March 14, 2020

Bunny Love

Oh but to gain the love of the beautiful bunny that lives on the hill. She just captivates all living creatures.

Two brother gnomes competed for her love. But neither understood her like the brown bunny did.

He knew her hearts desire and won her over immediately as he brought her fresh cauliflower and carrots from the farmer's garden. He promised to forever grow crops if she would take his paw in marriage. 

Ok, I admit it's a very silly story. But I'm certain it made you grin, so I have done something good today. I just love this Little Niche Shrine that is one of the items in this months Egg House Kit over at Alpha Stamps. I'm a sucker for any type of Niche Shrine.

I really enjoyed placing all of the extra little details around like the mulberry blossoms, shamrocks, grass, and tiny gold bunnies

So cute!

I had two Chipboard Egg Blanks that I decided to use to extend Miss Bunny's little house. She got a ton of money from her first bunny husband's life insurance policy. That farmer's damn rake took him way too soon. The blanks are the exact same size as the niche.

To help the "eggs" stand, I simply cut a one inch wide slice of thin cardboard, about 8 inches long. Next, I folded it in half, and glued it together to make it stronger. Then, I covered the whole lot in scraps from the matching Cottontail 6x6 Paper Pad and folded the slice in half again. Finally, I attached the stands with some liquid glue. I also added a bit of glue to the egg blanks on either side of the niche, to keep them securely together. Those eggs aren't wobbling nowhere! 

I am obsessed with gnomes at the moment, so this is a nice piece of eye candy for my studio. It also makes an automatic "Spring" statement, and I am so ready for the warmth and for everything to bloom.

Hope this finds you healthy and happy and that you will stop by again soon!


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