December 8, 2015

The Magic of Christmas

When I was a little girl, I loved the vintage decorations my mother put out that had belonged to my grandparents. They were unlike anything else with their mounds of snow and magical shine of mica flakes. I love being able to capture the whimsy in the things I make today and if I can add some of that old charm to it, it's even better. 

Above is the new Small Trinket Shelf Stand from Alpha Stamps. It is super easy to put together and to add character to. I simply traced the sections onto my favorite 12x12 paper, cut out and glued. Next I put it all together and even though it stood just fine, I still added a little glue to give it some extra strength.

Below is one of my favorite parts of the trinket stand. Lots of bottle brush trees and snow make it seem like something my grandmother used to have. But all of it is new and each part can be purchased from Alpha Stamps.

I was able to create my own snow drifts with Dimensional Snow. I love the grainy consistency and when it dries, it is there for good. Before it dried, I added some Iridescent Micro Beads to add just the right amount of magic.

How about that precious snow globe? It's actually real, with my choice of image and a beautiful, ornate bottom. I wouldn't suggest adding water to it though, lol.

More Bottle Brush Trees, snow and shimmer.  The trees of today are better because not only do they come in many colors, they can also be dyed whatever color you like. Halloween trees, St. Pats, heart stenciled for Valentine's Day, detailed for a loved one and so much more.

I used the drawer from this Trinket Drawer Stand to create an addition to my snowy scene. Even better, I can pack all of the small trees inside for use next year when the Christmas decorations get packed up.

The addition of silver glass glitter is never a bad idea. 

For smaller areas or to make more detail in your snow, I suggest this handy Dimensional Snow Writer.

I hope that you enjoyed my snowy scenes. Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, or whatever it is you celebrate, may it be full of love and great memories!

Small Trinket Shelf Stand (Indoors)Supply List
Small Trinket Drawer Stand (Outdoors) Supply List


Audrea Gustafson said...

Love love your Christmas post Rhonda! Everything looks wonderful!! xo xo Audie

Geralyn Gray said...

Love it!

barbara macaskill said...

These are simply magnificent!!! I am especially in love with the Snowy tree one that has the man and boy going sledding!! LOVELOVELOVE!!TFS!

Miss Merricat said...

Rhonda these are great! I love anything with bottle brush trees of course lol. I love the man and boy in the snow too. They are wonderful pieces :)