August 26, 2020

The Mushroom Village In My Back Woods

I've had a lot of time for exploring in the woods behind my house. You will never believe what I found! Just past the hill, beyond a huge bolder, is a Mushroom Village full of hard working Gnomes. 

I couldn't believe my eyes and exclaimed, "Oh my, is this even real?" And the gnome in the middle mushroom replied, "Dude, what are you on?" And then they all laughed at me. It was very strange, but then they went on to tell me that since I have learned to slow down more, and appreciate the little things, I can somehow now "see" them. 

Apparently they have been there for years, which explains why my dog, Antoinette, is always yapping in their direction. 

I am a huge ornithologist and out of the hundreds of birds I have seen, the British Robin is my favorite. They have the boldest personalities. 

I never knew a tiny gnome could be so intimidating, but Toggle Squirrel Kin McMuller is still making me wonder if I am imagining things or not. He loves to mess with me, but his skill as a squirrel whisperer has me green with envy.  

Using this 12x4 Platform Base made adding small details so much easier. 

To insert animals cut from the S is for Squirrel Collage Sheet and Nature's Creatures Collage Sheet, I simply inserted a blade to make a small slice into the platform. 

Make sure to include an extra strip of paper as you are cutting the image out, to insert into the slit in the platform.

And that is all. I did not use any glue or adhesive of any kind.

I used a bookbinding awl tool to make a small hole to insert the mushroom stem into the platform. You can add a drop of glue if you want, but the mushroom stays securely in place. 

After attaching the arches to a brown sheet of paper, I added a drop of glue and a pinch of Miniature Brown Path Pebbles to give the arch the appearance of stone. 

One minute all of the gnome villagers are quietly working in their mushroom homes, the next they are out and about working like busy beavers out to save the land. 

The entire time they are out working, they sing cute songs in union, and it always causes all of the animals in ear shot to come skipping up, ready to help. That precious chipmunk has shown up every day that I have been there, to haul big loads for them. 

I sometimes wish I could shrink myself down and have a mushroom home of my own. But I know I am lucky to just be an accepted part of their day, and we have all become very close.

I often see this tiny fairy in Toggle Squirrel Kin McMuller's window, but I don't know what she is doing there. I am still too intimidated by Toggle Squirrel Kin McMuller (and yes, he wants his full name to always be used) to ask. I've noticed that none of the other gnomes seem to notice her, so I am wondering if I am just relaxing even more and able to see fairies now too. I will let you know as soon as I figure it out.

I am in love with the papers in this Great Escape 12x12 Paper Collection, (and three are included in this months Mushroom House Kit over at Alpha Stamps). I cut small slits to adhere the paper over the top of the mushroom, so that I could arch the paper out like a shade to protect the gnomes from the elements. 

There are a lot of fun treasures in this months kit to create loads of details, so be sure to go and check it out. Especially if you love mushrooms and gnomes like I do.

I'm having a feast for my gnome friends, so I am off to finish setting up. I have some excellent ale for our gathering and even treats for our furry friends. Thanks for visiting and remember to keep an open mind and take time for yourself. 


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