July 29, 2008

My Own Little Girls Club

I love having two little girls, and feel blessed every time we are doing something for fun together. "Girl's Night Out" is when Papa is out of town and we watch a movie, order dinner and do some cool craft or paint our nails. During the day, when Papa is at work, we have fun with a craft or just do something special together. I just enjoy it so and there is nothing I love more then to just watch my girls throughout the day, and the look on their precious faces. It brings my heart so much happiness.

Here we are painting our t-shirts that we picked out for our "band". My daughter is obsessed with the Titanic and also LOVES The Naked Brother's Band. She knows how much I love the band The Killers and gets so excited when I tell her she can play my drums. Yes, I have a drum set and I love it! Great stress reliever and I just really enjoy my music. So, we have a pretend band that my oldest likes to talk about. "What instrument do you want to play Mama?" Sometimes she will run in screaming, "Mama, tonight is our band is playing! We have to practice!"

Instead of us all trying to paint the same thing on our band's t-shirt, we decided we would paint something that we love. The only thing we HAD to do was write each of our initials on our shirt, because it's our band.

My oldest loves to draw the Titanic as well and does a great job for a six year old. I was very impressed with her t-shirt.

My youngest made a frog on her t-shirt along with lots of huge blogs, even though I told her a million times not to make the big blogs because they would take forever to dry. Oh well, it's the fun and the memory that counts.

Gee, I wonder who this one belongs to?

So here are our finished concert t-shirts. My oldest decided that we were performing in Paris and also added my youngest's nick name to her shirt.

I am so blessed and I hope that you enjoyed this little mommy moment with me. Just love my girls and the things we do together.

Have a great day full of lots of happy memories!



Rosebud Collection said...

What a wonderful time you all had..
Can honestly say, our life was our family..never took it for granted..
Just wanted you to know, my blog is about the cards for your mom..She will be in my thoughts and will get a card to her..

miss magpie-pixie said...

I wonder who`s t-shirt it is too !! ;o)

Looks like you had a fun creative day with your gilrs !! They`ll rememeber times like those !

Good luck to your mom as well - thinking of you all !


Abbie said...

Hi Rhonda!
oh, that looks like such fun! I think we'd get a little messy yet.. perhaps in a year or two! I love the idea of your 'girls' group.. it will help keep them close to you and safe as they get older. What agreat memory and keepsakes!


Sherry said...

What a fun, fabulous idea this was -- a delightful way to spend some summer time with the girls and each t-shirt is so unique and individual...even the French one!!! lol!! ;)