September 25, 2014

Traveling Long Ago

I so enjoy doing these Character Construction tag swaps with Cathy Arnold. Recently we did a Travel themed tag swap and I love how mine turned out. It's probably because it let my creative side combine with one of my favorite treasures.

A couple of years ago I found this wonderful travel journal from 1920. It belonged to a girl named Elizabeth Jackson and within its covers she shared her voyage on the S.S. Saint Paul. I used her as my inspiration for my tag and even made her a little suitcase from an old wallet I had.


The back of my tag contains a copy of one of the many pages of "Funnels & House Flags of Principal Atlantic Lines". What a different time that was. I think of what they wore and the way life was at that time. She traveled all around France, Italy, Switzerland and more. The journal contained letters, notes, information about being on a ship like ship signals, sea depths, sound signals and even how to play Shuffleboard. She also had a large map of the world which was very interesting because countries and places have changed since her time.

The really cool thing is that before I found this travel journal, I had found another one of her journals from 1923. It had her address written inside and I was actually able to pull up her address on Google maps and see the house she lived in. It contained bits of this and that, little notes, cards and even a letter from the Dean of her college.

One of my favorite treasure finds is that of something that was once treasured by someone else, long ago, and tells a small story about them. Their perception and way of life and how different things were fasinate me. Thank you Elizabeth for letting your journals end up in my hands and for sharing your life with me. I will treasure them always and hope that you are at Peace.

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