February 3, 2018

Behind Closed Doors

This months Valentine Theatre Kit at Alpha Stamps is just too fabulous and includes some of the goodies seen here! It's always wonderful to have a project where you can reach into the depths of your imagination and create. Introducing the Punch & Judy Theatre, or in my case, a lovely French ballet theatre. 

I knew with this project that I wanted to go over the top and really add a lot of embellishments and bling. After I picked my main designs from the French Fairies Shadowbox Fa├žade Collage Sheet,  Pink Children's Theatre Collage Sheet, and Theatre Mecanique Collage Sheet, the rest of the project was super easy.

I've always been a fan of lighter pink and green combined. It was the color of my oldest daughter's nursery (she'll be 16 this month). So the newest 12x12 papers, Love Song Serande, Red Rose Ball and Kiss Kiss instantly tugged on my heart strings. 

Using some vintage jewelry always adds so much character, don't you think? And don't you just love this Pink Mix Rhinestone Chain. You can buy it inexpensively by the foot! 

The empty compartment on top of my theatre was perfect for some sheet moss and a flower garden. Be sure to not remove the long wire stem. They look great after being curled into a spring.

I used these 1 Inch Tall Claw Box Feet (comes in a set of 4) with a bit of gold paint to bling them up some.

To attach the feet to the theatre more easily, I simply added a couple of layers of cardboard onto the very bottom.

 Adding an extra triangle of cardboard prevents the added layer from warping inwards. 

The theatre is now open! Time for the performers to begin. They are tiny paper dolls, so they can cover the entire stage.

I attached my ballerinas to the back layer of the same patterned card stock as the bottom of the stage. The back of the ballerina should be the same pattern as the stage. 

 After trimming the ballerina out, I made a fold so that she not only stands up, but her "stand" blends in with the rest of the stage.

See how well her "stand" blends in with the stage.

The above rhinestone chain is actually an "optical illusion" which makes it so easy to work with. 

A cheap yet effective substitute for rhinestone chain. A flexible nylon mesh with sparkly/faceted "gems." (Note: the "gems" are an optical illusion; they are faceted indentations, not set-in gems/stones.) Soft and flexible, so easy to bend and glue around curves or tight spaces.

This is one of my favorite trims EVER! I want to line my studio walls with this yumminess! It's also available in Sage Green.

I hope you've enjoyed my theatre and are feeling inspired to create something of your own! Thanks for visiting!



Shannon Cooper said...

Wow, wow, wow! Your theatre is exploding with magnificence!

Geralyn Gray said...

Love this. This is fantastic!

Blue Tourmaline said...

Absolutely beautiful!