November 28, 2015

A Christmas Doll Delivery

If you could take a trip back in time 120 years, would you do it? A time when electronics were not placed under the tree and children used their imaginations more. Here is a little sleigh kit you can fill with whatever goodies you want and it's called Santa Sleigh Kit. It's the newest kit from Alpha Stamps and there is an Santa Sleigh Add-On Kit as well.

I adore antique black haired German dolls. They have so much character and encompass that olden time. Seems they are harder and harder to find but having the option to make my own is a great alternative.  More on that below.

Everything seemed magical during Victorian times from the decorations to the gifts, the beautiful china and food all made from scratch.  I really love all of these cute little wooden toys. They are the perfect touch for an old fashioned Christmas.

I cheated and used these little pre-made presents both Tiny Gift Wrapped Box Ornaments - 1/2 Inch and Wrapped Gift Box Ornaments - 3/4 Inch. Another option that you can do yourself are these clever collage sheets. Print them up and make as many little presents as you like! 

Don't have a wreath for your sleigh? No worries, just use some Holly Berry Garland, make a ring, add any type of bow and your done. I also added a golden Wood Reindeer cut out to mine.

Before attaching my Christmastime Papers (12x12 and 6x6) to the chipboard sleigh, I traced an extra small piece out to create the image of a carved inlay on the side of the sleigh. And of course aging with a little brown ink always makes it pop. I used gold ink as well for an added holiday touch.

For the front wreath, I did the same as the back but added some Black White & Gold Flat Braid and these precious Small Pine Cones. The braid was one element that really inspired me for this piece and I couldn't get enough of it.

Do you like my Santa Doll's hat?  Another simple creation using a ring of Mini Pine & Berry Garland,
more of my favorite Black White & Gold Flat Braid, a little Acorn Cap and 1 Inch Pink and Brown Bird (also come in Blue, Green and Mauve).

I added this gorgeous Black White & Gold Flat Braid along my edges to hide the seam line from putting the 3D Sleigh together. It adds a touch of class and whimsy, don't you think?

There are endless possibilities for using your sleigh. It can be a centerpiece for a table or hutch, can hold Christmas Cards, gift cards or even a gift for a loved one.

The larger doll is an antique from my collection. The smaller dolls are actually new, Tim Holtz Salvaged Dolls, and come plain like a frozen Charlotte. I used liquid pearls to paint in the dresses, dabbing a little here and there with a wet q-tip.  Plain old black acrylic paint was used for the hair, and some pink for their cheeks. 

I hope no matter what you celebrate, you're heart is filled with great love and happiness! Thanks for stopping by! 

Supplies Used:
Santa Sleigh Kit

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