May 10, 2008

Shipping & Final Participant List

Yippee! It is all figured out and I have our final list of participants. Thanks so much to you all for your patience and for believing in this book. I am honored to have so many wonderful artists on board. I promise you will love the finished product!

After checking out prices, weighing and calculating, I have decided to just follow along with the other book swaps that many of us have already done. I give Mary Ann full credit (thank you Mary Ann).

$6 usd for domestic participants
$8 usd for international

You can send payment with your page or pay through my PayPal account under my email address I will be printing shipping labels through a mailing service that I have joined so that I will have tracking info.

1. Rhonda - RhondaMum
2. Kathy - Vintage Snaps & Scraps
3. Marilyn - Unshelved Words
4. Abbie - damseldesignsnh
5. Jo - 3littlemiracles
6. Carolyn - Miss Magpie-Pixie
7. Sherry/Cherie - Esprit * d'Art
8. Maria Kelly
9. Priscilla - Flea Market Queen
10. Celeste - Stone Soup Art
11. Emily - Remember Me
12. Nancy - Nancy Gail
13. Christine - chrisysArtnphoto PAGES RECEIVED
14. Elaine - Artful-Spirit
15. Ele - at abitofpinkheaven
16. Tina - Embellishments by Tina
17. Maria - The Junkk Drawer
18. Shannon - Miss Fickle Media
19. Christine - mybellacolle
20. Natalea - kandeland PAGES RECEIVED
21. Beth - beth's bagz'a
22. Stephanie - mlouispink
23. Ginger - mural-artworx
24. Bridget - Bridieshome

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing more of your work. Be sure to post pics on Flickr, if you want to. Take care and have a great weekend!


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Maria said...

im working on mine, Such a fun swap. Thanks for hosting.