December 13, 2017

Picture perfect on the outside, but what is on the inside?

Driving on a winters day, viewing the lovely cottages and Tudor homes. What a picture perfect world this family must live, inside of their wonderfully, grand home. 

The beautiful stain glass windows, gleaming with fresh snow......

The perfectly hung wreaths and decorations.....

The welcoming front door....

I would imagine the inside is just as beautiful with a perfect husband and wife, and wonderfully behaved children.

Well think again! 

Even those who portray perfection are actually hiding things within.

Welcome to the home where the bad girls and boys live. The ones that get a lump of coal from Santa, and also get a visit from......

Hey! Little Girl! Did you seriously open the presents BEFORE Christmas and start playing with something that wasn't even for you? Meet KRAMPUS!

You knock your mothers favorite lamp over, and shatter glass everywhere, and you actually think you can hide it with your dress? KRAMPUS!

But yes, you do look like a sweet little angel, but this is who you really are! An angle and doll smasher! Meet KRAMPUS!

Have you lost your mind? You bring snow in the house AND your sled and make puddles on the floor and my hand stamped wall paper from France! Bet that snow is about to turn yellow. Meet KRAMPUS!

Not only do you break your baby brothers new pull toy, but you start stealing things out of his stocking! You are cruisin for a brusin little boy! Oh, but wait, KRAMPUS!

You two really think it's ok to take all of the peppermint candy and candy canes for yourselves and eat as much as you can? I hope you get really sick and learn your lesson! Oh, but wait, KRAMPUS!

Not only do you put clothes on your pet bunny, but you let him inside just to knock all of my vintage cookie cutters down. Grrrrrr, KRAMPUS!


Hopefully those kids have learned their lesson! 

It was simple to create this opening shadowbox. I used the Large Haunted House Shadowbox
along with the Large Haunted House Frame Set as a "hinged cover".

After decorating the front of my Large Haunted House Frame Set and adding the Large Haunted House Window Trims, I covered only the back of the solid house shape with decorative paper. This will be the "inside cover" of my shadowbox.

After tracing the spot where I wanted to attach my hinges, I applied a good layer of glue, placed the hinges on and added more glue over the hinges, smearing it out smooth and flat. After the glue was fully dry, I added a layer of packaging tape over the glued area to make the hinges extra secure.

Next, I attached the hinges to the shadowbox with a light layer of glue. Once dry, I added screws to the hinges that were connected to the shadow box. Finally, I attached the "cover" with a good layer of glue and closed both layers tight with clothes pins while it dried.

Now, I have a beautiful Christmas decoration with my covered shadow box, and for some laughter or needed threats to my children, I just open the box up and show them a peek of what's inside.


May you have a joyous holiday, no matter how you celebrate and thank you so much for visiting! 

Supplies Used:

Large Haunted House Shadowbox
Large Haunted House Window Trims

Large Haunted House Frame Set  
1/4 Inch Red Holly Berry Stems
2017 Christmas Ornaments Ribbon Set
Christmas Red Stickles
Diamond Stickles
Lime Green Stickles
Retro Bottle Brush Tree Set - Green
Mini Pine & Berry Garland
Tiny Green Leaf Garland*
22mm Smiling Snowman Cabochon
Dimensional Snow - 2 Ounce Jar*
Dimensional Snow Writer
Fluffy Winter Snow
Miniature Red Sled*
Christmas Cookie Cutter Cabochons
7mm Round Red Cabochons
Mini Candy Canes
Miniature Ice Cubes
Flat-Back Gold Star Studs - 8mm
Painted Wooden Toy Train Set
Polymer Clay Cane - 10mm Lacy Snowflakes
Polymer Clay Red Swirl Peppermint Cane
Vintage Christmas Scrapbook Paper - Let it Snow
Christmastime Evergreen Scrapbook Paper**
Vintage Christmas Scrapbook Paper - Twas The Night
Vintage Christmas 6x6 Paper Pad
Tim Holtz Christmas 8x8 Paper Stash
Classic Christmas Chimney Bricks Scrapbook Paper
Wood Flooring Scrapbook Paper
Hampton Brick Scrapbook Paper
Winter Snow Glitter Mix
Twinklets Diamond Dust - 3oz Jar
Diamond Glaze*
White Adhesive Foam on Roll
German Bouillon - Red
Iridescent Glass Spheres - 2mm in Bottles
Gothic Window Overlays for Mausoleum
Mini Chipboard Fireplace Mantel Die-Cuts*
Wood Trim - Crown Molding
Basswood Strips - 1/4 Inches Wide
Krampus Collage Sheet
Krampus in Red Collage Sheet
A Childs Christmas Collage Sheet
Christmas Trees Collage Sheet
Holiday Bags, Tags & Boxes Collage Sheet
Vintage Toys Collage Sheet
Deck The Halls Collage Sheet
Retching Toad Eatery Collage Sheet


sheilaAR said...

Rhonda, this is devilishly fantastic! Giggling with glee!! Should I feel guilty for enjoying it so much?? (((NO!!!)) Thanks for your amazing imagination! xo

Kristin said...

This is hilarious. Love it!

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