July 31, 2008

Fun Friday Challenge - Triptychs

I love, love, love the Fun Friday Challenges with the group Mixed Media and Paper Art at Etsy Cottage Style. I just feel so blessed to be part of such an amazing group of artists. These challenges really help me to work in new ways and challenge myself. I grow with every one that I take part in.

This week, Sherry had us do a, TRIPTYCH Definition: "A triptych is a series of three paintings. Traditionally two are attached to the central one by hinges and fold over it. Triptychs are often used as an altar-piece in a church."

This is what I came up with:

After finding this picture of three women playing Bingo it all just kind of happened. I am really pleased with the results and put a lot of thought into it. I also found it to be very therapeutic in that it helped to take my mind off of my mom's cancer.

I love these little pom pom trims. I had some on a wall hanging that my mom made me when I was a baby.

Luckily, I had two hinges that I could use to attach my three panels together with.

I love the fact that these, as Sherry called them, Bingo Babes, are using kernels of corn as their Bingo markers.

I painted each girl her own color, made one distinct item, this one being a vintage button broach, and gave them a quote and a hat.

This one I made a red pom pom for her beret and worked forever to flatten the back of the button so that I could adhere it to her dress.

I attached the definition of "Bingo" to the first panel. I cut each strip of words out and then aged each with brown ink. I just can't have paper edges that aren't aged. You will notice that each panels back ground paper is aged as well.

My vision was that these gals were just enjoying an afternoon of Bingo, and since each is dressed so thoughtfully, I added the comment of "their Sunday best".

I don't know what this little piece of metal is, but it worked out perfectly for her hat. If you know, please, do tell. The vintage lace trim just added a little pop.

I have always loved old watch parts. Funny how things come together. I attached this old watch onto her wrist. Now a days, it would blend right in, but back then a lady would never have on such a huge watch.

This came out well too. After attaching blue lace onto the other Bingo Babes hat, I just happen to have the perfect shade of green for this gal. I just cut out a flower and attached it. She doesn't look too happy to me. What do you think?

So there you have it, my triptych. I hope you enjoyed my work. A big thanks to Sherry, Caz (who has also thought up some great FFCs) and all of the other inspiring women at Etsy Cottage Style!



Rosebud Collection said...

you did great and it looks lovely..
Good work..

Sherry said...

Gotta love these bingo babes!! lol!! But on the serious note, you've done an excellent job with this -- you've worked within the triptych idea and you even added hinges...really, very well done Rhonda! I've already got something up my sleeve for tomorrow!!

My Crafty Little Page said...

I'm really impressed with these Rhonda. Love all the bingo babe's embellishments but that watch is a super creative idea. I agree, aging the edges makes it all look more "finished". Great job. {{{Nancy}}}

Kathy said...

I didn't know there were challenges there...LOL. Learn something everyday, I do. I love this, her watch is just too much! Fun!!!!!

Summer Gypsy said...

I love this!!!! I love your quote! Sunday best...playing bingo! Touch of irony!!! Love it, love it, love it! Rhonda, the hinges add just the right touch! Fantastic piece of art!