September 10, 2008

A Card A Day For Lynn


Anonymous said...

Miss Rhonda,
My mom too is battling breast cancer and has been for 8 years now. She had mutiple surgeries and radation and has taken the pill form of chemo for 7 years. Now, just two weeks ago found out that it is affecting her heart so she has to stop the chemo. We are confident along with her doctor that everything will be okay and there is a plan if anything comes back or grows. My prayers are with you and your mother!! I too have now had two mammograms and I am only 31. The first showed a shadow so I had to go back. Talk about the world stopping for a few days. Good luck and Blessed Be!

Anonymous said...

PS. I want in on the giveaway!!! Jenny

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

I clicked and added the link to my favorite bar so I can click everyday. I have never figured out how to add a button to my blog, or i would be happy to do that, too. Positive thoughts and energy for you and your mom! I would love to enter your contest.