August 27, 2008

Making Art With My Furry Friend

This is a little creation that I made to contribute to a cheer up book made for my friend Mary Ann. I love it when I sit down to make something, and it all just comes together.

I love this image. It is from one of my newest rubber stamps, that I have way too many of, but at least I use them. That makes all of those rubber stamps excusable, right? My husband probably doesn't think so and I am sure it is best that they are in another room behind closed doors.

Okay, below is the picture that I can't believe I am going to share. I can share pictures of the walls in my "studio", but not pictures of the floor. I clean it all up, vacuum the floor and it looks great, and then I have a project or two, or three that I am working on and my floor literally becomes my desk. I have two desks in my studio and neither of them is really used for work. They are used for stacking things on and keeping things away from my girls.

My floor is my desk, and if you think of it that way, maybe it doesn't look as bad. And there has to be a huge spot for my wide load butt to sit. The white work top that my cat is next too, my hard desk surface, is actually a left over shelf from the amazing laundry room that my husband made for me. We had a very large room that was considered a formal dining and living room. It took up most of the length of our house. For me, it was actually a place to put my junk, clutter, stuff that needs to be put away, and then there was a large spot by the doorway to the kitchen where the never ending pile of laundry would collect. I had a pantry type area (now the craft/game closet for the girls) where the washer and dryer were. My husband put up a wall, electric, ran the pipes, added many, many cabinets, and presto chango, an amazing laundry room and a new family room now/dining room one day. We don't use that formal table enough, so it can be in the attic until the girls are older. Gee, got off track there.

So, below is my wonderful cat Coco (short for Ko-nee-co which is Japanese for kitten). He stays with me pretty much all day, but especially when I am in my studio. He just gets comfy right in front of me and keeps me company. I love him!

Awwww, how cute!

And his little paw paws lay just on top of my work surface.

And here is another one of my four babies, Tiger, who thinks this bird bath is her throne.

Purr purr, purr purr purr!



Abbie said...

OMG! and I thought my space was a cluster! what a great picture to share! I just love the real images of peoples lives. Mine are all doctored up to hide the caios.. :)
Hope all is going well! Love the art piece!

Alison Gibbs said...

Love your pages for Mary Ann.
You are brave to share your creative clutter with us - we all have one like it!!LOL

miss magpie-pixie said...

hey Rhonda !

About as " tidy " as mine - your craft room ! ;o)

I love what you created for Mary ann - she`ll love it too !

and your kitties - are cutee`s !!

Lynn said...

Oh yes, the floor :) I often end up down there too. I love to see where people work, and you are so brave to show us, thanks Rhonda. Your kitty looks so happy just hanging out with ya :)

The journal is awesome, love what you did with it!

Jules said...

Love that mess looks like my studio floor.I just may be brave and show my mess taht is still around from the last projects.Cant see me desk anymore means i have to clean up before hysteria sets in.I let it get sooo far and then i make it lovely and then the cycle continues its my creative chaos.LOving that studio to bits
and all your swaps etc just gorgeous.

Jules said...

and isnt there always a ps with me
love love love that cat