August 14, 2008

Two Amazing Ladies That Are Also Sisters & An Award

Isn't it amazing how God brings fantastic people into our lives. I actually met two wonderful gals separately, and then found out they are sisters. They have both meant the world to me, inspired me, helped me to become a better artists, and have gone out of their way to put a smile on my face on more then one occasion.

So, first, there is Mary Ann from Follow Your Bliss, but some of us also know her as mainer at heart06. She had a give away, many months ago, and I won a set of three magazines. Well, you can see from the last three pictures that the USPS kind of ate them. It was hysterical, but also VERY disappointing at the same time. I REALLY wanted the issue of Altered Arts Magazine and was so completely bummed.

Do you know what Mary Ann did? She later found another copy of that SAME issue, purchased it just for little ole me and resent it with a couple more. I mean, how completely thoughtful is that!

We had a good giggle from the whole thing, but have continued our friendship. Mary Ann has had a huge influence on my as a creator because she has gotten so many of us addicted to those wonderful itty bitty books. I love them and my mom is contributing to them as well now.

Anyway, Mary Ann seems to have a way with people and has been so thoughtful to so many and I could never thank her enough for that of for her belief in me as an artist. She is an amazing gal with amazing stories and a zest for life that spreads to us all.

My Amazing Magazine Gifts

Too Cool!

Oh yes, they care. They care enough to eat my magazines!

Thank you again for your thoughtfulness Mary Ann.

So, next comes this amazing gal named Jo, from Labor of Love but is also known as 3littlemiracles. She is my "french" sister and has an obsession for french things as much as me, which is very odd to say. She makes me laugh and has also inspired me as an artist.

After chatting for a bit, I put two and two together and realized that she and Mary Ann were sisters. And if you visit either of their blogs and read about their times together, you realize what a great love and friendship they have with one another. I think to myself, "Gosh I wish I could hang out with the two of them and be a sister too".

Jo recently gave me the Brilliante Weblog Premio Award 2008 and I am just so honored that she thinks that highly of me and I could never thank you enough Jo. It is always a joy to know you have made a difference to someone, and I hope that you know, Jo & Mary Ann, what a difference you have both made in my life. I love you both dearly!

I still need to pass this award along, and that will soon follow.

Be sure to give these two amazing women a visit if you don't already know them. They are so beautiful inspirational and I just know that you too will feel blessed to meet them.

God Bless!



firstborn said...

oh rhonda,

you are such a dearheart!! thank you (merci beaucoup) for all your kind words, the secret book! & this award. i am so glad that my sis & i found a dear friend & blog sista in you!

you keep on creating rhonda!!!!

xoxo mary ann

Pherenike said...

How funny to have met them separately and then to find out they are sisters!

Labour of Love said...

my ever sweet, French sister, RHONDA!!!! how amazingly sweet are you for dedicating a post for my dear sis and myself... i am humbly honoured with your most kindest of words and pure thoughtfulness...i said this before and i'll say it again...i am utterly the lucky one to have found you through etsy then through my are truly an inspiration to me as i am a newbie in this worldwide web...i first fell in love with your French shoppe and all of your gorgeous creations...then i found your blog...then i found you in so many of my sis' groups that i truly believe it's fate that has brought our spirits together. i thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing our friendship on your beautiful blog...i should be the one thanking you because you are one of the sweetest hearts that is always the first to help me, continually inspire me and you are ALWAYS willing to share your passion for the FRENCH with me...i already consider you my sister and better yet, my dearest 'French' sister...that is why i sent you that truly deserve every inch of that award and then some...i look forward to one day meeting you in person but i already could tell, that when we do meet, our hearts will just melt into one...because even now, without meeting...through your words...we've truly made a genuine connection...again, thank you so much for your kindness...i love you too, sweet RHONDA!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo jo ;) (ps...i absolutely love your 'eiffel tower' cursor...again...thanks for sharing such French sweetness!!!)