August 28, 2008

My Studio Chaos Part 1

I love the comments that I have received from my last post. It is funny to be told I had guts to post pics of my messy studio. And I agree with others who say they love to see "real" pictures inside their friends lives. I agree with that and love it when people post pics of their mess. Sometimes it gives me a grand idea.

This morning, I walked into my studio and began to snap pictures of it exactly as it was. And of course, Coco took his place on the floor which you can actually see more of at the moment. My studio is constantly changing, but I am going to do a few posts about these "as is" shots I took.

This has become one of my favorite spots because not only is it home to all of my itty bitty books, but it holds many swap items and gifts from friends.

Summer tin from Kathy at Vintage Snaps & Scraps.

Birds & Bonnets Panels as well as my own Les Emotions de la France book, hosted by me. If you notice the spot above this cabinet, you will see two plates that my mom made with her name and my dad's.

For The Birds & Itty Bitty House

Itty Bitty Robin's Egg Blue & Gifts From Generous Friend

Itty Bitty Prom Dress

Button Card Swap & A Fun Friday Challenge

(Hey Caz, check out my robin)!

Spring Tin Swap From Marilyn at Unshelved Words - A Purchased Tin From Kathy & A Gift From Tiffany at Ric Rac Sally.

A Beautiful Flower From Tiffany & An Amazing Tin From Nancy from My Crafty Little Page.

This is from a newer swap through my other home Button Floozies. It was made by Rachel from Mine To Thine and I LOVE it! A huge thanks to the amazing Abbie the Queen floozie (Damsel Designs) for hosting this fantastic swap! Be sure to check out Abbie's newest blog The Vintage Moth where she posts lots of free and amazing images.

Itty Bitty Prom Dress

Lovely Gifts

I love my For The Birds swap made by Angela from A Day At A Time.

Birds & Bonnets Panels

Hope you enjoyed this one tiny yet meaningful spot of my studio. Come back soon and visit because I will be posting more studio truths from my morning pics. The remaining pictures show a little bit of carpet, and a lot of organized chaos.



Alison Gibbs said...

Rhonda what wonderful storage shelves you have to display your treasures

kathy said...

Love your room - Do not klnow how I found your blog -- We are doing the same thing -- tryinhg to organize - yikes !! too much stuff .
I love seeing your shelves and I also participated in the Bird and bonnets swap with Beth and Karla --
love seeing your art work -- want to do an inspiration board --bought one too small - so maybe hub can convert a large picture
frame into a larger board -- Will visit often as i love stamping altering and paper crafting _ KAthy - GA

miss magpie-pixie said...

I love the shelving you have for your gifts/ items you made !
i could do with one - that runs along all one of my walls now - with all my stuff i have now !!

I didn`t envisage i`d have soo much stuff ! Mine is all over the place - in boxes - drawers - i guess i should sort it so they`re all together - so i know what i do have !!

yes - i can see Mr robin there - he`s cute ! - and will John get a look in on your next lot of photo`s ?? ;o)


My Crafty Little Page said...

Is that not just a shelf-full of love and memories. What a wonderful group. At first I thought they were bigger then I saw the itty bitty books! Loved the tour. Hugs, Nancy

Sherry said...

All right -- this place looks tidy and easy to access!! Now that my oldest has gone back to University life I have "my" room back and I can't wait to get in there, sort it all out and let my creative muse come back from "vacation"!!

By the way Rhonda, fabulous new look here -- the banner is awesome and this colour background is va va va voom!