August 5, 2014

The Freak Show Has Made It To Town

Well, I guess it is no surprise that I would turn this Alpha Stamps Circus Theme into a Freak Show. I guess I am preoccupied with the upcoming season of American Horror Story, lol. 

The 4 Legged Beauty is such a talented gal! She can actually dance with 2 left feet!

Dragon Girl looks so kind, but don't let her sweet face fool you. She can swoop down on you while flying with her dragon wings, and can also rip your hair out with her hands if you upset her or mess with her Clown family. But give her a marshmallow to toast and she will be your best friend forever, even though she can't breath fire.

And finally, there's the World's Smallest Drama Queen! She loves to dance and sing for her Freak Show family. She might be small, but she has got some strong little lungs on her. If she doesn't get her way she can scream louder then the biggest screech owl and will chew at your legs like a baby alligator. She's kind of in charge for that very reason.

The most important thing to remember.... just because they are in a Freak Show, doesn't mean they are any less then you. The true judgment of a person is what comes from their heart, and these unique wonders have the biggest and most loving hearts for they are the true norm and we are the freaks. 

Supplies Used:
Small Paper Theatre Boxes
Chipboard Boxes - Small Rectangle
Small Square Chipboard Shadow Boxes
Paper Theatre Cirque Collage Sheet
Tall Paper Theatre and Curtain Collage Sheet
Circus Performers #1 Collage Sheet
Circus Performers #2 Collage Sheet
Clowns #1 Collage Sheet
Clowns #2 Collage Sheet
Circus Parade Collage Sheet
Tiny Circus Collage Sheet
Wood Theatre Frame Collage Sheet
Gold Sweeper Fringe
Gold Metallic Gimp
Narrow Gold Metallic Braid
Tiny Gold Fringe
1/8 Inch Red Railroad Stripe Ribbon
White Crushed Silky Ribbon
Tiny Star Sequins
Tim Holtz Letterpress Wood Letters
VersaCraft Chalk Pigment Pad - Poppy Red
Anthem Capital 12x12 Paper
Anthem Nation 12x12 Paper
Cirque Paper Theatre Kit


Diana said...

I love your imagination! I see another fan of American Horror Story is about.

Holly M said...

Well, this is absolutely fabulous!

traci said...

Love the circus theme-yours is so cute. I have loved all the creative ideas the Alpha Stamps design team have created. Thanks