March 24, 2021

Shall We Dance

I love this latest "Ephemera Queen Kit" from Alpha Stamps. I am, and always will be, a sucker for anything inspired by Marie Antoinette. Not only does the kit include some gorgeous papers but it also contains one of my favorite collage sheets, Mini French Ballet Costumes and lots more!

I decided that I wanted to view many of these beautiful dancers together and layered them within a 6x6 Inch Tunnel Book

I placed each dancer onto a piece of the Ephemera Queen Papers and cut each one out with a sharp blade. 

When I was ready to attach them to each layer of the 6x6 Arch Tunnel Book, I placed the tinniest dot of adhesive from an adhesive tape runner onto the back. This way, I was able to place each dancer and move them around until I liked the placement. Next, I placed a small amount of liquid glue onto the back of the dancer and set it permanently on the tunnel page.

After attaching the foam to the back of each page, I applied a touch of liquid glue on top of each section of foam. That way, I can still move each layer into place easily. Once the layers were in place, I left it laying flat on a table to dry. 

Each layer is a page, so you are able to create a book, or you can create more of a 3d project like I did, a shadow box of sorts. 

Then came the fun part, adding all of the elaborate details.

And of course, you just have to make the back beautiful as well.

So now, it is time to dance and enjoy the day.

Alpha Stamps Supplies Used

I hope this finds you dancing and enjoying your day as well. Thanks for stopping by!



February 24, 2021

Star Filled Dreams

It brings my spirit peace when I am creating, especially when it is a miniature space that I can get lost in. The latest kit from Alpha Stamps titled, "Lucky Star" is put together to make the perfect creative escape. 

I began with this  Square Half Scale Corner Room Box. After easily putting it together with a tad of glue, I gave it a light coat of white paint. I don't like to paint the chipboard too much because it might warp if I get it too wet. One thing that really helped in the design was how beautifully this set of Lucky Star 12x12 Scrapbook Papers are, it made it easy to put the room together.

For my side table, I used an image from the Mini Alchemy Half Collage Sheet. I also used a vintage cufflink as framed art.

Lucky Star Crescent 12x12 Scrapbook Paper is the perfect choice for the walls of my room. The detail is gorgeous, and I traced over the outside of the moon with a sharp colored pencil, to make the edges jump out even more. Then I added some bling. 

The  Lucky Star Nova 12x12 Scrapbook Paper was my choice for the floor because it had a trimmed edge which was perfect for a "carpet". I trimmed the opposite edge off and added it for the second corner of my floor.

I am in love with this new Cobalt Blue German Glass Glitter. It's so mysterious and rich in color.

The 1:24 Bed Standard was super easy to create. Again, after gluing it together I added a tad of white paint. To make the bedspread, I simply cut off the amount of paper to "reach the floor" and kept the trim on the top that shows what the other side of the paper has on it. It made for a perfect fold over on the bed spread. Next, I shaped the paper over the bed and made a scalloped trim with some shaped scissors. 

For the pillow, I used the exact same cut of trimmed paper and and folded the paper twice, to make a pocket of sorts. I added glue on only one edge of the pillow and tucked some trimmed cotton pads into the opening. I really love the end result.

Now if I could only shrink and have a weekend away in this cozy little room. 

Hope this finds you all healthy, happy, and in a good mental place!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


December 12, 2020

Keep On Truckin' Santa

What a year it has been! Life is so different and I would never have believed that things would be as they are now, if you had told me last year at this time it would be this way. But just like Santa, you gotta "Keep On Truckin".

I just love this cute little Vintage Truck Ornament. Especially living in the south. I've always wanted an old pickup truck, like that one Bella has in the Twilight movies. And the ornament is a two piece set, with the outer most piece having a little window for Santa to peek through.

I used two of the solid truck ornament pieces along with a Truck Bed Bagatelle Box to make this little pickup. It's all ready to be stuffed with mini gifts for Santa to deliver. 

The papers from the Hello Christmas 6x6 Paper Pad are perfect for this ornament. Some warm "flannel", and even some little scenes with trucks. Too cute!

I trimmed the door off of the second piece of the ornament to make the door more dimensional and to also give Santa a view of his driver's side mirror. 

Be sure to check out my Alpha Stamps Supply list to find all of the many goodies packed in the truck bed and decorating the truck. So festive, and so much to choose from. 

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I wish to you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and lots of love and good health! Thanks for visiting!


November 28, 2020

Cozy Ornaments and Tradition

It's time for the Holidays, and that means I have something fun to make from Alpha Stamps. It feels like tradition now, after being on the Design Team for all of these years and putting out all of the decorations from Holidays past. Each one brings back a memory from the year it was made, and with my girls growing so fast (now 18 and 16), it is nice to have flashes from when they were younger.

Each ornament started with a Wood Christmas Ornament Back and was covered with a holiday paper. The first two ornaments were made using the Snowflake Doily Set. 

I didn't have to add anything to the doily, with it having so much wonderful detail. They really make the German Fir Tree and precious deer from the Holiday Ornament Figures Collage Sheet pop.

The next ornament I am actually kind of proud of. The idea popped into my head to use small rolls of paper from the Hello Christmas 6x6 Paper Pad. I love the cozy "feel" of the designs. I used a square paper punch and then rolled each paper cut around a pencil to form the curve. Just a pin drop of glue helped to hold each curve together. After gluing the curves to the ornament, I added a vintage earring to the center and love how the ornament turned out.

It's been a crazy year for us all, but it was still filled with happy memories and many blessings. I hope it has been the same for you. Thanks for visiting and may you be filled with cozy warmth and much love this Holiday Season!



October 17, 2020

Welcome To My Carnival

Welcome to my Carnival of precious black cats, a talented and beautiful fortune teller, treat bags and games galore and some festive d├ęcor. I feel like I should become Beetlejuice, and shrink down into my little created world. Oh how fun that would be!

I started out with some fun items from this months Halloween Market Kit over at Alpha Stamps. As you can see below, there are a lot of Spooktacular items to choose from.

This Market Stall Pop Up Card actually folds down into a card with a fabulous black envelope to pop it into. Unless you make it super chunky, like I did. But mine will remain up throughout the year with all of my other handmade treasures in my studio.


It's hard to believe that so many of these items started out as a flat piece of paper. But the designs are so fabulous and easy to just cut and fold together in no time at all. AND two are included in this months Halloween Market Kit.

Look into my crystal ball, I dare you.

I also made this cute Mini Resin Wheelbarrow and a Mini Creepy Sign Post, to help my visitors to know where they are going, lol. I highly recommend a visit to the Black Cat Bog.

Feel free to get your fortune told, and please remember, only ONE goody bag per person. Other wise, those tiny rats are going to "rat" on you and nibble at your toes.

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Thanks for stopping by and please be sure to leave my carnival a raving review for other families to find and enjoy! A great place for kids and cats of all ages!