February 22, 2009

Good Sunday To You All!

Good Sunday to you all! I hope that you have been having a good weekend. We actually got a little snow last night. It doesn't matter how little, it is still amazing to the girls.

I still have a few favorite things to share for My Love of All Things French. I have really enjoyed this event and all of the responses and participants who I have met along the way. It was a huge success in my eyes and I hope yours as well.

I am way, way behind on posting pictures of many of the wonderful things I have received from swaps as well as the things that I have sent. Please forgive me, those of you who made my day so wonderful. I will be showing you off soon.

I am still in the process of moving my studio upstairs. I feel stressed that I am not organized yet. I know it is going to be wonderful once it is all done. It has already brought the girls and I closer together. They just love having their desks in here and I have cubbies set up with all of their supplies. My husband loves having the master bedroom downstairs as well and even has his desk back now and it's all set up with his work. He hasn't had that desk for a long time, and it was just way too heavy to bring upstairs. Luckily my friend had one she was getting rid of which has worked out nicely. It is in front of my large windows so I can view the trees and clouds. I really love that.

OK, so I am now rambling. It isn't hard for me to do, especially since I can type so fast. Be sure to check out the blogs of those who participated in My Love...French. They are very beautiful and have some wonderful things they have shared. And if you would still like to share then please keep those links coming. There is no time restraints and I love seeing your collections.

Have a great week and I will be back soon with more pictures!


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Your newly organized spaces sound wonderful! Enjoy the completion of getting it all together! Have fun!

manon said...

merci d'aimer mon pays!!

manon france

MaygreenFairies said...

Have really enjoyed visiting your beautiful blog... I shall return again. Mandy x

The Scooper said...

Bonjour! I just found your blog via The Vintage Moth. I'm also a hopeless Francophile, so your blog just makes me sit and sigh. And dream. And sigh some more.