June 4, 2008

Another Fun Friday Challenge

First, thank you Carolyn for yet another beautiful banner! I love it, your suggestion to go back to pink was fab and I owe my look to you! If you ever need a banner, she does an amazing job with custom orders and also has several you can just choose from and add your name to!

I do love these Fun Friday Challenges! I hope to get back into the swing of things soon. I have been very busy putting my book collaboration together, "Les Emotions de la France".

This is my piece from a couple of weeks back. I have always loved these little boxes, and have always wanted to do some art in one. This is my first attempt.

The challenge was to include shape of bird cage, some gold color, and some swirls. I pried the bars on the cage, which was one of my daughter's tiny toys at my mother's house. My daughter said, "Oh, you can use that Mommy, it's my toy" and my mother did let me have it for keeps so the little bird inside will remain "free". I don't like closed bird cages. The french flash card "fuir" means "to escape, to flee". So there you go, enjoy your freedom on this lovely day!


Abbie said...

oh! I love the box! and the covers for the book look fabulous! Thank you for all your hard work!

Shanae said...

What a fun piece of art! I'm just beginning to explore altered art, haven't actually tried anything yet. I really enjoy all the beautiful things on your blog!

miss magpie-pixie said...

Hey R...

How`s it going ?
I`ve commented on this on the challenge - but i adore it - keep an eye out for a tiny cage like for me please ! I so want one !

Summer Gypsy said...

We are kindred spirits on closed bird cages! I don't like them either. Birds should be free! That's why I can't bear to have a bird for a pet. I love your tiny, tiny little cage!