August 15, 2014

Little Red & The Armoire

Once there was a sweet little girl who was skipping through the woods to visit her grandmother....

That is what this months theme is at Alpha Stamps, Little Red Riding Hood. And as you can see, I had to give it a bit of a weird Rhonda twist.

I used my Big Shot Cutting Machine and the "Treat Bag Cover, Armoire" Die Cut from Sizzix to make a place for Little Red to hide. Question, does Little Red Riding Hood have a name? I ran this XL die through several times with different patterns of paper, then combined these two to make it come to three-
dimentional life.

Mean old wolf! I'm gonna laugh when you fall off of that armoire onto your tail. And who do you think you are, scratching up Grandma's walls like that?

I used an old cigar box to create this scene, and placed the lid underneath to make a floor to hold it steady. Gave me a larger area to play on even though I fear that other wolf is going to try and eat that poor bird.

OK, that is not a normal tree from the woods. That tree is PoSseSsEd or something. I hope Red never tries to climb up it. She might loose her hood.

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