March 3, 2009

Swaps, Swaps, & More Fabulous Swaps

I am so, so behind on posting. Please oh please forgive me. I just love having so many of you coming by to pay me a visit. Things have been crazy, as usual, in our household. I have many things going on. Nothing too bad, but I would appreciate any prayers you could send our way. I am also still in the process of getting my new studio together. I can't wait to share some pictures of it with you. I also have more french goodies to share and even found some great new french goodies during an adventure with my mom earlier this week. She is still hanging in there and sends her love to all!

Marilyn at Unshelved Words has been doing seasonal tin swaps. I've really enjoyed doing this and have them on display in my studio. For this tin, I swapped with the amazing Suze at Junque Drawer Chick. This is the tin that she made for me. It is absolutely stunning.

I love the way she used pearls to make a pile of snow. It really is a beauty and she sent me lots of extra goodies as well. I was so happy with this swap and have made a great new friend as well. Thanks again to Marilyn for hosting these great swaps and I hope she will continue to do so.

This is the tin that I made for Suze:

I went crazy with the mica flakes. I used part of a makeup sponge to make my pile of snow and added about, no joke, ten layers of mica flakes to get it to look just right.

I also added some glitter and crystal effects to the image of the children to add depth. I love how it turned out.

Another event I have enjoyed are the 4x4 swaps with Danielle at The Vintage Dragonfly. This 4x4 was called "Love Me Tender Collage Swap". The 4x4 that I received was from Connie at Constantly Vintage. I love the many layers that she added to this lovely piece. I placed it on the wall in my new studio along with another 4x4 that I did with Danielle.

I just love ric rac and she placed it on both sides of the collage.

Below is the 4x4 collage that I made. I'm not sure who received it though. I hope they like it.

The heart was an image that I had also used on my Vintage Valentine page for the Itty Bitty book. It has a heart charm tied on as well as a key.

And what is Valentine's Day without a little love?

The vintage lace along the front and back are one of my favorite finds ever. I just love the color and detail on it.
My next post will share some more swap items that I have received and given. Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!


Summer Gypsy said...

Hi Rhonda!!! Thanks for posting your beautiful tins!!! The tin swaps were so special to me because they were my first swap!!! By the way, I hope that you received my congratulations on your being published in Somerset! I got online and tried to post to your annoucement, and I couldn't post! So, I tried sending a card. That worked. Then, my whole system has been down for the last 4 days! The tech just left! I am ecstatic to be back online!!! Once again congratulations on your accomplishment!! You are so perfect for the Marie publication!!! How blessed Somerset is to have you as an artist. How blessed I am to call you friend!!! I have your amazing Paris tin!!!! LUCKY ME!!!!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

wonderful tins! I don't get into as many swaps as I used to - time just makes so many demands on us all! But this makes me want to go sign up for a few...I do love to get fun things in the mail.

Geralyn Gray said...

Oh Rhonda I love all of your swaps.....I am runnin not walkn to look into those tin swaps.......I adore both of them.

Carolyn said...

Send good wishes to your mom - for me !
What is a winter tin without the sparkly snow !! Love the mica flakes - i need some of that !!
Looks like you took part in another brilliant swap !

Thinking of you - as always -
love ya !