April 23, 2016

Blue Bird - Blue Bird

I used to create these hanging spoons all of the time years ago. I don't know why I stopped as they are super easy to create!

All of the goodies from the new  Birds & Cages Kit - April 2016  from Alpha Stamps just made that little light-bulb above my head not only light up, but make a racket in tweeting sounds. Bird cages hang, so I needed an idea to make them do so.

I know, I know, the thought of drilling into a spoon is intimidating. I was there once myself. Never in a million years did I think it would be something that I would accomplish. But you have to try to succeed. And the end result is beautiful! 

After your holes are drilled, the hard part is done. Next you just need to play around with the items you would like to use and decide where to place them. I love these 3 Inch Cage with Solid Back and 2 Inch Cage with Solid Back. It was easy to just cover them with the paper of my choice. The cage also comes in a 4 Inch Cage with Solid Back

As you can see from behind, I used a few methods to attach my items. 

The easiest was to just take some wire, loop around a couple of times, twist the ends and place to the side to hide.

For the center Ornate Filigree I used wire and some glue since I attached a piece of vintage jewelry to it.

Another vintage favorite are old shoe clips. These are easily found at most antique shops and online shops as well. If you look around enough you can find some beautiful ones at a good price.

The top jewel is yet another shoe clip.

I attached some Iridescent Ribbons with Edge-Stitching on the bottom of my cage and placed some rhinestone chain on top of that. I love how the turquoise peeks out. I braided this same ribbon through the metal chain I used to hang my spoon. Super simple to do with a classy end result.

The chipboard Mini Birds & Nests Shape Set was a great addition. Easy to personalize for a great embellishment.

I hope you are inspired to try something new. You won't know unless you do try and I have come so far as an artist by doing just that! You can too! 

Thanks for stopping by!


Miss Merricat said...

Rhonda these are super wonderful!! And in my closet I have a BIG bag of old silver spoons lol. So no excuse for not making at least one of these lovelys thanks for sharing your lovely artwork again :)

Connie said...

This is so pretty and inspiring, too. Just yesterday one of my girlfriends returned from her vacation with the gift of an antique wooden clothes hanger. She bought both of the ones that were in the shop and gave me one. It has the name of the dry cleaner printed into the wood and is so unique. I want to do something like this with it. Something so that it can be on display in my home. Thank you for sharing your amazing creativity with us.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Nikkel Stables Crawford said...

How Beautiful! !!!!! I love birds and birdcages!!!!