February 26, 2009

Is that what I think it is?

It's been a long and stressful week. There are so many things on my mind at the moment and I seem to be having way too many migraines. My doctor is not happy about it. After a lengthy meeting I went to pick my daughter up at school. She asked, "Mommy, can we go somewhere?" I said, "Well, I do want to go by Joann's and see if they have my new magazines". She loves that place so we were good to go.

I always go through every publication from Somerset/Stampington & Co. So I pick up The Stamper's Sampler and begin to flip though it. As I am about to put it down to look through another publication, something just told me to look through it again.

As many of you know, Somerset is coming out with a special Marie Antoinette issue in April. I have been counting down the months and am so excited about it. My biggest dream as an artist (which I still have trouble referring to myself as) is to have something I have created published in one of the Somerset magazines. I submitted a Marie Antoinette piece that I did and was very proud of. I received my postcard back that let me know they received it, but I had not heard anything else.

Wait a second... blink, blink, blink. Is that, wha, is that, OH MY GOSH! That's my piece of artwork! I look at my daughter with my jaw touching the ground and just turn the magazine to her and she takes one look and says, "Mommy, that's your art work!" We begin to jump for joy and high five one another right there in front of everyone standing in line with their weekly coupons. My eyes get little tears and I am just so happy! What a perfect gift during my crazy week.

They used my Marie to show what was coming up in the next Stampers' Sampler issue! Mine, oh my gosh! Maybe I can use the term artist now. I am assuming that they are going to use it now since they have it here. And with that one my name will even be there. It is such a happy accomplishment for me.

My husband was thrilled for me. He knows this is something I have wanted and my parents and friends have been happy and proud for me as well.

And here is a picture of my art that I took before I sent her off. So there you have it, my exciting news. I really can't wait for April now. Hope you are all well. I am sorry to be so behind on my posts. I still have so much to share of my own and of swaps I have been doing as well. I am slowly but surely catching up so please visit again soon and have a great day!


Vanilla Lavender said...

Wonderful!!! Congrats to you!! Blessings, Vanessa

Joy said...


COngratulations Rhonda!!

Geralyn Gray said...

Congratulations Rhonda---you deserve it!!!!!!!!! I had the headache thing for 2 years when my twins were 3-4.....The only suggestion was nasal surgery----I said no way. A lot was hormonal changes after my twin pregnacy. I hated it......it finally went away when the kids were in school and I could lay down in a dark and quiet room for awhile.

Ann Marie said...

how exciting! congrats!!

Jackie said...

Very exciting! Congratulations!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

many congratulations!

thought it's always exciting to have anything published, the first is the best. Keep the memory fresh, and take it out and dust it off when you feel down - it'll brighten you right up!

I've pre-ordered my copy, so I'm anxiously awaiting to see it - and your work!

kathy mc said...

Congratulations. And well deserved.

Christine said...

That is so exciting -- CONGRATULATIONS!!!

My Crafty Little Page said...

Way to go Rhonda!!!Congratulations!

Suze said...

Exciting news...congratulations! :)

Your artwork is beautiful...truly artistic. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rhonda. Your artwork is beautiful. I can certainly see how they chose you!!!


Robin said...

Félicitations Rhonda!
What a wonderful day is has been for you......and what a beautiful piece of art.

Agnes the Red said...

Congratulations Rhonda...the artwork is wonderful and it would have criminal if they'd not selected it. So glad that you've finally had your dream come true.
Ange x

Nancy said...

Rhonda, a huge CONGRATULATIONS!! You are a wonderful artist and it shows in this publication of your work. Way to go. Keep up the great work.

Carolyn said...

This news has got to be up there with meeting Brandon doesn`t it !!

I`m really happy for you my friend - and knowing that they recognised your beautiful artwork -
a dream come true for many artists to be published !! And it`s happened to you at last !!

hope you have a great weekend !


Jules said...

wow oh wow as in YIPEE ,congrats Rhonda you deserve it.Im so gonna have to get that.I just got the current issue and the in love one i adore them ,Almost impossible to get here i get mine from the U.S but the exchange rate is a horror.BUt a gal must have what a gal must have !

Jen Anderson said...

What exciting news! Congrats!!!

Suze said...

That is just awesome. I can't believe that you haven't considered yourself an artist. my god, did you see your tin you made me! so let me just shout this out to you...YOU GIRLFRIEND, ARE A TRUE ARTIST!". Congratulations and I can't wait to see your piece in the magazine.

Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

oh, my gosh!!
i know someone famous:) - and since i've never ever submitted any of my work to a magazine, i feel like i'm living through you and my art is in the magazine! LOL

i'm so proud of you - i think it's wonderful, rhonda!

xoxo, jan

Summer Gypsy said...

Hi Rhonda!!! I am so excited for you, friend!!! You are such the perfect artist to be featured in Somerset's Marie issue!!! I can't wait to buy it!!! Matter of fact, I'm going to the bookstore today and pick up the "preview" ad copy with your artwork!!! Dancing with joy for you!

Summer Gypsy said...

I own a piece of your artwork!!! The tin...the beautiful Paris tin!!!! YES!!! I am so honored!!!

Abbie said...

Yeay!!! That is AWESOME!! and EXCELLENT!! your karma had been fabulous lady! Your dreams are coming true, but don't you see? YOU ARE MAKING THEM COME TRUE!! A valuable lesson for your girls.. GO OUT AND GET YOUR DREAMS! They don't just come to you.

Kathy said...

High fiving you from La. Good going girlfriend!
Hope you feel better very, very soon.

Cassandra said...

Wow congrats on your publication!