April 25, 2020

Moroccan Beauty

Today I am sharing a project with you that looks as if I spent hours of detailed work to complete it. But it didn't take long at all. With a few chipboard designs (some of which are included in the April Moroccan Doorways Kit at Alpha Stamps) and a few little extras, I made this "Moroccan Beauty" in a single afternoon. 

I started with the House Shaped ATC Frame Set which only needed a single paper choice from the Spice Market 12x12 Collection Kit. I fell in love with these papers immediately.

I then added two of the Onion Dome Frame Toppers (comes as a set of three) which I painted with acrylic paints. I also used the included Moroccan Frame  (also painted) and this beauty from the Odalisque ATCs Collage Sheet.

I love the combination of the deep navy blue and Terra Cotta colors. I used the same blue on half of a Chipboard Mandala. The design is so ornate, but I didn't have to do anything difficult to have such detail.

I used the remainder of the mandala to top of this additional item I had, a six inch tall Decorative Screen. Another gorgeous piece with amazing detail, that I didn't have to put any effort into. All I did was add the same design paper onto the back to blend all three sections together. 

This rich golden diamond was cut from one of the papers included in the Spice Market 12x12 Collection Kit

I used torn pieces of washi tape to attach all three pieces together on the back. This makes my "Beauty" stand with no difficulty at all.

Click the link below to see the complete list of supplies that I used from Alpha Stamps


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