November 7, 2012

More Dreams Coming True

Who would of thought I would ever have another meeting with The Killers that was better then the first? It was as if everything just fell into place during this amazing day. Of course I have to start with my personal pics that were taken after yet another fantastic concert from my favorite band. And this time I didn't make a complete fool of myself by crying and shaking.  I stayed calm, breathed, and thought before I spoke.  Well, for the most part, lol.

Ronnie is the nicest guy EVER!  I asked if I could hug him for this pic and he said, "Sure, let's do this".  But then I didn't let go.  At least he laughed about it.  

I just have to zoom in on Ronnie's face.  It is just so hilarious and I love his jokester personality.  He is just so wonderful with his fans and really makes us feel special. 

Last time I met him, I told him I was going to get my "k" tattoo.  So of course this time I had to show it to him.  And again, I asked his permission first, lol.

So then, when Brandon came up, I really had to breath.  Last time I think I freaked him out and thankfully he didn't remember.  I said, "You looked so happy tonight Brandon" and he said, "Yeah, I felt really good".  The performance was amazing and it has been great to witness his growth on stage.  I know, I look freakin' crazy in this pic.  I look like I'm saying in a drooling type voice, "Hiiiii Brrrrannnnndonnnnn. I'mmmmm your biiiiiggggggggesssstttt fffffffAAAaaaannnnnnnnn". Sort of like Sponge Bob's starfish friend Patrick. Bahahaha!

I didn't want to offend Brandon by pulling my fat ass out, so again, asked his permission.  Yes folks, that is a picture of Brandon Flowers looking at MY ass!  

Asked him if I could hug him in the picture as well and he said sure.  Again, didn't let go.  My bFff told me, "Ok Rhonda. You can let go of him now". Notice how tightly my hands are around him, and his hand on my back and my forehead on his check, and, oh my!  HEAVEN!

Last time I met Mark I actually said, "Why don't you ever smile".  What was I thinking?  This time we chatted and he is so gentle.  I showed him my tattoo as well and he said, "Oh, that "k" is long gone.  We have a lightning bolt now, hahaha". I laughed and told him that maybe that would be my next tattoo.  Of course, there will always be the Killers "k".

He always looks like a Greek god, doesn't he? His face is so perfect.

Turn the clock back a few hours and you will find Amy and I checking out the venue.  I had to know the location and where the tour buses were so I could be sure to be there after the show in case my boys came out.

OMG the buses were right there, on the street, right next to the building.  Holy crap!  I wonder if any of The Killers were on the bus while I was hugging it?

Corner restaurant where we had dinner reservations and got early access to the show.  See the bus, right there to the left of the windows (below)?  The table I sat at was right next to that window and I could see the buses while I ate and had drinks. It was all meant to be I tell ya!

Me and my bFff!  I would never have guessed that I would find my dearest friend ever at my age.  Love this girl and we had a blast!

We were on the floor about ten rows back, standing room only for the show.  We stood there for an hour before the show and it was not fun, but SO WORTH IT!  However, I do think at my next concert I will have a balcony seat. Near the end of the show, one chick almost got bitch slapped.  But then I thought, "What would Brandon do" and figured she was just a fan too and to share the love. 

The show was incredible, as always! 

I LOVE watching Ronnie play the drums!  He just amazes me and I so wish I could play like him. 

Mark and Dave are both gods on the guitar!  But just like the last concert, I did not get to meet Dave. Where are you Dave?  Maybe the next show. 

We watched them load every last trunk onto the trucks. I wonder if that is the trunk I was sitting on a few years ago while I watched them rehearsing on stage?  And notice (Mark, hello you're in the band babe) the "k" does still exist.  It always will and I will always be the biggest Victim of all! 

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