September 4, 2021

Children of The Night

Once this gate opens, you will literally be taken to "An Undiscovered Magical World". It is guarded by many frozen Charlottes from the past, a large Raven, and once you go inside, you will witness the Children of The Night. Do NOT look into their eyes!

It was nice to have a moment away, in a creepy yet wonderful place. And the whole thing came together so easily, which always makes for a special project. I started with a Mini 3x4.5 Shadowbox and knew that I wanted to add this new fa├žade and wrought iron gate. A tad of Plum colored paint was all it needed.

My inspiration came from the new An Undiscovered Magical World papers that are available at Alpha Stamps. First I decided on what background I wanted for inside of the shadowbox. I also wanted to include the etched RIP Headstone and Acrylic Raven. Since purple was the main color that I chose, I added different elements that went along with that theme including some Purple Crepe Ribbon, Purple Dresden Borders and Burgundy & Mauve Flowers

Don't you just love those tiny flowers. And that tombstone must be really old because it broke apart.

This purple paper matched my project perfectly and came from the Spring Posies Solid-Color Paper Set. But many of the colors go fabulously with a "Halloween" type project. Since it is a nice cardstock, it worked in creating my "hinged" wrought iron gate. 

I marked the paper to cover the back of the shadowbox as well as the sides, and left an extension of about 1/4 of an inch. 

After attaching the back and sides with liquid glue, I had just enough paper to attach the gates to. 

I lined the edge of the gate to the edge of the extended paper and glued it into place. This created the "hinge" so that the gate can be opened and closed. 

For the back of the shadowbox, because you know I ALWAYS decorate the back of my projects, and this castle scene from another design of An Undiscovered Magical World papers worked perfectly. I added another Etched RIP Tombstone, flowers and used a white gel pen to highlight only the left side of the castle image. 

I used the same white gel pen to highlight the left side of other images to make them pop and add to the creepy vibe of the children. Notice that none of the white is perfect, it's "scratchy" because it's spookier. 

Now on to my ATCs, which were super easy to create with this 8 1/2 x 11 page with nine of the designs from the An Undiscovered Magical World papers.

I used the above collage sheet, which is already divided into nine perfect ATC designs. Then, I used some of my favorite collage sheet images to create my "Children of The Night". I cut out images that I liked, matched them with one of the ATC backgrounds and when I knew I liked the placement, glued them into place and added highlights with the white gel pen. 

Again, I added some purple and although very simple, the ATCs turned out great and look so detailed!

Click the Alpha Stamps link below to see all of the Collage Sheets that I used and many more. The selection is amazing!

Did I not SPECIFICALLY tell you NOT to look into their eyes! What have you done!

For the back of the ATCs, I attached them all onto one of the An Undiscovered Magical World 12x12 paper designs. The ATCs all together make a dragon puzzle of sorts. This is in honor of my Mom who loved dragons, Runes, and all things mystical. I love and miss you so much Mom. 

Now go wash your eyes out because you looked into their eyes, and you KNOW what's going to happen if you don't. Don't say I didn't warn you. 


August 7, 2021

Below The Sea

Today I have two projects that I would like to share with you. I think my trip to the beach inspired me a lot, as well as the many beautiful shells I found during the red tide. And naturally, Alpha Stamps inspired me as well with the July Seashore Kit. Even though it is a new month, you can still get many of these items. I'll share a supply list at the end of this post.  

My oldest became obsessed with making things from resin during the past few months, so I decided one day to give it a go. I've only done a couple of things, it is still a new learning experience for me, but I am really proud of myself for figuring this project out. 

This project was also my first go at doing packing tape transfers. I found a really good tutorial video by Sara Naumann and was amazed at just how easy the process was. I actually used the jellyfish design from the Vintage Artistry Shore 6x6 Paper Pad and the seahorse from the Aqua Mermaids & Ladies By The Sea Collage Sheet

After making my transfers, I cut the images out and placed them in a thin puddle of resin. I did this to test out what would happen with the colors of my images and to also make them a bit heavier so they would not float as much when placed in resin. 

I also placed some resin onto this Sea Scape Layered Corner, that I trimmed to fit within the resin cube. Some Iridescent Water Bubble Microbead Mix was placed onto this as well with dots of liquid glue, and allowed to dry before the resin was applied. 

After the resin was dry, I cut the images out again before the resin was rock solid. I then inserted the images into the layered resin, and held the items in place with rigged clothes pins. The images still wanted to float, but adjusting the clothespins against each other helped to really hold the images in place.

After the layer of resin was solid enough for the images to not move, I added more layers of resin and some individual microbeads. I really love the end result of both cubes and learned so much. I am ready to try even more transfers and resin dioramas. 

Next is an Altoid Tin I made using the same papers and collage sheet from the July Seashore Kit

The images of these mermaids makes me feel so calm. Using many chipboard designs really brought the whole project together. I used ink stamps to color each piece and make them all look like one set. 

I especially love the heart design and trailing scrolls behind this mermaid that reminds me of Lucille Ball.  

So many treasures below the sea.

Remember, if there is a skill you want to try out, just go for it. It might be easier then you think and over time, you will become a pro! 



June 30, 2021

The Dance of The 17 Year Cicada

This was the year of the 17 year cicadas. Living in the south with my treasured woods behind my house, my family was witness to this odd occurrence. The last time this occurred, my oldest was just a baby and my youngest wasn't even born yet. And now, it was time for these creatures to emerge that were the same age and older then my children. Just a really weird thought. 

I am the spirit of a seven year old, trapped in a grown up body. I love nature and exploring in the woods and taking photos of tiny things is a passion for me. The sound of the newly morphed cicadas was painful to the ears at times, and my dogs were eating them non stop as they would fly around us, into us, and plopping down beside of us. Thankfully they are harmless and their life cycle is so interesting. But for now, I will hush about that and share with you my dedication to the 17 year cicada.

 Yes, I used some of the thousands of left over shells, painted gold of course, so that these gorgeous dancing cicada fairies could spread their wings and perform. 

For more info about the 17 year "Brood X" Cicadas, there is a wonderful article at the link below.

Just as I watched this cicada emerging and spreading it's wings, I decided to be extremely odd and make this project.

I instantly fell in love with this Art Nouveau Matchbox Theatre Facades Collage Sheet, which is included in this months Matchbook Theater Kit over at Alpha Stamps. The Matchbook Theater Box is also included, along with other items I used. You can find all of my supplies by clicking on the link below.

One of my favorite parts of this little display is the way I distressed the already textured Aqua Tones Canvas Texture Cardstock Paper and then used a copper (Pearlescent Rust) ink to "age" it. The two colors look so wonderful together. The ink adhered to the scored surface and edges as well which adds so much character. 

I used several shades of the "aqua tones" paper and different sizes of circle paper punches to make "scallops" of rolled paper as a decoration for the top of my cicada theatre. I rolled each circle tightly on a small paintbrush, then dabbed the edges with the same copper ink. 

And finally, I dabbed the ink over all of the metal items I used, to make them all blend together more, since each one had it's own patina. 

Sadly, the cicadas have finished their business and are all gone. But I will always have this little shrine of sorts to remember the memories my family, dogs and I made during their 2021 visit. Next time they come out, I will be 69 years old. Now that is a crazy thought! 

Until we meet again!