April 18, 2020

A Camper's Tale

I was so happy to come along this Nature Study book that belonged to my G-ma Betty. I had an idea for a project using this Little Niche Shrine - Percolator, which instantly makes me think of camping and coffee. Both of which remind me of my grandmother as we all went camping during my childhood and I drink my coffee exactly the same way as she did. I was looking for a nature book, and when I came across this one, ideas just started to percolate through my mind.

As you can see, it turned into a detailed piece of hard work, but I included many of the goodies that I wanted to, and got to use G-ma's hankie and a piece of fabric from her chair cushion, so it turned into a dedication of sorts to her. She was truly amazing. 

During this time of lock-down in my home (due to the Corona Virus), one thing I am really thankful for is the large amount of outdoor spaces that we have. We have a couple of patios in back, one in front, and a hill that leads to our little woods with my husband's recent fire-pit project, and delivery of hammocks for all from Amazon Prime. I couldn't imagine going through this pandemic in cold weather. I find myself in my hammock often, with a pillow and blanket, watching the leaves thicken daily and listen to nothing but the many birds that sound so happy.

As I made this little scene, I thought of an independent gal, escaping to the woods for some "Me Time" R&R. A magical night sky full of stars, fresh coffee, and nothing but time to ponder and relax.

You'll notice the many niches that I created to include some extra items to make that camping trip even better. The owls in their tree, getting ready for their eggs to hatch, and a Retro White Coffee Pot fresh off the camp fire to warm the spirit. 

The large percolator "tent" was my grandmother's hankie. There are lots of my favorite ferns, a Spyglass Telescope to look closer into the Milky Way, an ax to have plenty of wood for the fire, my Mini Hiking Boots left at the opening to my tent, and a warm sleeping bag (my grandmother's fabric) to cozy into for sweet dreams. And we can't forget that important Miniature Thermos.

The nice thing, for those of you wanting to create something similar in a book, is that I have my learned knowledge from creating the niches that I can share with you. At first, making the niches was a total pain in the you know what, but you won't have to deal with that. And you won't believe how many things I tried, for hours, to come upon the final item that made this project easy. 

Folks, I'll tell you right now, forget about using that sharp blade to cut the pages. Especially when you are making deep niches like I did.  I finally remembered that right there on my work table, not even a foot away from the multitude of paper bits covering everything, were the secret weapon for the success of my project.  That's right, carving tools! OH MY GOSH, BRILLIANT IDEA! 

All I had to do, even after the Galaxy 12x12 Collection Kit papers were attached, was take a hammer to the end of the selected tool and pound. Perfect line every time and in the end I knew which tool to use to clean up the edges and make each niche the perfect size. 

Below is the start of my campfire, with miniature embers that really light up. I used some twigs from my yard to make a mini campfire, and after I played for a bit and knew the placement I wanted to use, I glued them into place. 

I created my own "fire" using cut pieces from the lanterns of the Lanterns Half Collage Sheet

Some yellow Clump Foliage - Fall Mix was used to add to the fire base.

The mother and baby deer came form the Hanging House Ornament Set

So now that my project is complete, I have hopefully inspired you to create your own little place to get away. It's a beautiful day here, so I will venture to my hammock in the woods for a little nap.


 For Gma Betty, I miss you and love you so much. 

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