August 29, 2008

Show & Tell

I haven't done one of Kelli's Show & Tell Fridays in a long time. For those of you that are new to my site, welcome! I am so glad that you came by for a visit.

Below are three of my most prized possessions. The first one is a cranberry colored glass canister and cup that belonged to my great grandma Adams. This is the same grandmother whose lovely french wedding shoes and lace I posted pictures of months ago. She had the most beautiful blue eyes that God ever made. They just hypnotized you. I have to find a picture of her to share with you all.

I especially love the cup, because of what is engraved on it. It was given to her by my great grandfather on their wedding day back in 1903. I hold this glass with such care on that rare occasion, and keep it locked up in my china cabinet. It is just so dear to me.

Below is a silver fruit bowl that belonged to my Grandma Ann who was my Grandma Adams' daughter. She wanted me to have this bowl after I married. I had never seen it until my mom passed it along to me after I was married.

I love all of the details, especially the little balls on the rim.

And I am assuming that this is the date, and my mother has confirmed that it was passed down in her family (which is mine too of course, but you get what I mean). So, if this is the date, it is even more special to me because that means it was made exactly 100 years before I was born. Talk about a coincidence. I think the bowl was meant to be mine.

I hope that you enjoyed my treasures. Have a great weekend and visit again soon!



Kelli said...

What lovely and special family treasures! The canister and cup is beautiful!

ceekay said...

Wow, beautiful items. That cup is precious and I understand totally why you keep it locked up!

GrumpyAngel said...

You are so lucky to be an owner of such beautiful heirloom pieces. They are to be treasured for sure.

Carla said...

What treasures! Not only are they pretty, I'm sure they mean so much to you!

Pattie said...

What beautiful heirlooms! Won’t it be special when you can one day pass them down to your children? :-)

Thanks for sharing such lovely treasures.

Anonymous said...

What GORGEOUS treasures you have!! I just came by your blog via buttonfloozies blog because I also took part in the button card swap...wasn't it FUN!! Would love to do it again!! xx

Abbie said...

Hi R!
I just love all of your family treasures.. someday they are going to mean so much to your girls. I LOVE the plates!! (the ones your mother made in the previous post) Your momma is so talented! (Just like her daughter!)

Tootie said...

Hi Rhonda-
What lovely heirlooms and what a lovely blog you have! I'd like to add it to my bloglist if you don't mind?