September 30, 2020

Vanity Through The Years

I so enjoy making miniature scenes full of mini, detailed items. When I got the urge to make a double sided vanity, it was simple to fill it up with some of my favorite collage sheets and cool items from Alpha Stamps

On one side of the vanity, we see a young woman, flawless skin and beauty abound. It looks like she has some beautiful heirlooms and is also getting that desire to care for her skin and maintain her youth. 

On the opposite side, we see the same beauty, but now older, wiser and hopefully not giving a (choose your word) what anyone thinks about her. But with all of the potions and bottles she has, I doubt that is the case. But I for one can relate and am hoping to one day not give a (choose your word) what anyone thinks. Unfortunately, I am my hardest critic. 

So, back to the vanity. Be sure to check out my Alpha Stamps supply list to find the exact items I used. 

There are many plain resin bottles to choose from, and collage sheets full of labels to apply and useful items as well, like tarot cards to help and tell your future.

When I use a collage sheet image that is an item that is curved in real life, I will often bend it around a pencil to give it more depth. Just a little way to trick the eye.

I love this Mini Beakers Chemistry Set. Believe it or not, I used various colors of permanent markers to add some colorful potions. 

My vanity was created by using two of these Large Spider Web Mirror Frames which I attached to  the center of a Gothic Trestle Table

For the table boarder, I used the opposite piece of this Stained Glass Chipboard Border. I always save the extra bits from an item because they can come in handy as well.

Did you notice that on both sides of the vanity, the woman always has her beloved cats. I told my husband that I will ALWAYS have cats. They sooth my soul. I added black glass glitter to two Die-Cut Black Cats as well as some details on the vanity trim. 

I hope I have inspired you to create a little something for yourself. I so appreciate your visit. Stay happy, healthy and safe. 


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