October 19, 2022

Spooky Poisons

If you are spooked by spiders, or things that go bump in the night, if you have a weak stomach or are scared of ghosts, I'd advice you not to continue any further. Because you will be exposed to those things and more, if you dare. 

I never understood the term spooky Poisons until now. It's all the fault of Alpha Stamps, with many spirits and bottles of all assorted kinds. Watch out, there are skulls and haunted photos from the past too. 

Have you ever seen an attic in the shape of a tombstone? spooky things hide in the corners, like bottles full of eyeballs and hearts. 

I used almost all of items from the Alpha Stamps Hocus Pocus Kit offered in September 2022, and the current Apothecary Bottles Kit

I wonder what secrets that old book has within it's pages? And those pumpkins look like they have a mind of their own. 

Why is that doll head so ominous and looking at me from a different position then her flat placement?

I just have to adore this sweet little face because she is displayed in my art studio and "modeled" for my favorite collage sheet Creepy Dolls. All of my doll models just love being in the spotlight! 

And who I say is disrespectful of the dead, using their heads as candelabras, shining brightly unlike they did in life? 

Isn't that glowing tintype of a man Spooktacular! It was a very easy feature to create. 

I found this image on the Remnants #1 Collage Sheet

I used an inexpensive Single LED Warm Light which I oddly attached to the "photo" with melted wax. There is a power switch on the side and it is all ready to go. 

The best way to seal a glass bottle, be it a Spooky poison, a spell or a spirit captured, is by a fire cast ball of wax, dripped over the cork, forever protected from the outside. 

Sooooo many cool miniature bottles! Do you know how many cool miniature bottles are carried on the Alpha Stamps website? Seriously, click on this bottle link  and see for yourself. 

Do you see the roof to this beautiful memento of those who've passed? It was actually made by crumpling up a pattered paper from the Hocus Pocus 6x6 Paper Pad. By gently wadding up the paper into the tiniest ball you can make, several times in different directions, being oh so careful not to miss a single spot, you then create an item that can be used for sculpting and in this case, becomes a curved tombstone's roof. 

Below shows the Matchbook Theater Box with the Tombstone Attic Set attached. I wrapped the whole thing with some tight rubber bands, just to hold every little bit together. Then I was ready to apply the "roof". 

See how easily the roof came together. I applied glue to the upper edge of the Tombstone Attic Set and then attached the paper easily, rubbing it down with a popsicle stick to make sure all of the edges were adhered and no light would escape. 

All of the papers that I used on this project came from the Hocus Pocus 6x6 Paper Pad

Even on the outside, spookey things are everywhere. 

Click if you dare.