April 26, 2017

The Book That Is A Mystery

 I'm so excited! The newest mystery, "Let's Do it Your Way" by Rhonda Thomas, just hit book stores today!

I love to try and figure out who the killer is and how they murdered their poor victim. But they'll get caught eventually. They always do.

The cover is from Alpha Stamps, of course, and you can find even more "Dapper Gents" in this months kit of the same title! This cool image came from the Men in Hats ATCs Collage Sheet.

Did I fool you? I fooled my oldest and my husband. They actually thought it was a book! 

And what do we find in that hidden compartment? Clues, weapons, blood, a crime scene and a huge question mark!

So how exactly did I fool my family, and possibly some of you? I'll show you. 

My trusty assistant, Spooky, will help. Please ignore the black carpet with tid-bits here and there. It's my studio, and the carpet was free, and I have to vacuum daily, especially with a white furry dog. I used a sheet of vintage ledger paper, my favorite, and cut the tiniest strips possible. 

Add some glue, smooth it onto every last edge, and layer the paper strips side by side.

For the top and side edge of my book, I used one sliver of paper and continued it around. That way the pages look more realistic. 

When you have you edges all glued down, trim off the excess paper with a sharp blade. It's best to let the glue dry so you don't move the paper or damage the edge. I have no patience though and went ahead and cut mine.

You can also use an Emory board to smooth the edges all the way flush.

I love the way it turned out, and it was even better because I fooled my husband. Always great to have something to pick on him about!

So, who do you think the murderer is and which of those bloody weapons did they use?  I hope they turn this brilliant author's mystery into a movie!

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Connie said...

What a unique project . . . you did a marvelous job.
It's easy to see that you're having fun . . . keep it up and thanks for sharing.
Connie :)