June 30, 2018

Vintage Seaside Memory Box

 You would never know that this little 3" x 3" box contains so many individual pieces of beauty! 

This is a "Double Explosion Box" and you can get it now at Alpha Stamps. And wait until you peek inside! 

There are two separate "boxes" that each flatten out to show lots of spaces to add art or happy memories. If you use both sides of the box and the bottom, that is 18 miniature canvases to work with, not to mention the included lid. 

I made a miniature ocean floor and included lots of tiny shells, charms and even made my own colorful starfish with the Seashell Mold.  I made the seahorses on the lid with the Seahorse Mold and used some ink pads to dab on some color and a moist q-tip to get in the tiny cracks.

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This Seaside Victorian Children Collage Sheet was the main inspiration for my project. The images are so bold in color which really drew me in and reminded me of my own beach memories. 

I included a little tribute postcard to my Mom in a glassine envelope so you could have a peek at what was inside. She would spend hours combing the beach for fossils and shells. There were many to choose from in the Seashells in Plastic Tin.

Notice how I wrapped the lid with twine. Since I had layers of paper and other goodies on each side, I had a very snug lid. By using the twine I was able to secure the lid together without actually attaching it together with glue. This allows the lid to open a bit so that it can fit over the boxes. 

The above shells and starfish are actually buttons, Beach Beauties Seashell Buttons Mix. I used a couple of ink pads to give them some color and carefully cut the back loop off. For a extra little color, I added some torn fabric bits before attaching the buttons with glue. 

So this is one idea for using the Double Explosion Box. But there are endless possibilities for the theme. It is a great way to show different memories from childhood, family celebrations, creative quotes and more. 

So, do you have an "explosion" of ideas? Sorry, couldn't resist.

Thanks for visiting!

Alpha Stamps Supplies Used:

13mm Antique Gold Clam Shell Beads
13x17mm Patina Starfish Charms
8mm Gold Flat-Back Glass Shell Cabochon
Beach and Shore Backdrops Collage Sheet
Beach Beauties Seashell Buttons Mix
Brass Patina Conch Shell Charms
Bronze Conch Shell Charm or Pendant
Captured Adventures Explorer Scrapbook Paper
Double Explosion Box
Glassine Envelopes - Horizontal Flaps - Tiny
Larger Green Leaf Garland
Patina Scallop Shell Charms
Patina Sea Horse Charm
Seahorse Mold
Seashells in Plastic Tins
Seaside Victorian Children Collage Sheet
Shell Postcards Collage Sheet
Silicone Mold - 7 Seashells
Vacation Memories Kit
Wanderlust Petites Scrapbook Paper
Wanderlust Printed Chipboard
Wanderlust Souvenir Scrapbook Paper

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