April 27, 2016

Paris Flea - Visits the Shore

One beautiful day along the shore.....

A lonely man set out to meet the woman of his dreams. 

He hid behind a large sponge (lol) and saw a beautiful, knowledgeable woman walking along a pen-shell path. He feared he would have nothing interesting enough to say to her and knew the lumps on his head would be thoroughly examined. (Get it? Phrenology, lol)

Next, he saw a long legged beauty with a talent for juggling the most beautiful scallop shells. Maybe a bit too playful for him.

Then there was a pageant beauty on a throne of scallop shells, but he feared WAY out of his league. 

But then he saw them with another friend. A fair maiden with the purest of faces and his heart began to pitter-patter.

It took a while, but he finally gained some courage and approached her with the gift of a perfectly in-tacked Bay Scallop shell. And this gift from his heart brought her such joy and millions of butterflies. She knew immediately that he was the man of her dreams.

And so it was, and they lived happily ever after enjoying walks along the beautiful shore every morning, collecting shells and enjoying one another.

That sounds like my friend Catherine Moore and her husband. She has always had a passion for shells and after a visit to Treasure Island (St. Petersburg) Florida, I understand why. So many shells, so much variety, something new every day. So as a tribute to them and her new stamp collection, Paris Flea, I gathered many and brought them home to Tennessee to use in a story. What do you think?

Image courtesy Character Constructions and yes, it IS copyrighted

We all know what an obsession I have with all things French! So this set is perfect for me. But then again, I love all of her stamps! So be sure to come back soon to see more of my adventures with Paris Flea and be sure to have some adventures of your own. 

Find the happiness in today!

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Connie said...

Great stamps and wonderful story . . . it's lovely seeing someone spinning tales of fancy and being free with their artful creativity.
Have a lovely weekend my friend.
Connie :)