August 25, 2008

An Update on Mom And Many Thanks!

Mom is staying strong, and still wearing me out! She was like the energizer bunny this weekend, just kept going, and going, and going. She wants to get in all that she can before she starts daily rads, which begins tomorrow. Still no word on the possibility of chemo.

Please stop by my flickr page to check out more of the wonderful cards and gifts for mom:

Mom can only spend so much time on the computer because of her eyes. In fact, it is the health of her eyes that caused her to not be totally sedated during her breast surgery. I bet she said a lot of goofy things that she doesn't even remember. So, because of her eyes, she can only look at a computer screen for about 15 minutes before her eyes start to give her trouble. She wanted me to explain this, because she would love to come on here and thank you each personally. She is so touched by every one's generosity, prayers, and thoughtfulness. You are each giving her so much strength to hang in there, and with each card she gets even stronger.

I could never thank you all enough or properly enough. I am so touched with the kind hearts out there. Thank you so much for helping my mom. It means so much to us both! I will keep you posted, and I thank you for all of the love, comments, thoughtfulness and for keeping track of her.

Have a great day!



Alison Gibbs said...

Love the new 'Fall Look' of your blog. How fabulous that your Mom is doing so well.

Abbie said...

Hi Rhonda!
I'm glad to hear that your mom is still full of fun! The time starting will wear on her quickly. (and you!) Love the festive look of your blog. :) I am feeling in the mood for fall and all of its fun. Take care, rest, relax.

Kathy said...

Wow, I love your make over too. So fallish! Pretty!
I am sending not one...but 2 big old hugs to you and your Mom. Keep your chin up, and I hope her first treatment goes as well as it can go.

Lynn said...

Hi Rhonda and Lynn :) Hope you are still keeping up that spirit of yours, just remember there are a lot of us out here rotting for you.
God bless.