December 3, 2016

The House Through The Forest

One thing I have always loved over the holidays, is the delight of little decorated houses. Especially when they light up in some way. I seem to get momentarily lost within and capture a little Christmas Spirit. Below I have created two such houses each using one of the new Mini House Boxes and Attic Silhouettes. 

The first one was created with a Mini House Room Box - 4 Cubbies and the Small Flying Santa Silhouette

For the next house I used the Mini House Room Box - 4x4 Open along with the Deer Attic Silhouette.

I love watching birds out of my window, especially on a snowy day. I nicked some of their seed for my little elf to use for his winged friends. 

How do you like my mini "logs" for my house stand? My husband got the wood from our back woods and made all sorts of wooden goodies for me to use. 

Now is where the real fun comes in. I love how a tiny  LED Tea Light**  can fit inside of the attic and give a warm glow to these wintry scenes. 

Believe it or not, this was very simple to create. 

I took a  piece of  thin cardboard and made it just wide enough to fit with some wiggle room inside of the attic. 

Next, I folded the cardboard down under the edge so I would know where to fold and trim.

I cut the cardboard so that I would have two equal halfs. One side will slide into place, the other will attach to my silhouette. 

I then trimmed an edge to make sure I had room for my "spacers" (smaller trim pictured below). 

Below is the finished attic with the spacer, which allows the tea light to fit in pretty nicely. 

Turn on your tea light, then slide your attic into place and you have light!

A little extra touch, a warm glow of light, to make even more memories for all who see. I hope you find some wonderful warmth over the Holiday Season and a heart bursting with joy!

Thanks for stopping by! 



Miss Merricat said...

I.Love.These. Candles and little houses with attics! How can you go wrong? You can't!! Rhonda these are so great! I was loving them with all my heart and then you turned the lights on and WHAM! I wanted propose to them and live happily ever after. Hahaha!
These are wonderful and thank you for sharing them and the tute 😁

Shannon Cooper said...

The Gnome Home is the greatest! I like the idea of adding bird seed to naturey projects, especially gnome-inspired ones. Great work!