January 29, 2009

25 Random Things

I was given this tag on facebook, and thought that I would share it with my blog friends as well. And if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged! xoxo

1. I have had VERY vivid dreams all of my life. Frequent nightmares, but I am so used to it that it doesn't bother me too much.

2. I am addicted to Dr. Pepper. It's like smoking. It takes me a long time to quit, but then I kick the wagon and can't stop.

3. I am thankful to God every single day for blessing me with the deep love of my daughters. It's so amazing!

4. My first job was at a movie theatre. One day, while on break, my curiosity took over and I opened a small door to see what was there. I took one step in, and fell through the ceiling to the theatre entrance below.

5. I ran through a field in Wales with sheep. When I bent down to pet one that was sleeping, it jumped up, ran away, and left my hand covered in poo. Gotta laugh!

6. I am terrified of large, rectangular pool drains. I think it is because I almost drowned in our swimming pool as a child, and saw the drain sucking things in.

7. I love rappelling. hang gliding, and scuba diving but only scuba dive now that I have children.

8. I have to hang my clothes up to dry (pants, shirts). I'm pretty tall, so if I don't, they won't fit. I have the same problem with my oldest daughter who has my long legs. It makes doing laundry an extra pain.

9. I went to a hot spring while in Kofu, Japan. It was amazing, even though I stuck out like a sore thumb. Tall white girl, long brown hair, and an elephant tattoo on her rear end.

10. I have two tattoos. The above mentioned elephant, and an infinity with my children's initials intertwined (my daughters and my two step children). My husband has the same exact tattoo on his upper back, mine is on my lower back.

11. I used to be a model. Before leaving for Japan and signing with an agent in NY, I became very sick (I was anorexic) and almost died.

12. Because I was sick, I had to have heart surgery. Wouldn't change the experience. I've been able to help others who suffer from anorexia.

13. I am married to my soul mate. We dated in college, broke up, lived separate lives for many years, and then God brought us back together. We always "felt" one another though. It's like our souls are attached by a cord.

14. I can tell if a place is "haunted". It used to scare the crap out of me, but now I love it and even go Ghost Hunting.

15. Beer gives me a horrible hangover, Vodka does not.

16. I love salted black licorice!

17. When my cat died (I had him for 16 years) I had him cremated. My friends think it's weird, but it gave me great comfort.

18. I can't stand the mother's at schools that gossip. Maybe it's because I used to watch it as a teacher. I go into school, I get my children, I leave. Have NO desire to be a part of those chatty Moms.

19. I have never water skied, but love to snow ski, although I'm not that good.

20. When I was little, I wanted to be an archaeologists. I wanted to practice on the bodies in the cemetery on my grandparent's property, but my grandmother wouldn't let me.

21. Mary, who was the first one that tagged me to do this, was my flatmate when we lived and taught in Wales. We went to Loch Ness, had lots of adventures, and to this day still call one another, "Silly Billy".

22. I am thinking about going back to school to become a speech pathologists when my girls are older. They both have Apraxia of speech, and I figure that is why God did this. So I can help others.

23. My relatives created Ground Hogs Day, and part of Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus. Guess that explains my personality.

24. I put chap stick and lotion on about a million times a day. Can't wash my hands, bathe, swim, without putting lotion on afterwards.

25. I love playing my drums! Not that good, yet, but practice makes better!


Celestial Charms said...

Wow, Rhonda you are one interesting individual! So diversified in your interests...my kind of person. Funny, until you string so many thing about yourself together...we never really get to know each other well on a blog. Now I feel like I know you soooooo much better. Great post. I shall try to dig down deep to come up with 25 random things about me on Saturday.

Anonymous said...


Unshelved Books gave me your blog address as I am also a lover of all french things. My name is Kris and my blog is called tres belle.

I too, have visions and it doesn't bother me either. I've had them for several years. You have certainly lived a life full of adventure. If I had to name 25 things about myself, I might be hard pressed to come up with so many diverse things.
Please stop by for a visit and if you haven't entered my giveway for OWOH, please do so.

I have added myself as a follower.


Carolyn said...

Awesome list R...
even though we`re BBFF - i`m still getting to know more things about you !!

Hope all is well with you

Love ya !


Summer Gypsy said...

Rhonda, you give new meaning to joie de vivre!!! I have had 3 fur babies cremated. So, I don't think that's wierd at all. A neighbor gave me the idea many years ago. Teaching in Wales sounds fabulous! You need to write a book!
Have a fab weekend!

Kathy said...

Hey girlie~
GH marathon today!!!!!!

Jennie said...

Hi Rhonda!
When you have a chance, please visit my blog - I'm giving you an award! Thanks for sharing your art and life!


High hopes to you!

Princess Abigail said...

Well well well!
What a small world it is eh?
I note with interest that :
5. I ran through a field in Wales with sheep. When I bent down to pet one that was sleeping, it jumped up, ran away, and left my hand covered in poo. Gotta laugh!
Well, I am Welsh! Yes indeedie, your true Red-head from the Welsh valleys, covered in freckles.

And whats more : I live in France! And apparently you like my adopted country too!

I think we have lots of things to share! So glad I stumbled across your blog!!

Alison in France
The Bernard Bunch

Decor To Adore said...

Oh this is wonderful!