April 9, 2009

An Ordinary Cigar Box

Finally, pictures of the Marie Antoinette paper theatre that I made for another swap on the amazing Marie Antoinette Mail Art Group. It's the perfect group for me, seeing how I love all things french! When I first began, and saw Tristan's amazing theatre which I posted about earlier, I thought, "What have I gotten myself into?" I was very nervous about this task and whether or not I could pull it off. But you know what? That's what challenges are all about and we grow and become better at what we do. I am so proud of my theatre and it was so hard to give away. But there will be more because this project was just too wonderful to not do it again.

My oldest may have ADHD, but she sure can concentrate when it comes to her art and her journals. She loves to create at her desk in my studio. I was amazed with the way she picked up on how I mounted Marie and her chair.

I can't even begin to tell you how many layers of paper I used. I wanted it to be as three-dimensional as possible.

I painted some old wooden spools and wrapped them in this ribbon that seemed to be made to go with this theatre.

I love the curtain that falls behind this paper chair that is decorated with vintage glass bead flowers. I also used several layers of cording on the stage. It has to be over the top, in my opinion, to be Marie.

I made this medallion by using Crystal Effects by Stampin' Up. I love this stuff! It makes your paper design appear as if behind glass.

Here is my daughter's box when it is closed. She spent a lot of time adding all of her layers as well. If she keeps this up, who knows what greatness she will create as an adult.

I had no idea she had made the Queen and her chair until she told me to open it up. I was just so proud!

And guess what... just when you thought I was done with Marie, there's more. I am currently working on a Marie Antoinette round robin book. Talk about bling! I will also share more of my round robin travel book. Hope you are all having beautiful spring days. We had snow one day and open windows the next. Cheers!


Tristan Robin said...

Rhonda, that is just exquisite ... so many details! It's graceful and elegant and beautifully crafted. You should be proud of it! What a lucky recipient somebody is going to be.

"there will be more because this project was just too wonderful to not do it again"

heh heh. ah oh. You may have caught the miniature theatre bug. It's addictive!

LiLi M. said...

I love your miniature marie antoinette theatre! Lucky girl who gets it!

Celestial Charms said...

You have really outdone yourself this time! :-) Your creation is exquisite. However, I must say that your darling daughter's box takes the cake. It is so cute and I love the metal swirly bits she added to the top of it. What a creative little soul she is. I enjoy seeing children's art, in any shape and form. I hope to see more of her creations in the future!

Geralyn Gray said...

The Queen and her chair---absolutely beautiful...I love to see your budding artist daughter's work of art also---what a treat!!!!!

mIzZ (hONeY) bEe aka Marlene said...

Oh Rhonda...your piece is truly stunning..the creativity and artisty that went in to your piece is simply Gorgeous...but I have to say I LOVE your daughter's treasure box - she is a budding artist in action, the pink color that she pick and painted with is just dazzling and adorable, and to boot - its my favorite - soooo please tell her I just love her treasure to pieces...Grace & Peace 2 "U" Marlene :O)

Carolyn said...

This has to be your best work Rhonda ! It looks exquisite and fitting for Marie to stand there so proud !
Your daughters altered box is gorgeous - if she keeps it up - she`ll be surpassing you in creating !

Happy easter to you all
hugs and love


Jan Thomason said...

rhonda, honey, i don't think you have anything to worry about - your theatre is amazing!
i want it!!!
you did such a good job, but then again, you always do.

i emailed you or facebooked you or something a week ago or so - i know you must be busy.
i've gotten completely caught up on your blog and i think your daughter will be just fine. and, i think she's an amazing artist.
i don't recall if i even knew how old she was, but that box that she did......i love it! please tell her for me!

i'm part of the marie mail art group, also. i'll try to find you and we can become friends:)

xoxo, jan

Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

Just exquisite Rhonda Happy Easter to you and yours.Did you get my email ?
P.S that really is a gorgeous theatre i couldnt part with it either
canty wait to see you itty bitty pages

wanderlustnpixiedust said...

Simply wonderful Rhonda. You needn't have worried. You are quite the inspiration these days. Your daughter is equally talented and walking in your footsteps. Hope that all is well...

Jennie said...

It's beautiful! You should continue to do more because you have such a wonderful talent! I loved the shoe too - I just am so impressed!! Let's not forget your daughter's box though! One day she'll have a blog and we'll all say, "I remember her when..."! :)

(By the way...you asked where in TN I grew up. I lived in Manchester and Nashville but my Mom is from Rogersville - near Johnson City.)

Best wishes and high hopes to you!


Tres magnifique!

Joy Jones said...

I LOVE IT!!! Now I must simply make one for myself...another project to add to the list... I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU for coming to visit my blog during my "Celebrating Marie Antoinette" event. I appreciated your comments and it's so nice to meet others who are also interested in our dear Antoinette! Have a beautiful day ~ xo Joy