March 29, 2017

Music Makers Masquerade

My favorite quote is, "We are the Music Makers & We are the Dreamers of Dreams". And of course I give credit to Willie Wonka even though the true poet is Arthur O'Shaughnessy. It's magical and can take the imagination to so many wonderful places. This is true with this months  Beauty and the Beast Kit from Alpha Stamps as well. 

Imagine being the little boy from the movie, that gets shrunk down inside of a television. His poor mother dropping him into her purse. Now imagine being shrunk down into my Shadowbox, a magical theater of vivid colors, music, dancing, and magical wonder. 

The Wrought Iron Shadowbox Header fits perfectly across the shadowbox horizontally (see photo below), but I decided to use it vertically, with a curve that fit nicely within the box, which before attaching, I created with the wonderful new papers from the Midnight Masquerade 12x12 Patterns & Solids Pad.

Wrought Iron Shadowbox Header 

If you know me, you know I can't leave the backside of my work plain. It gives me great anxiety! 

I couldn't leave this months Taj Mahal Folding Card all by itself and plain, so I added it to the back of my shadowbox.

One of my favorite color schemes are "peacock colors" purple, blue, and green. I decided to go all out since there are a great variety of papers to choose from.

I imagined this to be the outside of a great lite up theater, with one of those performances like you see in those old movies from the late 30's early 40's. I used this image from the new Midnight Masquerade Cling Stamp Set - Mystery Fan. Also shown and used, Midnight Masquerade Cling Stamp Set - Fairy Magic, and the Midnight Masquerade Cling Stamp Set - Dreamer.

I had such a variety of cool embellishments, charms, papers and more to add glamour to my entire theater. I also used several shades of Liquid Pearls to add colorful pops of color here and there. 

I used the new Taj Mahal Triptych and to connect each piece together, I used a simple piece of seam binding, but any old ribbon would do. I attached the back all three pieces to the seam binding with glue, leaving just a tad of space between each. This allowed me to open the Triptych but still have the pieces intact. When closed, I added some Dagged Border trim to pull it all together and add lots of details. 

Red faux "trim" is where I attached the seam binding on the back side of my triptych fold.

Here, you can see the little bit of purple seam binding behind the triptych.

So are you going to go create some "music" and "dream" up a new project? And here's a little twist. Leave me a comment telling me what part of this project was my favorite. Was it the quote? Was it the dancing couple or the many flowers? Or was it something completely different? The first person to guess correctly will receive a little something in their snail mail, so be sure to let me know. I will announce the winner one week from today, Wednesday April 5th. The winner will then need to send me their info. Thanks for visiting and good luck!


Alpha Stamps Supplies Used: Direct Link
Simple 7 Inch x 8.5 Inch Shadowbox
Wrought Iron Shadowbox Header
Beauty and the Beast Kit


Geralyn Gray said...

Love this!! So glad you are still at it! I love that you made a shadow box theatre and used these great supplies from alpha stamps. I have lost focus on projects. But, after a year off, I really want to focus on our endless supplies of cigar boxes and make memory boxes for gifts and for me! Absolutely LOVE the quote too, so true!!

Connie said...

With your amazing creativity and imagination, you should be somewhere designing sets for movies and theaters. Same thing only bigger scale :)
You amaze me!
Connie :)

Lora Mahaffey said...

Rhonda, this was such an awesome idea and project! Love what you have done!

Nancy C said...

Beautiful work. I think your favorite item was the stamps as they allowed you to create the embellishments you envisioned in a variety of colors and textures.