November 30, 2016

The Gingerbread House

Here's a favorite tradition that my girls and I love to do every year, making Gingerbread Houses! The thing I love about this little house is that not only can it light up, but it can be kept for years to come because none of it is edible!

Creating this faux gingerbread house put me in the Christmas Spirit early. It was simple to create, using "icing" (Dimensional Snow Writer) to attach the walls, roof and chimney.

I also used it to add the many pieces of candy. Add a dot, then mush the candy right into place.

The tiny peppermints were created by slicing this fun Polymer Clay Red Swirl Peppermint Cane. A little goes a long way and it slices like butter with an exacto blade. 

To give my deer a little pizzazz, I simple rubbed a tad of Diamond Stickles on with my finger. Gave them a nice little shimmer. 

Here's how I created my snowy roof. I used this Tiny Shingles Stencil along with some Dimensional Snow (love this stuff). Next, I sprinkled with a tad of  Twinklets Diamond Dust while the snow was still wet. 

If you look hard enough (or click on pic to enlarge) you can see that the inside light even shines out of the second story windows. Took some planning and thought, but my plan worked. I gently worked two holes into the roof before adding the second story windows. 

To add the interior light, I traced around my LED Tea Light and cut the bottom out so it could fit inside. I used a little tape to attach the light to the bottom. The important part is to make the black switch accessible.

After looping some beadless wire through the holes in the roof, the Glass Christmas Seed Bead Garland can go from a bow topper to a tree hanger. 

I love the glow from inside. This weekend we are going to go pick out our Christmas tree, and this will be an included decoration. I always have white lights on our Christmas tree so it will add to the charm. 

OK, I need a snack now. Preferably something with icing. Thanks for stopping by!

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Miss Merricat said...

Aw Rhonda I just love that little magical house. My mum and I made one years ago when I was a little girl and I have always thought I should make another. This is perfect bc I won't eat it and it is here for next Christmas too. Thanks for sharing! And I guess I need a couple of those snow writers and I wish I didn't have to order it bc instant gratification is great sometimes. 😏