December 30, 2017

Falling Snow

Unlike the rest of the country, I haven't had a beautiful snow, just the frigid temperatures that go along with it. Every year I do wish for one good snow. I love the way the sun light shines on the snow, the comfy feeling in the air of a warm house, and the way the outside world (as in people)disappears. So I decided to get lost in creating my own snowy scene as both a flat card and as a shadowbox. One for me to keep and one to pass along for someone else to enjoy. 

So to begin the new year, Alpha Stamps is introducing the newest Snow Queen Kit which  contains the Taj Mahal flat card, which can also be purchased as a shadowbox.

You can see above that I created both with the same theme, just with different embellishments. 

I am in love with this Tiny Scalloped Fleur Dresden Border. There are so many ways you could change the color to match the project, but I kept it as it's natural white.

This beautiful flower was easily created using Silver Glittered Leaf Pick, White Glittered Snowflake Embellishments, Large Snowflake Sequin Mix and some Dimensional Snow.  Silver Glittered Leaf Pick, White Glittered Snowflake Embellishments,  Large Snowflake Sequin Mix, and a Dimensional Snow Writer.

When I made the Taj Mahal Shadow Box, I was able to go more over the top. 

Don't be nervous to create a 3D image with a flat paper element like this bird. You don't have to have an actual faux bird, just blend the cut edges with brown or matching ink, give the paper a bit of a curl and add it with a piece of  White Adhesive Foam on Roll. 

On both the flat card and shadow box, I scattered  Iridescent Glass Spheres, Tiny Mixed Size Flat-Back Pearls and  Winter Snow Glitter Mix  to make the image appear like she is coming together more with swirling snow. 

I wanted to show you how I covered my shadowbox with paper. 

I was sure to add enough paper around to cover the edges of the box. Then I just wrapped it like I would a present. 

Finally I used a fresh exacto blade to trim out the Taj Mahal design out.

Before I attached my image from The Snow Queen collage sheet, I added a touch of similar colored paint so my inside edges would blend in with the outer paper.

So here is to a beautiful, welcoming snow and a super blessed 2018! 

I look forward to sharing more in 2018 and thank you so much for the comments and messages. It's rewarding to bring a smile to the eyes of so many.


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Linda Knox said...

Lovely, lovely project. TFS