September 14, 2014

Cirque at Night

Have you ever wondered what happens under the Big Top, after the show is over and the guests are gone? Surely all of those performers kick back and have some fun, right? Well here's a little book that tells the story, of what happens to the Cirque at Night. Illustrated by Catherine Moore and her beautiful stamps from the Cirque Collection at Character Constructions.

After the tickets have been torn, the popcorn and cotton candy eaten, the elephants sway, and the performers amaze, is it time for all to lay their heads down under the beautiful moon? Of course not! It is time for the "Star Dust Ball" to begin. And what a beautiful sight and marvelous time it is!

The ringmaster grabs his girl, and the dancing begins under the stars. Others dance or join together to try new tricks and relax with a show performed just for the "family" that is able to call the Big Top home, no matter where it stands.

And what is that we see by the beauty who juggles the stars themselves? More performers, ready to relax and put a smile on their own Big Top familie's faces. Fun for all till the moon says goodnight and the sun rises again.

The sheer polka dot fabric was one of my Grandmother's scarfs. I decided to use some of them to become something new and beautiful, instead of sitting in a box for no one to see. And it is from this same side of my family that my relation to the North family comes, as in John Ringling North. Seems fitting to my personality that I am related to someone involved with a circus. Don't you think, lol?

Dedicated to my Grand-ma Betty who I miss so very much and all of my North Family. God bless and RIP in that Big Top in the sky!


Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

What a fun project Rhonda! I miss my Grandmom too (who btw was also named Betty).
enJOY a sweet week,

Laura Haviland said...

Oh my goodness "Talented Rhonda", I just adore your fabulous CC project.Truly marvelous and lovely.Big Hugs, Laura.xoxo

CathWren said...

What a lovely journal Rhonda. The way your mind works and the way you put stories together is so personal. Thank you so much for allowing us to join the after party! <3