July 1, 2017

The Pantry Is Full

There is something about a vintage pantry that makes one feel at home. Especially when it is stocked full of yummy food. I created my pantry using several options of cans, containers and bottles from Alpha Stamps

I covered my pantry with wood printed paper. After trimming and attaching the paper, I rubbed the edges with some brown ink to blend it all in.

These are all of the items that I created on my own. I used blank containers and the cool collection of goodies from various collage sheets from Alpha Stamps. There are so many miniature images to choose from!

I most enjoyed creating my jelly, pickle and plum jars. They were super easy to make as well. 

First, I put about three drops of clear glue into my jar.

Next, take whatever ink or paint you like and get a drop onto the end of a pin.

Jab the color down into the glue and work it into the bottle. The color will stay in one general spot so it creates the effect of something being in the jar.

Clean the inside top with a qtip and then place the cork inside the jar. 

Use scissors or an exacto blade to trim the top of the cork off, file it smooth, and add a touch of silver paint or a few dabs with a silver ink pad. Your bottle is complete.

These tea and cocoa containers were even easier to do. Just pick your labels, cut, and glue. 

The more you create, the fuller your pantry will be.

I grew up in a Victorian house with my mother's prized cabinets. I always loved the wobbly glass. I wanted my "glass" to look more authentic. 

I went back to my trusty bottle of clear glue. I squeezed on three or four strips and spread with a q-tip. The result, wobbly, thicker glass.

Now I've worked up an appetite. I need a snack. Maybe some cereal or a juicy pickle. Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully I have inspired you to create something. We all need a little "me time" to do our own thing. Enjoy, whatever that may be!


Supplies Used:

White Oatmeal Box
White Resin Cocoa Container
Fern Park Vintage Canned Food Set

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Tarnished Rose said...

What did you use for your tea and cocoa containers and the oats containers?