May 1, 2019

The Various Alices

No one can disagree with the fact that there are so many designs for Alice in Wonderland. We all know the story, but we each have our own "vision" of how she appears be it a classic book from long ago, the Disney original or Johnny Depp as the Mad Hater. 

Here are two examples using the April Alice Accordion Book Kit from Alpha Stamps along with my personal favorite collage sheets.

The bright, rich colors and patterns of Alice's world are a favorite for me. But I would much rather wear the Queen's gown then Alice's dress. I'm kind of over the top I guess.

I have a few editions of this classic book, but take a look below at the collection you can have in miniature form.

With the use of a Matchbox Ticket Journal I can fold them all up neatly and put them in one tin.

The next tin was inspired by the Alice in Green Collage Sheet. The colors are just so pleasing to my mad mind!

So, which Alice would you be? 

Thanks for falling down the rabbit hole to my little world!

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