April 4, 2009

Marie Antoinette Altered Shoe

I am really loving the Marie Antoinette Mail Art Group that I have joined. I have been so inspired by the amazing artists I have seen and the swaps are challenges in art I have never attempted before. I love trying new things and I especially love it when everything comes together.

This is the shoe that I created for the Marie Antoinette Altered Shoe Swap.

It took a few days to create the many different layers of paper, gesso, mod podge and lots of embellishments. I mean really, it couldn't be Marie inspired without lots of embellishments.

I love using vintage jewelry in my art. It just adds this wonderful quality of eye candy to view. I always look at the old pieces that I have acquired and wonder about the person that wore them and what their life was like. And what the world was like when they were alive.

I love this fan that I made using layers of gold paper and vintage french book pages. It came together so well.

I love using Crystal Effects from Stampin' Up. It makes ordinary paper look three dimensional.

These rhinestones came from an old pearl necklace. It was the clasp on the pearls that I used on the top of the shoe.

And this is what the shoe looked like before I started on it. Lucky for me I have the other shoe as well so that I can try and reproduce this piece for myself. I hope that I have inspired you to try something new. Next I will show the paper Marie theatre that I made. Off to get my copy of the new Somerset Marie magazine. I FINALLY found a copy of it and they have put it on hold for me. Yippee!


Tristan Robin said...

this is a real beauty!

love all your embellishments! I'm so envious of people who find great deals on vintage jewelry...everytime I find something that I would like to use in artwork, it's over 20 bucks - which his WAY over my budget for things I'm going to break apart and glue on stuff LOL.

brava on your shoe - the recipient is going to be so pleased with it, I'm sure!

Geralyn Gray said...

i am glad you saved a shoe for yourself--I was wondering how you could give that beauty up...I love the embellishments and the Marie on the heel was a nice touch!

Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

How clever you are i sent you an email, hope you got it,
Hug those girls for me they are too too cute for words.

Hit 40 said...

Crafty person! My big craft of the week will be stringing some origami together through some thread. I plan to make 4 ribbons of the origami cranes to hang in my classroom windows for spring. I have also used stamps to actually stamp paint on my walls. It is best to dip the latex paint in a sponge them press the stamp on the sponge. It comes out great!

Magic Moonlight said...

I just LOVE your Marie Shoe!!! you are so Creative!Congratulations on your published article, Hugs, Blanca.

jane said...

Wow ! This is just so beautiful!!

Kathy said...

Hiya stranger~
Miss you...I have got to get better at time management and visit more often. This shoe is so sweet, gosh so much to see on it. I hope you're well and the family is good. I am loving the touches of Marie on you're blog.

Ingrid Mida said...

It is lovely. Can anyone join the MA art group or is it by invitation only? I love MA too. And to my disappointment, I have not been able to find the Marie magazine anywhere.

Unknown said...

This shoe is GORGEOUS, so Marie Chic, simply beautiful!
Magic and Joy!


Wow - it is fabulous!

Terri said...

These are crazy good! Love all of your Maries items.
I had switched to this background then back to the one I have for now
I just love her back grounds. I was out wondering in blog land and I found you ..so glad I did.