving to tell me my daughter's eyes were bothering her didn't stop us at all. Actually, she was very excited when her grandma and I picked her up. I think some of it was just her missing me during her new longer days as a first grader. Plus, we found out that she is allergic to guinea pigs. All she has to do is be in a house with one and her face puffs up. It is VERY scary, and odd, seeing how we have four cats, two dogs, and a bunny. Her little friend next door has one and yesterday, after playing no where near the guinea pig, her eyes swelled up. Poor thing.

So, today mom is off with us for my youngest first dance class. We are really excited and she is going to love it. Mom & I even have plans on Saturday for more shopping.

On another note, I have noticed the past few weeks that mom has been reminiscing A LOT lately. She is constantly telling stories about her childhood, or stories about when my non existing piece of crap brother (yes, I said it), sister and I were kids. She has also been repeating herself a great deal as well. So the other day, I just mentioned it. I said, "Mom, you have really been reminiscing a lot lately and repeating things you told me just a couple of days before". At least it made her get a good cry out and admit that she was scared. She still won't cry in front of dad, which, in a way, I can't blame her. When I mentioned this to my dad after he came to get her (and mind you, he has been with one or both girls during our adventures because he is an awesome baby sitter, dad, grandfather) he put her in the car, shut the door, and stood behind the car weeping. When my dad cries, it is heart breaking and SO hard to be strong for. But I was. I like that I can take care of them both now and be there for them. And mom will tell me that she hates putting it all on me, but I want that. I am so happy we have this relationship and I can be there for her, because that is what your children should do. And then I reminded her that is was okay, because then I can go in and talk to my husband if I need to, and he is an awesome listener, tolerant when I cry hysterically, emotionally, and weepy womanly. He is the best!

So, I will quit babbling for now. I have lots of pics to follow, and lots to catch up on... I need to email Carolyn and we have been in chats for a while now about throwing an 80's blog party. I need to write to Nancy about the round robin book we are doing and her amazing gift to mom, and need to post all of the wonderful things that have been sent to mom. I need to check every one's blogs and touch base with so many of you. But, hopefully you are reading this and know that I am thinking of you and will touch base with you all soon. Today, I need to get some finishing touches on some swaps done, and get a couple of orders out. But, I am blessed and thankful that I have all of these things to do and all of these amazing people in my life.

I hope you are all doing well! Much love and God bless!



Kathy said...

Hey Rhonda~
Thank you so much for filling us in on your mom. I am so tickled that she enjoys this tin so much, it was made for that purpose! I know she is a believer...and when she needs some angel support...she knows what to do! lol
I was thilled to hear all the fun your having...but then so sorry to hear that she and your dad too...still have to deal with this horrible thing daily. I think maybe you need to have a "Dad" day too, maybe he just needs to talk. And I wouldn't worry so much about your mom talking about the past...and repeating herself, she is under so much stress! You all are. What a wonderful family you all are. If any family will get through all of this, it will be yours.
I love to hear these stories you tell R, so tender and "from the heart". Your a very special lady for sure and I am so happy I found you out there in I have a very sweet new friend.
Much love to all of you!

Abbie said...

Hi R~!
It is nice get an update. What a fantastic family you have! I envy your relationship that you have with your parents. They sound
like amazing people and you/they are blessed to have each other during this time. Enjoy your time! We can wait!

miss magpie-pixie said...

Let`s get that party started Rhonda !! ;o) No .. really no rush - i know you`re very busy your end sweetie !

I had tears in my eyes when i read your dad cried - i have never seen my dad cry - ever . It`s good he has done - it`s a form of a release for him . Even though men don`t like to show that side of their emotions much .

Sending you all my best prayers and thoughts for you still .

Love ya girl !



Posted your moms card off today for her !!

Lynn said...

What a lovely tin Kathy made for your mom, I hope she enjoyed some cards already :) I wish your mom all the best and much strength.
Love to you all :)

Allmykids123 said...

Oh Rhonda.. thank you so much for the update on your Mom. My heart aches for you and please know that I'm praying for your entire family.

Sherry said...

Rhonda, your mother is grabbing the life ring -- and good for her. She's packing her days with things she wants to do and doesn't want to miss, things that make her happy. Amen. So many when faced with this just want to curl up in a brava to your momma!!! ♥

As for the reminiscing and the repeating...all so necessary and such good therapy for her and for you...and your dad. Talking about the past, making sure things are noted and told -- we ought to do those things regardless of our health or being scared about our health...and it does make us cry and it does frighten us.

As I'm always saying..there are so many lessons to be learned with something like this happens...and not just for the person affected or the family affected...but for those who read about it, those on the outside looking in.

Strength and power to your mother with many positive thoughts and prayers ♥

rachel whetzel said...

Rhonda, I'm just stopping in to say that I was the lucky recipient of your buttons from the Button Floozies Swap!! It was AMAZING!! Thank you so much!!

Gallery Juana said...

Thank you for updating us on your Mom and showing us the loving cards and gifts she has received. The angel tin is lovely.

I sure she gains much comfort from you being there. It is good that your Dad is in touch with feelings, even though it is hard to see someone cry. I cried just reading your post.

I sent my card out on the 23rd.