March 24, 2021

Shall We Dance

I love this latest "Ephemera Queen Kit" from Alpha Stamps. I am, and always will be, a sucker for anything inspired by Marie Antoinette. Not only does the kit include some gorgeous papers but it also contains one of my favorite collage sheets, Mini French Ballet Costumes and lots more!

I decided that I wanted to view many of these beautiful dancers together and layered them within a 6x6 Inch Tunnel Book

I placed each dancer onto a piece of the Ephemera Queen Papers and cut each one out with a sharp blade. 

When I was ready to attach them to each layer of the 6x6 Arch Tunnel Book, I placed the tinniest dot of adhesive from an adhesive tape runner onto the back. This way, I was able to place each dancer and move them around until I liked the placement. Next, I placed a small amount of liquid glue onto the back of the dancer and set it permanently on the tunnel page.

After attaching the foam to the back of each page, I applied a touch of liquid glue on top of each section of foam. That way, I can still move each layer into place easily. Once the layers were in place, I left it laying flat on a table to dry. 

Each layer is a page, so you are able to create a book, or you can create more of a 3d project like I did, a shadow box of sorts. 

Then came the fun part, adding all of the elaborate details.

And of course, you just have to make the back beautiful as well.

So now, it is time to dance and enjoy the day.

Alpha Stamps Supplies Used

I hope this finds you dancing and enjoying your day as well. Thanks for stopping by!



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